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  1. Last time I got killed as Jason, I Stalk-Shifted right in Tommy's face and started hacking his ass to death without realizing that they had the sweater until they used it.
  2. You know, I had a moment of hilarity happen very recently that reminded me of this thread. A couple of friends and I were going around killing random Jasons a couple of nights ago. We're on Pinehurst, I'm Tommy, and we're having a bit of trouble getting the mask off. I was out of med spray and got crippled, so Jason quit trying to slash SG and came after me instead because... of course he did. As soon as he gets close enough, I swing and the mask comes off. SG does her thing, I hit him, and he rage-quits after dropping to his knees, apparently not even realizing the axe broke on the final hit. If he'd hung around about 5 seconds he probably would have noticed this, but because he was in such a hurry to demonstrate his pussy-ness, he quit what would most likely have been an 8/8.
  3. You dance on or tea-bag me even one single time, you're fuckin' DEAD... and so is the rest of the lobby. It''s one of the most obnoxious, childish things you can possibly do in this game (HOWEVER... I fully support doing it to an obvious teamer-Jason because fuck him, he doesn't deserve good sportsmanship)
  4. CHAD... not Tommy. Legendary Sucker Punch & Tommy w/ an axe has never once in literally 100's of kills failed to drop Jason to his knees... EVER. The only time Ive been unable to drop him is if he's physically blocked by something, and that's it. Otherwise, he's down.
  5. Because they're a bunch of bitch-asses that are too shitty at this game to survive WITHOUT cheating.
  6. I'm actually a bit surprised. The ones you killed pre-Tommy kinda sucked, and I wouldn't have guessed they were competent enough to pull this off. It certainly didn't LOOK like a typical 5-Vanessa kill-squad, and it didn't seem like any of them were particularly trying to get the mask off. It sucks, but you did everything right (except maybe trap the shack) so there's no reason to be ashamed of how you played. EDIT: Was this after the Buff? That mask came off much easier than I thought it would.
  7. I've killed a lot of them on that map too. Usually we wait till one of us comes back as Tommy then basically just head over to the shore and wait. Jason shows up, gets shotgunned, and we haul ass to the island. As far as I can tell, that's the only way to make it to the island alive, especially if it's p7 or p8.
  8. I have no problem admitting that I've gotten killed as Jason at least 10x over the course of playing the game. I don't get butt-hurt if it happens, but I do get a little pissed off at myself if I got killed as a result of doing something stupid. Last time that happened was when I Stalk-Shifted right up to Tommy and started slicing his ass up without realizing they had the sweater until it was too late.
  9. I never have nor ever will be killed as Jason if the shack's on the island (on HH large). If I even THINK they're going to try it I'll park my ass in the lake and grab a drink while I wait for wannabe sweater-girl. If it's an average bunch of.... ahem... "Jason Hunters".... then nobody will fix a damn thing and once I've made sure the sweater's safe all I have to do is go around stabbing beds and closets until I've got them all.
  10. In reference to Extra Precautions and Tiffany Kill Squad: What a bunch of motherfucking retards! You have no PK or back-up of any kind, so if you get grabbed even once, it's over. You didn't even wait for Tommy to show up before trying to pull a Mary Sue Skywalker and defeat Jason all by yourself. Don't even get me started on the dumb-ass on the island. What did you think you were going to do, stun Jason with a melee attack and then swim back to the mainland before he recovered? Seriously? You've effectively screwed yourself by coming alone. Even if you did manage to kite Jason all over the island until Tommy spawned in, how did you expect him to reach you? Was he going to swim? Use a boat? Get the Care Bears to make him a fuckin' rainbow bridge?
  11. As to the topic, no, that shit is definitely cheating. You're exploiting an unintentional glitch in the game so you can go outside the bounds of fair play and gain an advantage that takes you off the level playing field with Jason. That is cheating.
  12. Thats why you go for whatever car spawns at the lodge (or if none, whatever car spawns at the SE section of the map). Either one of those are very easy to escape with, and you're probably not getting a second chance to stop the car if you time your Morph wrong.
  13. .Part 6 for everything with the possible exception of Pinehurst (and even that can be included if the Jason-player uses Morph wisely).
  14. Only if you get the right box on the first Morph. If you don't, and someone goes for the sweater very early, there's nothing to deter or slow them down. Why some of you guys insist that trapping the shack is pointless is beyond me, but it's not. At the very least, you've cost somebody a med-spray (or some health if the trap doesn't cripple them) and if your Morph was ready when they stepped in it, you have a good chance of catching them before they're out of the trap. Even if they just tank it, grab the sweater, and haul ass, again... you've still cost them supplies, and any resources you can deprive counselors of is a good thing. If your mask is already off then, if nothing else, the trap prevents you from getting Surprise Motherfucker!'ed by a counselor with your mask in their inventory.
  15. It IS pretty hilarious to watch Jason play peek-a-boo for 10 straight minutes (undoubtedly thinking he can just ride out the clock) then as soon as he comes a little closer to shore, SG does her thing and Tommy wades into the water and kills him. In my own personal experience, that one's almost a guaranteed rage-quit.
  16. Normally I'd say that sending hostile PMs is a bit childish, but I make exceptions for rage quitters, glitchers, and dead stun-and-dancers.
  17. You think that's cheap? There was a time when it was possible to shoot Jason (not sure if it would also work with melee weapons), use the sweater while he's on the ground, and do a heavy attack that would cause him to instantly go from flat on his back to down on his knees with no chance to resist the sweater stun.
  18. I don't have the video anymore, but the little group I kill Jason with had a part 6 rage quit as soon as he dropped to his knees. If he hadn't quit, he would have noticed that the hit that dropped him also broke the axe and nobody had a spare with them. Seriously... three more seconds and he'd have noticed we'd lost the kill, but because he was in such a hurry to show everyone what a pussy he was, he bails out on us and received several nasty PM's from the group calling him out on it.
  19. I love when they quit mid-death. It means you have beaten them so completely they can't even handle waiting for the end of the round. When you rage quit (as Jason or a counselor) it says "I'm a little bitch and can't handle losing!"
  20. Working on one for counselors, but that one might take a while since there's probably 1000 of those to choose from.
  21. It wasn't just part 8. I don't know if it's been fully patched or not.
  22. Yep, I have. I've had times where, as Jason, I've had to just simply let everybody escape because I started out with 70 ms and ended with 999 ms. Of course... sometimes after I've already told everyone to escape, it decides to stabilize and drop back to normal.
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