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  1. I'm currently level 35 on Friday The 13th: the game and I always have a ton of fun with friends but I feel like the counsellors do not have enough diversity with their game mechanics. Aside from identical animations, I think there are two VERY prominent mechanics in game that every counsellor does, however they all they all do them to the same standards: Driving and shooting. To add more diversity in these two mechanics between every counsellor i think there could be a new stat added to the game for the counsellors titled "Leadership". Having high Leadership would increase bullet range and accuracy when shooting jason, as well as increasing the max speed and overall handling of the car when you are the driver. Additionally, the time it takes to start/restart the car with the keys would decrease with high leadership, similar to the intelligence stat speeding up the repair process. Someone with decent composure/ repair like Adam would have pretty good leadership, making his guns more reliable and his driving quicker, but someone quite scared and dumb like Tiffany would have very low leaderhsip. This would make her gun crosshair very small and her aim feel clunky, when driving the car would go slowly and have very wide turns, and if she crashes it would take a short while to restart the car again. Just a suggestion but I hope other people agree with me, thanks for reading if you got this far! <3
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