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  1. As someone said... just don't die then in first minute. Sometime it happens like Jason teleport just when game started to you but then try the best to survive. You can also leave the game simply if you play with randoms. You won't get your XP but how much you would get? Like around 580 xp. So you wait 19 minutes and get 580 xp or you leave the game, join another you escape and get 1000-1200 xp. Your choice.
  2. lol i was playing with that guy. I think he is a kid and betraying others or something? i don't remember pretty well but i was in game with him
  3. Are there any news so far about patch for Multiplayer from today? I already heard few times about some coming out tomorrow but people just talking. SP is coming out summer 2017. Day and month as date is not confirmed yet but it will happen 2017. Don't worry guys. You will get it and hopefully it won't be a bad surprise
  4. Thanks man. I'm not new to the game at all but i did not know that. Maybe some was talking about that but when i play i mostly concentrated. It's good to know anyway. Good to know if you play against good Jason for sure. it is also good to make a mess before making an attempt to kill him. Like call the cops for example. Just bit easier when Jason disturbed i think. It is very very rare when i see people killing Jason on matches. Happens nearly never unless you got some good team that is not only about escaping all the time. I know escaping is the most quest here but if i escape too many times i'm getting kind of bored so i'd like some changes like killing Jason but lot's of here still not up for it. They don't even want to try whenever is it only one 20 minutes game... And ye most of just instead of escape they die and start being mad...
  5. Brother if we talk about BO Zombies for example then yes you do lose all of your perks but just standard ones and to get them back is very easy you are able even to unlock them pernamently after every graduation if i'm correct now and if i remember it good. Also, no one said it would lose all of your perks. And it depends about what perks we talking, you know in my opinion most of them and their low % is just useless. It is better than nothing and i understand that but for example like 7, 8 or 13 or 15% to something is really change that much? Nearly nothing like to the point you don't even see this difference that much. Okay but why would you worry about surviving every game? it's just a game, isn't it? And this is not a mmorpg game so i would not call it really like grinding. You get max level 101 and its fine but what would be wrong if it would be going to like 1001 ? For me it can stay as 101 and never change but i do like idea of prestige. And about worry while playing.. i don't know guys maybe im totally from diff World but i never like worry or stress when Jason is on me or killing me what ever. I saw many people like they go in what i say PANIC MODE GAMING, stressing etc.. and then they make lot of mistakes being killed after all. For me it is totally just game. If i die, I'm dead. No stress at all.
  6. Could you make it more clear? I'm just interested so i know more about game
  7. I would love to see that video too but i'm not sayin it is not true. It could happen bro.
  8. Exactly same here. it is mostly for one time to get it done and that's it. When i bought Friday the 13th on xbox i have't got idea at all that there will be something like SP. never heard about it but i still bought the game. I did it only because of multiplayer
  9. hahaha hell yeah... i agree. We talk about hostility in this topic but what comes if something is not done on its time? millions of people are showing their hostility to team. Here will be the same if it won't be on summer 2017. Then people will get mad but most of them don't even see how hard work the team made. They don't at all. It is only about date...
  10. I'm not impugning your character and i'm never said you are bullshit gamer. Look English isn't my first language and this also may be a case in a lot of misunderstanding. Like i write something but i really mean something differente because of my language barrier. Im sorry for that for the situation happened. I don't understand why people don't want play with you at all that why i mentioned about some stupid things but forget it man... I got xbox and i would not see a problem at all to play with you even if you are invisible player. I can play with everyone unless this guy is not team killer
  11. Maybe they deleted it because they won't make this summer 2017. I think it is still better doing this move than for example not making SP summer 2017 when it says it comes summer 2017. For me boys doing great work as i heard the team is like 10 members maybe? As i said i'm not a fan of SP anymore but i hope they make it soon for you.
  12. Sorry then man, what can i more say? But trust me that i met and there is a lot of people talking some bullsh*t just for compassion man. You def did met them too. I did not say that this guy did it. I can say sorry but why i should if i don't even know if what someones saying here is a true? I don't say everybody lies but come on... If i sounded before like a dick then call me a dick. But okay okay... sorry to the guy i believe owner of topic. I did not want at all be rude but i see it seemed to be so SORRY from me and take care
  13. Man i don't care about others opinions and judgements. Only God can judge me and before others start they better check if their hands are clean. But opinions? I don't care at all. It's not my business what others thinks brother. And yes i'm a good person in regular world as you said. I'm not J.C but i always do help if i can but do we really need to speak about it here? I don't think so. I said clearly i never trust people online. You can tell me what ever i would love to hear etc. So nothing you say will make an impression to me. Brother i saw and survived the war in 2006, 90% of people i met was just around when they needed something stabbing you from your back. There is much more but thats life and thats no topic to continue talking about it.
  14. Exactly, he need to take it easy. it is just game. No idea how someone can get mad because of someone from online world. Come on boys it is not a sandpit... I'm sorry for your troubles too brother @Definitelynotjason but as i said your life is your problem and you need to deal with it. If you still think i wanted or want to be rude you are mistaken and its again your problem. I would love to help you but do i really can from this point? Plus next time if you want just ignore me, block me whatever. Hope you get better soon and lets really keep focusing on the topic.
  15. Ye man i agree at all. That's why i am always laughing when other telling you some words about getting beaten up. For someone big there always is someone bigger. This is the way we call it here
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