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  1. As @lHeartBreakerl rightly put it, "Yep.. that outta do it".
  2. I'm still here with you all, and I will continue playing Friday the 13th the game! "It's gonna take more than a poke in the ribs to put down this old dog" Sgt. Brodski. - Jason X
  3. I love Demon, he was an amazing character from part 5. You could tell while watching the movie that he cared a lot for his little brother Reggie, and it was a shame that those moments he spent that evening with Reggie were to be his last moments spent with him. I say bring back Demon and let him kick Roy's/part 5 Jason's ass all over Pinehurst!
  4. I would love to see an officially made Halloween game, and I could imagine the possibilities that this game could bring, as you mentioned already we could have the many locations from all the Halloween movies, also another map that would be awesome would be Smith's Grove Sanitarium from Halloween 6 the curse of Michael Myers, maybe even add the cult area from the producers cut of the Halloween 6 movie. They could also add each Michael Myers from all the movies to choose from, me personally the original Michael Myers is the best one, after him I liked Halloween 2 (1981) and Halloween 6 Michael Myers. Also lets not forget the late great Donald Pleasence as Dr Samuel Loomis, he was such a memorable character from the Halloween franchise, and the movies were never the same without him. RIP Donald Pleasence.
  5. I voted for Reggie, he is one of the most memorable characters from Part 5. He also helped Pam and Tommy in fighting Roy towards the end of the film.
  6. J.J's guitar as an alternate weapon for Jason would be pretty cool. I'd still like them to try get J.J herself added into the game as well.
  7. @J.J. It definitely seems like you've done everything you can to get in touch with Saffron, it's a shame she didn't reply back to your question that was passed onto her through her sister. The only other way that she could be asked about being in the game was if the games developer's could somehow reach out to her, or maybe get lucky enough to meet her at a convention and ask her in person. I wonder why she never wanted to do any of the Friday the 13th documentries? I would have loved to see her in an interview, maybe be reprised with the guitar she had in the film, if she doesn't already have it herself. There were plenty of other actresses in the His Name Was Jason documentry. Me personally I'd be stoked to have been in a Friday the 13th film, and be killed by Jason, but that's just me.
  8. Thanks for the info, I'll definitely check out the Forever Knight episode, if for anything just to hear that track alone. It is a shame that some of the cool stuff from movies get lost forever. I think I'm going to watch Friday the 13th part 8 tonight, all of todays conversations have got me wanting to watch J.J shred on her guitar.
  9. That's interesting, I never actually figured out what J.J stood for myself. Jessica Jane does sound cool, it's a shame without the evidence, we'll never know what J.J actually stood for? On a side note, I have always wished that the song that J.J was playing on her guitar was available to buy somewhere on a soundtrack or a single. That would be awesome!
  10. Yeah I saw the script, and it was there, but in the movies credits like you shown she was down as J.J. I do think J.J sounds better anyway.
  11. That sucks, I can't see why that would be a problem for them to change it.
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