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  1. I find it utterly hilarious when Jason rage-quits. Nothing says "I'M A BUTTHURT LITTLE PUSSY-BITCH!" louder than a Jason that gets cocky, then gets his ass handed to him and quits. My little group makes Jason's RQ all the time, but it's important to note that they're rage-quitting because they got killed, not because we decided to bully him all game. If all you're doing is deliberately attempting to make him quit, yes, you're a troll. You're no different than the stun-and-dancers and tea-baggers that have no intention of escaping or even trying to kill Jason and are playing solely to be an obnoxious twat-waffle. Having said that, if you're Jason but are clearly teaming with counselors, you bet your ass we're going to troll you as viciously as possible. Don't be surprised if you get danced on/tea-bagged, looped around the same cabin endlessly, have all your traps tanked, or get forced to watch the car joyride all over the map. If your teaming buddies are still alive, they're probably getting run over, and if one of them happens to be Jason in the next round, one of us will swipe the sweater very early on, just in case one of the teamers decide to try and sabotage the kill by wasting the sweater.
  2. I think a lot of it has to do with Jason's skill level. If he's high level and well-experienced with kill-squads, it would probably be easier to just go for the police. If it's a baby-Jason who doesn't know what he's doing, killing him would be easier than escaping. If most of the lobby is dead before any real progress is made towards completing objectives, killing him would be easier than trying to run around finding parts. If you're trying to fix a car or the phone but keep getting run off by a Jason who is more-or-less camping it and making repairs extremely difficult, it's easier to just kill him than it is to successfully lure him away so they can be completed. Think of it this way. If counselors start the car, they still have to evade any attempts made to stop them from reaching the exit. Same with the phone... yeah, you completed the objective and got the cops called, but you've still got to make it to the police exit before Jason kills you. If you're going for STN, then just like with the vehicles and phone, you don't win just because you finished the objective... you still have work to put in before you actually escape. Now look at killing Jason. Sure, you're going to have to get the sweater and demask him, but once that's done, you literally don't have to do shit from then on. You can stand around having a dance party and still win. Now, Jason is the one having to put in extra work. All you have to do is just stand there and press a single button. Whether or not you've been making any repairs or failing any skill checks no longer matters, nor does it matter how well you can drive or kite Jason around the map. Your jobs basically done. All you have to do is just wait for him to show up, and even if he doesn't, you've still won without having to lift a finger. What could be easier than that?
  3. If for some reason the kill is no longer an option, then yes, we try to escape. Usually it's via police, but if that's not really working out, then STN is our Plan B. It's worth mentioning that we rarely have to resort to it, as the vast majority of the time we succeed in killing Jason. If we don't, it is almost always due to either an incompetent SG or Tommy, or Jason's babysitting the radio cabin the whole 20 minutes. Is Jason too easy to kill? Well, if a picture's worth a 1000 words, a video's worth a million. That was a 150, by the way, and we pulled it off with two people (counting myself).
  4. I wish I'd had bothered to save it. Ass-clown would have died if he'd had to play fair.
  5. He was Shifting and Morphing far too much to be explained by low cool down times. This douchebag was straight up cheating his ass off. I know what using Stalk, Shift, and Morph in rapid succession looks like and this asshole was going much too fast for this to be the case.
  6. I just rewatched the clip. We're inside the shack but not crammed into a corner and I was literally pressed against Jason's back when the swing started, so he was definitely in range. 'Also. this is unrelated, but what the fuck is up with Jason constantly Shifting and teleporting all over the map? i don't have the video for this one but last night a part 7 seemed to be constantly spamming Shift and/or Morph (the little sound effect you hear when P7 shows up was going off repeatedly and he used Shift twice in a span of ten seconds)?
  7. So I just finished a game where I was Tommy and our groups dedicated Sweater Girl died after Jason grabbed her and my swing went right through him even though it was clearly close enough to make contact. No one was lagging, and I was literally right behind him (in the open, not in a cabin). Is this new, or has it been around and I just never noticed?
