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  1. My teams usual sweater-girl got abducted by a Savini we were trying to kill. Grabbed her outside the shack (Western location) on Higgens, killed her in front of the lodge. Abduction is still very much possible post-patch. Also, part 5 blows dead bears and part 3 is right behind him waiting for sloppy seconds. Personally, I kinda think the biggest reason running Jason's are so popular is just that: they can run (which I always thought shouldn't have been a strength that took up a slot and should instead have just been a default piece of code). If you know how to Shift, you don't need to be able to run.
  2. The counselor video's taking a bit of time because I didn't trim most of them as soon as the round was over, meaning I've got to dig through hour long videos to find them. It's coming though, hopefully soon.
  3. No, but I probably saved the footage for my upcoming "Salty Counselor Rage Quit" video.
  4. I had a Lachappa rage quit when he got grabbed after failing to loop me around the two-seater last night. That wasn't you by chance, was it? Because it sounds like you, I'm just not sure.
  5. You might want to take your own advice if you're equating slashing (in a SLASHER game) with trash tactics like running around a couch.
  6. Running around the same couch for 10 minutes isn't making him "earn" anything, it's just showing your distinct lack of skill. I suck as a counselor, but even I don't have to stoop to trash tactics like that. There's more respectability in running up to Jason and going ham with a tree branch than running around a sofa for ten minutes.
  7. That kinda depends on how long you do it. If its a few times to regain stamina or encourage Jason to go away and kill someone else, that's one thing. If you're on your 50th loop, yeah... you're a shitty player. You can argue that the Jason is a shitty player for not being able to counter it. but that doesn't mean the person doing it isn't also a shitty player. If your only tactic is to run around a couch, yeah... you're a Grade A shit-ball of a player.... especially if you're a veteran counselor and still using n00b tactics.
  8. I've never understood why the spawn-in seems to random. Sometimes you can have 3+ people dead for several minutes before Tommy is selected, and sometimes you can be the first one to die and respawn before the death animation's even over. Most of the time it seems like if you die first, and somebody else dies a minute or two later, it might take 4-5 minutes for Tommy to spawn. If you die first and it takes 5+ minutes for someone else to die, you tend to get the cutscene as soon as the second person is dead.
  9. I disagree. I have gotten the car started before Jason's Shift even unlocked on both CL small and HH small. It isn't a regular occurrence but it's still very much possible. If you spawn in the SE corner of HH small, the cabin right beside the car almost always has either keys or a repair part. If a second cabin spawns right next to that one, it also is probably going to have keys or a part. Get the keys from one, a part from the other, then run to the barn where there is a very high chance of finding either gas or a battery, run back to the car, install part, use the keys, and drive past Jason who has literally no chance of stopping you. If you're on CL small, the garage and boathouse will both most likely have keys or a part, and there's a pretty good chance of the building that always spawns North of the garage having one or the other also. Getting a car started before Jason gets a kill isn't a reflection of Jason's skill, it's a reflection of a counselors skill + good RNG. 10/10 repair counselors who know the maps well are severely underestimated. A Debbie or LaChappa who got lucky with repair part spawns is a far bigger threat than any Vanessa or Buggzy could ever hope to be.
  10. INAG is correct, it IS too easy to kill Jason. Believe it or not, most of the time Jason ends up unwittingly helping the counselors, usually by: A) Repeatedly grabbing counselors while surrounded. B] Spamming grab (when it's just one person, not a group) and giving whoever he's chasing the chance to punish him when he misses. C) Wading through a mob of counselors while blindly swinging his weapon. D) Running maskless into an enclosed space despite knowing that Tommy and Sweater-Girl are inside. E) Never even attempting to block. And, as someone already said, taking the bait and killing someone who is clearly trying to die. In my opinion, this is probably the single biggest reason Jsson-kills succeed. Most Jason's are going to fall for this every single time no matter how obvious it is. If you've been in the lobby for several games in a row and have seen the same people body-bag Jason after Jason, for the love of God, leave them alone until there are at least two randoms dead. I know it's tempting to take the free kill 30 seconds in but come the fuck ON! Did it not occur to you that a kill-squad that's already killed numerous Jason's will probably try to kill you too?
  11. I haven't seen any exploits since the patch aside from the occasional shotgun/flaregun slider. What have you been seeing?
  12. If they're running around one of the couches or tables the next time it happens, try this: Position yourself against whatever they're running around and activate Shift. 99% of the time they'll immediately start running around it. Watch carefully, and just before they're in range, cancel your Shift and grab. Most likely, the momentum will cause them to run right into you before they have time to stop and run the other way. Twirl around on their dead body for a moment, they kick it around the room a little bit. Don't forget to send a snarky message thanking them for their stupidity. This might be helpful: Edit: If I have the slightest suspicion a counselor's going to try to STN by kiting me all over the map, the first thing I do (after finding them) is go to every cabin that's even remotely close and destroy every single door and window it has (and grab any TKs I come upon). Let them cabin-hop if they want to. With no doors to close in Jason's face and every window inflicting damage, they're most likely not going to last long. I know it's time-consuming, but we all know how kite-flyers love to wait by a window until Jason walks into the room so they can jump out of it, run to the next cabin, and repeat until times up. No doors means no matter where they are inside, they will not see a Stalk-Shift coming. So what if they have a PK? By the time they reach the next cabin the stun will have worn off and Shift will be ready.
