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  1. If the host is talking over the mic and is clearly a child, LEAVE. Don't even attempt it, just leave the lobby and try again. You'll thank me later for not having to listen to someone who probably still believes in Santa Claus emitting high-pitched stutters and other unidentifiable noises who will almost certainly quit once you grab them. If you're playing as part of a kill-squad, have the party leader keep quitting until he/she is the host. You can ignore this little piece of advice if you want, but if the host happens to be Jason, theres a pretty good chance you're about to be looking for a new lobby.
  2. I've been experimenting with setting Jason's sprite movement to "Move towards player" on high speed and frequency, and tweaking it so that every time it touches the player, they lose a certain amount of Life and there's a slash animation and red flash (to indicate you're taking damage). The problem with this is if you're in a space that's even remotely cramped/confined, you're going to die in about 5 seconds.
  3. I thought it was simply hearing an actual counselor at first, but then started hearing it even when the only players left were girls. I've heard it on every map, usually when alone and away from Jason. The choking sound seems to happen if you get grabbed and somebody hits or shoots Jason fast enough for you to keep your PK.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else hear random voices out of nowhere? Most of the time it's Chad (stumbling sounds mostly) but it happens even when there isn't a Chad in the lobby. I've also noticed that if you kill Jason, sometimes you can hear an echo of the axe hitting him after the screen has faded.
  5. If I had a dollar for every time some asshole claimed the game was dead, I'd die of old age before I could count my money.
  6. HaHaTrumpWon

    Any news?

    Is it just me, or would anyone else have loved a "Jason vs Jason" mode? No shack, no counselors, no objectives... you spawn on one side of the map, the opposing Jason starts on the other, and you have ten minutes to demask him using TKs, traps, or melee slashes (trying to grab-kill another Jason sounds stupid as shit). Each Jason's mask HP and weapon damage would be the same (to prevent some Jason's from having an unfair advantage over others) and if both still have their masks on, whoever took less damage wins (probably'd have to block access to the lake to stop someone from hitting the other Jason once and then hiding in water like a bitch).
  7. HaHaTrumpWon

    Any news?

