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  1. What's your gamertag? I'm also going to try the Livestream charity event at the same time.
  2. Does he run faster than part 2/3 Jasons? Cause it seems like his steps are longer and he's sped up quite a tad. Which is actually good cause Ted White bolted outside after that blonde in one scene.
  3. With the ears, I think that's the Tom Savini refrence, since he did the makeup for child Jason. It wasn't Jason unmasked, It was the dummy most likely used behind the scenes when Jason got sliced and "died".
  4. That would be cool, and actually scary, where michael just.. dies... like a normal human being like you and I. Well aside from taking 6 bullets and set on fire, that would be a great way to end it. Just his dead body lying there with the halloween soundtrack playing in the backrgound letting everyone know that evil never dies...
  5. It's finally friday the 13th campers. Have a great day ;D
  6. Lol not to be a jerk or anything but it's The Absurd Boy, not Absurd Boy.
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