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  1. Since my survival rate is at an all time high now, I'm willing to start helping Jason out. Run to all the campfires and waste all the shotguns. Collect all med sprays and pocket knives and dump them in a corner where no one will find them. Then proceed to play the game normally. I am that pisses about the state of this game.
  2. I think the only reason why pre uber isnt in is because they only are allowed to select one under an agreement. Uber seems more popular of the two by fan vote.
  3. Roy does all the traits Jason does. Busting through solid doors and taking hits as if he was undead. He even morph in the movie. So in my book, he IS Jason all the way till his death.
  4. Played 4 matches online today. All resulted in disconnection. Played about 10 matches offline. All games completed and gain XP. I will be staying offline for good until dedicated servers comes in 2020.
  5. No different from counselors teabagging Jason. If the choke hurts their feelings I would use it more.
  6. Pre Uber > Uber Uber only show up the last 15 minutes of the movie and killed zero. Virtual girls don't count.
  7. You got your additional shotguns, med sprays and pocket knives. Quit bitching counselors.
  8. They ain't balancing shit! They refuse to talk about the massive increase in shotguns, med sprays and pocket knives. Their pride is too strong. They think they know the game better then we do. Fuck them.
  9. Grab, get pocket knife, grab, get pocket knife, grab, get pocket knive, grab, get pocket knife, grab, get pocket knive, grab, get pocket knife, grab, get pocket knife, grab, get pocket knife. FUCK YOU GUN MEDIA!
  10. If I could sue them I would. I gave them my money and expect quality product. I expected a survivor horror game. I expected Jason to be fearful. Not this teabagging, dancing crap with a million shotguns, med sprays and pocket knives for counselors to chew on. The way they handle things. The way they LIE to us is a "fuck you" to all those who initially supported this game and made it come true. So because of that, they can take every shit we throw at them, because it's well deserved that they continue to get slam for it for not hearing our calls and only listen to the casual crybabies.
  11. Picture Jason as a piece of dog shit. Now put some whip cream on it and some sprinkles. What do you get? Still shit!
  12. Don't worry guys. Next update will bring the power back to Jason by adding 5 more pocket knives, 5 more shotguns and 5 more med sprays to each map.
  13. Unfortunately lying is their best policy. Before the patch everyone was concern about the increase in items and they responded "slight increase like maybe 1 more." Then we asked if the extras are going to be pocket knives or med sprays. Because that was our biggest concern. No fucking answer. So the worst of it came. Does 2 extra shotguns, 4 med sprays and 2 extra pocket knives sound like a slight increase to anybody? Sounds more like a "fuck you" to me. What that said, they can take every shit we throw at them.
  14. Thanks for lying to us about the slight increase of item spawns.
  15. It will hurt because the number of time Jason quits or goes afk will increase resulting in lame matches and easy victories the first 5 seconds. Counselors want a pinata Jason that moves. A sitting duck Jason is no fun since its not an effective way to troll him. Also it's not like the player base will see any improvements either direction. It will continue to decline. They are too late for that.
  16. Campfires are gold mines I tell you. You don't even need to do any searching to find a shotgun, med spray and pocket knive there. Its fucking outlandish that they would lie to us again. This isnt a slight increase. This is a huge increase.
  17. I think at this point Gun doesn't even play their game. As much as I hate Jason quitters I want to see it happen more frequently now because there is nothing redeeming about him and hopefully Gun start realizing that their game is a broken mess and badly inbalance. I don't know why I continue to hold onto false hope. The game that I had envision is no longer there. All you guys should play a few rounds as Jason. Shift grabs are no longer an option because there are just too many pocket knives. Traps are useless because there are also now too many med sprays. And to add more insult to injury, multiple shotguns to blast Jason off his feet and teabag the poor sucker.
  18. Tiffany is a good survivor. Just have here run laps around a table to make Jason look like a fool for 5+ minutes.
  19. I counted 7. Maybe it was 6 but it was a lot. Went 4/8 that one round. I hadn't have a round that bad before. If your counselor just head straight to campfires first and ignore the cabins. There is a very high chance you'll find med sprays, pocket knives and a shotgun there. On Crystal lake large there are 4 campfires. I took a visit on each of them. Found a total of 2 shotguns, 4 med sprays and 2 pocket knives.
  20. Now try playing online as Jason. You'll be pulling all your hairs out due to the ridiculous increase of pocket knives, med sprays and SHOTGUNS now.
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