    This game is what you make of it. If you see it as a broken down, buggy, poorly constructed piece of shit, you are correct. If you see it as flawed-as-fuck but still mildly entertaining, you are correct. If you see it as the dream-come-true game you"ve been praying for since childhood, you are correct. If you see it as something you play that gets you in the mood when your collection of My Little Pony porn isn't working for you then guess what? You are correct. To use the same analogy I've said about this game for a very long time, it is a deformed shelter pet, but it is our deformed shelter pet and I will play it until it gets put down for good (I.E. no longer able to be played online at all)
  8. If nothing else, reading this thread has further confirmed my belief that if people put half as much effort into improving their own gameplay as they do finding ways to be cheating little cocksuckers, we wouldn't need to patch exploits/hacks/glitches.
  9. Usually if a Jason quits when I'm a counselor, it's because my little group is trying to kill him. Had several last night puss-out on us: a couple of them quit as soon as the kill animation started, one quit about a minute or two after the mask came off, and one or two of them quit while it was still on after they figured out what was happening. There have been a couple that quit as soon as the game started, and I saw one who strangely quit after stopping the car desoute him being 5/7 at the time.
  10. I disagree. Maybe no one is playing on Switch or Xbox, but I play almost every night on PS4 and have little trouble finding full lobbies. Yes, there are host quits and time-out errors and plenty of troll-hards, but there's still matches to be played.
  11. Video may still be processing but this is basically the prologue-portion. https://youtu.be/dSIIlAnEgaU
  12. Maybe it's just me, but it's actually been quite a while since I've seen (on PS4) any actual glitches/exploits being used aside from sliding (which isn't really that big a problem), med-spray animation cancelling, and the occasional trap bypass. Still you guys on PC are totally fucked, and you have my sympathy.
  13. Just grab him, let him kick out, and repeat. Slash his ass up first so he can't run, then devote the entire 20 minutes to making sure the round is a living hell for him. Cocksuckers like him don't deserve to get to play.
  14. Anywhere on Pinehurst that's not at the "cabin strip" at the top of the map. On Jarvis, either of the two island cabins on the far left/right side. For Packanack large, the spawn point between the boat and SW'ern most cabin.
  15. For my Jason-killing Vanessa, I use Swift Attacker, Sucker Punch, and Medic (sometimes I swap it for Slugger). I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've laid Jason out repeatedly simply by jogging (or even standing still), waiting for him to come within melee range, then clicking R3 and immediately tapping R2 to hit him with a light attack. It is absurdly effective in the right hands since the majority of Jason's never see it coming and can't react in time.
  16. Ironically, I've had counselors do that exact thing when I was Jason. A couple of dick-waffles were blatantly teaming and made no attempt to be subtle about it. I was Jason next round and had one of the non-teamers drive that asshole right up to me and stop the car. To add insult to injury, some of the others ran over and started furiously tea-bagging her as I was killing her.
  17. Teamers blow dead bears... period. There is no arguing with this. If you are relatively new to the game (believe it or not, we do indeed still get new players) you probably know what teaming is, but might not know how to spot it. 1) Don't automatically assume 'teaming' just because Jason passed over someone else in favor of you. There are several legit reasons why this may be, but its usually because you have the sweater, are a female in a lobby full of Jason-killers, or are one of the few, if not only, repair counselors. 2) Use the mini-map to keep an eye on the cars location if it's nearby and in motion. Be wary of running out to meet the car if you don't know who's driving. If the car is coming in your direction after you've gotten out of the road, you may need to go inside/behind a fence/on a rock/etc... 3) A female counselor who runs for the sweater early but is seen carrying a car part is most likely wearing it just to prevent Jason from being killed (if Tommy is dead or hasn't been called, she may actually be trying to escape). In addition, if a sweater-wearing counselor doesn't activate it despite Tommy or other counselors signalling her to use it and complete the kill, she may be teaming, but she also may be inexperienced and unsure of what to do. If she waits until the kill is no longer possible and THEN uses it, it's a clear indicator of teaming. 4) A counselor leading Jason near your location isn't uncommon, but if you're inside a tent, closet, or under a bed, it's time to go, as she is likely leading Jason to yours and other counselor's hiding places. 5) Running around with repair parts doesn't necessarily mean they're teaming, but if no attempt is made to repair the vehicle despite close proximity to it for several minutes, then teaming is likely to be the reason why. 6) Closing opened windows and unlocking doors as Jason approaches the cabin should be considered a red flag that signals teaming. 7) If during an attempt to kill Jason you notice a counselor following very close by (and said counselor is not part of the attempt), consider having sweater-girl wait until you are able to put distance between them and Jason. Hitting Jason either just before or just after Tommy has a high chance of ruining the kill (often referred to as "double-tapping") 😎 If (while inside a vehicle) the driver seems to intentionally be driving very slow or poorly, it is possible said driver is stalling so Jason has time to reach the car. If a car deliberately runs into Jason and he moves to grab someone other than the driver, it is highly likely they're teaming. If you have any of your own, share them.
  18. Kinda, yeah. It'd be great if I could get a hold of their parents and find out why they're letting an 8 year old play this game in the first place.
  19. Before we had dedicated servers, I had a game once where the host was an obvious child and told us over the air that if he get's killed, he's quitting. I''m not going to repeat here what I told him, but it was bad enough he quit immediately.
  20. Fuck your flying cars, rubber-banding, vehicle death by TK, Pinehurst Care Bear blood, etc... I almost died laughing when this happened. Never seen it before, but hopefully will again sometime. Unfortunately, I trimmed the video shorter than intended and you don't get to see the rage-quit that occurs about five seconds after this video ends.
  21. Vx Ace, but with MV character sprites. I didn't make the one for Jason, that one was by someone way better at pixel art than I am.
  22. It's pretty much in it's own timeline, but if it had to be part of the cannon timeline, it'd probably be 30 or so years after Pamela was killed. This would put it close enough to modern times to have cell phones, but not modern enough that everybody and their mother has smartphones. Edit: I really want there to be two campaigns; one for counselors, and one for Jason. Not sure if that will work out, but it's what I'm hoping for.
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