  8. Rage-quitting is for PUSSIES. Nobody in my little Jason-killing group remembers the Jason's who hang around after getting killed, or even the ones who play keep-away and constantly Morph away if we get close. The only ones we remember are those who are either blatantly teaming, or rage-quit. No matter how bad you're getting your ass kicked, DON'T QUIT. Stick it out and learn from your mistakes.
  9. Fuck that shit. As much as I love this game, it is simply not worth putting up with that level of bullshit.
  10. They have stamina gauges, Jason does not. With the exception of Tommy (and possibly Vanessa or Buggzy), you will not out-jog Jason forever. Eventually, you will run out of stamina, assuming you don't get crippled by throwing knives.
  11. The speed difference between my Pt 6 and your Pt 2/3/4/5 is negligible. It's less than 2 seconds between fixed points and I'd say Pt 6's +Shift cooldown of 20 seconds pre-rage, 13 seconds post-rage easily makes up for it. If we're comparing dodging counselors attacks, the difference is even less important. They pick up TKs, get into combat stance, and block at the same speed. The only time my map control suffers as Pt 6 is when playing against the very VERY small percentage of lobbies full of highly coordinated counselors. If you do better with running Jason's, that's ok, there's nothing wrong with that. Nobody said we all have to like the same Jason, you should play with what works for you.
  12. I've tried pt 2 and pt 4 in the past and the very first thing I thought after finishing was, "Ok, yeah, jogging after counselors is kinda fun, but I bet this loses its novelty really quick". I exclusively run pt 6. If you mistime a Morph, you have no chance of stopping an escape from occuring or a repair from being completed, and a group of counselors with machetes are going to wreck your mask in seconds. I use him anyway because I consider that a challenge in and of itself.
  13. My teams usual sweater-girl got abducted by a Savini we were trying to kill. Grabbed her outside the shack (Western location) on Higgens, killed her in front of the lodge. Abduction is still very much possible post-patch. Also, part 5 blows dead bears and part 3 is right behind him waiting for sloppy seconds. Personally, I kinda think the biggest reason running Jason's are so popular is just that: they can run (which I always thought shouldn't have been a strength that took up a slot and should instead have just been a default piece of code). If you know how to Shift, you don't need to be able to run.
  14. The counselor video's taking a bit of time because I didn't trim most of them as soon as the round was over, meaning I've got to dig through hour long videos to find them. It's coming though, hopefully soon.
  15. No, but I probably saved the footage for my upcoming "Salty Counselor Rage Quit" video.
  16. I had a Lachappa rage quit when he got grabbed after failing to loop me around the two-seater last night. That wasn't you by chance, was it? Because it sounds like you, I'm just not sure.
  17. You might want to take your own advice if you're equating slashing (in a SLASHER game) with trash tactics like running around a couch.
  18. Running around the same couch for 10 minutes isn't making him "earn" anything, it's just showing your distinct lack of skill. I suck as a counselor, but even I don't have to stoop to trash tactics like that. There's more respectability in running up to Jason and going ham with a tree branch than running around a sofa for ten minutes.
  19. That kinda depends on how long you do it. If its a few times to regain stamina or encourage Jason to go away and kill someone else, that's one thing. If you're on your 50th loop, yeah... you're a shitty player. You can argue that the Jason is a shitty player for not being able to counter it. but that doesn't mean the person doing it isn't also a shitty player. If your only tactic is to run around a couch, yeah... you're a Grade A shit-ball of a player.... especially if you're a veteran counselor and still using n00b tactics.
  20. I've never understood why the spawn-in seems to random. Sometimes you can have 3+ people dead for several minutes before Tommy is selected, and sometimes you can be the first one to die and respawn before the death animation's even over. Most of the time it seems like if you die first, and somebody else dies a minute or two later, it might take 4-5 minutes for Tommy to spawn. If you die first and it takes 5+ minutes for someone else to die, you tend to get the cutscene as soon as the second person is dead.
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