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  1. Meh, everything tyrant666 mentioned has been around since day 1 on PC (except for modded lobbies of course). F13 has ALWAYS had a small player base on PC by the way.
  2. Read and understand: https://fridaythe13th.gamepedia.com/Strength Some people believe that Strength is not tied to Stun Duration. But thanks to extensive player testing, this was proven to be true. As such, Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson will have a much longer stun duration then Counselors like Jenny Myers or Deborah Kim. The difference of these stuns would be approximately 1.8 seconds. Like I said, Brandon has the longest stuns in the game - case closed. No need to go on about it.
  3. Brandon isn't useless. He has very good speed/stamina 8/8, and his strength 10/10 means he gets the longest stuns (pre-rage of course). Even if Jason gets rage, Brandon is still a great runner.
  4. Yes that reminds of people (some on this forum) who leave every match when they weren't Jason and then when they do get to be Jason they use controller exploits and call it "tech". Using controller exploits/cheats/hacks etc. is all the same garbage used by pathetic players of the game. You see I never had that "tech" problem because I have always played clean and don't need to depend on crutches to help me play.
  5. Yes Mayday the game itself is very good but there are still some people who feel the need to use exploits/cheats/hacks unfortunately.
  6. The game is still great and I will continue to play it once in a while. A lot of people who used controller exploits as Jason have left and the game is much better because of it.
  7. No they don't get cloned, lol. When cheaters use the spray cancel on PC/Console when grabbed they do use one of their sprays every time they do it. Spray cancel is being used by cheaters to not lose their pocket knife or knives & also to bypass traps. Counselors can also slide (teleport) while using medical sprays. It is unfortunate that people are doing this and it needs to be fixed.
  8. I have been telling people for years. The only way to guarantee that Jason will go to his knees is to run at least 23%-25% Sucker Punch Perk. The lead pipe is buggy but it works with the other weapons that have good stun chance.
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