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  1. Everyone is so uptight and rude. Just have fun. Instead of trolling others and ruining others experiences, invite others and make friends with people you meet. No need to make others hate the game for your satisfaction. If you do over time more and more will quit playing and servers will be dead. Also everyone I see hates the counselors' silly outfits. WHYYYYYY? Not everything has to be serious. Loosen up and take that stick and pull it from out your ass. If they want to make Eric a Santa skin, then laugh and have fun with it; don't go "ughhh why couldn't they just be serious BLAH BLAH BLAH". If you don't enjoy it, don't buy it simple
  2. I hope your grammar doesn't make it into the game. I wouldn't be able to read ANYTHING in-game properly.
  3. The fact you need to make a post about it implies those comments annoyed you in some way or another. It obviously bugs you when called salty and a bad player so now you need to make a post indirectly insulting others to get it off your chest and so you feel better about yourself. Kind of childish in my honest opinion.
  4. I understand it's not a YUGGEEEEE deal but I still am kinda salty about the stuff that physical copies got that we either didn't or got BS versions of. Especially since they probably wouldn't have been able to release a physical without us because we trusted them and bought the digital copies and funded them just so they could do everything for the game and reach their goals and we get nothing as a thank you really. It is like if you would help a physically disabled person get first place in a race and they reap all the benefits and you're left in the dark as "second place" in a sense. It's really not even the skins or outfits that I am like "I WANT THEM YASSSS". It's more the general principle than anything. Opinons?
  5. I want a new roadmap but it's simply not good to set expectations because if they are even in the slightest late with an update people will rip them to shreds plus they don't even have their new engine yet. Give them time.
  6. Cool dude! Tbh that is a very unpopular opinion but uniqueness is awesome so screw it My faves are 3,4,6,. I like all of them to an extent, but 5 is the only one that was completely bleh to me
  7. Yeah I watched all the movies but stopped at 5 because being a 14 year old student at the time trying to watch and give a multi paragraph review on each one was pretty draining. Hey, I dread even righting my English papers lol. Of course this was more fun though. I might go back sometime and re-watch them and continue my reviews at a later time.
  8. Yeah or in part 4 when they are watching an old time porno like WTF. One thing I can say about this franchise is they know how to reel in horny teens
  9. I mean I have ZERO NADA ZILCH problem with it but c'mon some of it was unnecessary like that one girl going to bed half naked (I still suck with names. Wasn't her name like Robin? lul) and just a desperate to make people ACTUALLY want to watch it.
  10. I just finished Part 5 and I am EXTREMELY disappointed with this movie. I actually thought I would enjoy this movie because it kinda reminded me of one of my favorite cartoons, Scooby Doo. You know with the whole OMG who's the killer approach, but it felt like a good concept that was POORLY executed. The plot was a complete snoozefest to me. One of the main things that ruined it was that is was freaking obvious who the killer was. 3 more things left to say about the movie overall till we get to Jason, Final, and characters. First the idea of "Oh, he is killing everyone because his son who he abandoned got killed by some maniac" is just ridiculous. Second, him killing innocent teens in a special needs home and a old man doesn't sit well with me tbh. Especially since he tried to kill Reggie, who is like 12. The real Jason might be crazy but deep inside he knows his limits. Last but not least THAT ENDING WAS ONE OF THE FUCKING DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! This "Jason" was GODDAMN boring. He was small, and slow. His mask didn't even fit properly. Something that confused me was obviously we don't see his hair because he is wear a full mask that covers his entire head, but when he falls on the spikes the whole thing comes off. WTF! Enough about wannabe Jason. The killing in the movie was bloody awful. I don't remember a single kill that even showed Jason during the kill just his hand. Not even a quick glance at his face before just to be like "Hey guys it's me killing this black guy in a portapotty or gouging the eyes of this naked girl after sex". Last thing! How the hell did he catch up to Reggie and Pam so fast when they went to the police car. Time for final girl. Can Pam even be considered a final girl? Don't get me wrong I actually liked Pam a lot as a character, and was happy she lived. On the other hand she did kinda failed at everything she did. When running from Jason she fell and couldn't get up for some unknown reason so Reggie had to help by hitting him with a uhhhhh tractor? Then when getting him with the chainsaw somehow she couldn't do anything but cut his arm because you know machetes are great at blocking chainsaws I guess. Lastly she tried to fight Jason with what seemed liked a broom for some reason. But she is pretty at least she has that going for her. Will ANY of these movies have a final girl who isn't saved by some male ugh? The characters are simple. I didn't love any of them but didn't hate of them. Actually I loved Reggie and Pam but that is it. Before I go why were their so many boobs in this one?
  11. Sorry that I only did 1 review yesterday. Pretty sure most of you know what it is like to be busy. I should be doing 5 and 6 today. One of the least liked and most liked in the same day. SHOULD BE INTERESTING! See y'all soon
  12. I see people all the time talking about their signature on these forums.. There is even a post that is pinned showing all these pictures this guy named I think CRAZYRALPH made called signatures. Also some guy named Davidt I think said his gamertag was in his signature on some onld "Post your Gamertag here" post. I am just wondering what is it for and what is it?
  13. I will reply to this once I am done watching them for the first time
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