  13. This one's easily defeated by climbing on the rocks and spamming grab. This is kinda like the old Packanack roof glitches in the sense that counselors think they're safe from Jason, but they're actually not. Ironically, if these cheating little cock-gobblers spent half the time trying to improve their game as they do trying to glitch and exploit, they wouldn't need to cheat. I know it's frustrating to play with them, but just remember that everytime they do it, it's a silent way of saying "I suck so much hairy balls at this game that I can't even stay alive without cheating. If I had to play fair, Jason would violate my bitch-ass like the traffic laws".
  14. My GF recently started playing, so I've more-or-less become a personal tutor of sorts. She hadn't been playing a week before she had a game where a lobby full of trolls had a stun-and-dance party with her. It sucks, but I'm glad it happened earlier rather than later. The sooner you learn how to deal with trolls, the better. It's actually kinda tempting to make a smurf account, play like total shit for the first few minutes, then turn around and wipe the floor with them
  15. We've gotten accused of teaming with the same Jason we were trying to kill. Yes... seriously. His reasoning for thinking we were teaming? "I was in a cabin and then Jason showed up after you came over". Um... I'm trying to fix the radio and call Tommy.... dumbass. Of course Jason came over there, he's been babysitting the radio cabin the whole game.
  16. Anytime I'm killing Jason with friends and the next Jason is bloody with an alternate weapon, I mentally get ready for salty-ness because 75%+ of the time they're going to RQ at some point. If I get a rude message from them, I just reply with a screenshot of them being killed like a little bitch. For counselors, I try and send a couple of them a "Good game" message every time I'm Jason. If you're a dancer/tea-bagger, you might be getting a message that basically mocks you and encourages you not to taunt or talk shit to Jason's you can't escape from. If you're a glitcher and are using or trying to use exploits, you're definitely getting a nasty message complete with a screenshot of your death just to rub in the fact that even when you cheat, you still have no chance. Finally, if you do manage to survive me because of cheating, you receive (guess what?) a nasty message challenging you to a rematch without cheating this time. Nobody ever has or ever will accept. Not because I'm some kind of God-level Jason, but because they're gutter trash who can only survive by cheating and a rematch would make this obvious.
  17. If you rage quit as Jason mid-death or as soon as the mask comes off, you will always 100% of the time get a nasty message from me calling you out for it. Why? Because you deserve it. You fucked everyone else over because you're a butt-hurt, salty pussy who can't handle losing, and that is not ok. If it were up to me, 3 RQ's would get you banned for a month, a 4th for 3 months, and every RQ after that would be 6 months. And before anyone pulls the "The player-base is too low to ban anyone!" card, it's QUALITY, not QUANTITY. I'd rather play with 50 decent, sportsman-like players than with 5000 salty, sore-losing asshats.
  18. Morph over to the general direction the car is heading, go into a cabin, activate Stalk, and wait. If I remember correctly it was SirMang (could have been Something Cool) that said doing so would counter the Nerves of Steel perk and you wouldn't show up on the mini map if you tried to Stalk-Shift and stop the car. Learn to Wedge-Shift, it has a very high success rate for grabbing annoying little shits who think they can RAR Jason the whole round. Throwing Knives will shut that shit down real quick. Learn to 'quick toss' TK's (if they're just out of grab range they should be easy targets) and the next time you're in this situation, hit them with knives and wait for them to stop and try to heal, then Shift over and grab/slash. If they really are that close, they're SOL unless they animation cancel their med-spray.
  19. There's a vast difference between rage-quitting and playing Keep-a-way. Rage-quitting ends the game for everyone else. Even if they had nothing to do with it (killing Jason), they're still getting dumped into the main menu because somebody's salty-ass ego got bruised and they couldn't handle it. When you Rage-quit, you might as well wear a neon sign on your back that says "PUSSY". When me and the little group I kill Jason with are playing, we forget all about you by time the next round starts. The only time you get remembered is if you're a rage-quitter or a teamer. Playing Keep-a-way isn't the same thing as being a coward, nor does it affect anyone other than the counselors who are trying to kill you. It's a viable strategy to go around collecting knives and watching the kill-squad from a distance. Does it suck to have a Jason keep teleporting away every time you get close? Yes, but Jason is under no obligation to make it easy for you to kill him, and you shouldn't expect him to. That said (and no offense to any of you who do this) don't hide in the fucking lake. I know I just said not to expect Jason to make the kill easy, but that's not an excuse to be a chicken-shit. Running and hiding in the lake so the counselors literally have no chance of killing you is (again, this is just my opinion and not directed at anyone here) not only cowardly, but it signals to the rest of the lobby that they're free to run around unchecked, complete objectives, and escape. If they want to call the cops and have a dance party at the police exit, who's going to stop them? Certainly not Jason, he's too busy hiding from the mean old scary counselors. He's not going to stop the car if you're a horrible driver and crash every ten seconds, and he's not going to come stop you from calling the police no matter how many times you fail the skill check, as that would require leaving the lake. You remember this scene from part 6? Take a look at that picture and try to imagine Jason retreating into the lake and refusing to come out. Looks kinda pathetic, doesn't it?
  20. Rage-quitting is for butt-hurt little pussies.... period. If they got you, they got you. At least pretend to have balls long enough to get back to the lobby.
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