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  1. Actually, it DID make him harder to kill, albeit mostly for the kill-squads dumb enough to push him into Rage 2 minutes into the round. How? Well, I'm sure most (if not all of you) have had a situation where a rage-mode Jason was after you and basically just traded hits with you until you died. That same situation applies to kill-squads. If Jason's already in rage and starts hacking away at Tommy or SG, your survival options are kinda limited. Either someone's going to shoot him, or the mask is going to break. If neither of these two occur, you're pretty much just fucked because there's nothing you can do to stop him from slashing. From Jason's POV, it's kind of a gamble. If he abandons defense and just goes slash-happy, either he's going to kill Tommy, or (assuming they've already got the sweater) he's going to get demasked, then immediately killed. This is why it's so important to A) stop attacking once the mask is off and B] attack with high-damage weapons using high-strength counselors. A bunch of Debbie's and Tiffany's with baseball bats are probably going to trigger rage long before the they succeed in getting the mask off. Get a couple of Buggzys/Fox's/Adams/etc, give them machetes or axes, and tell them to stop hitting Jason once the mask breaks and you'll kill him before rage mode almost every time.
  2. Block reduces damage, but won't negate it entirely. I know from personal experience that even if you block 100% of counselor's attacks, you will still eventually lose your mask. If they're smart, they'll quit hitting you when they see you're blocking and use flareguns and shotguns. On the other hand, if they happen to have numerous machetes/axes close by, wailing away on a blocking Jason is a viable strategy. You WILL lose your mask at some point, but by that time Rage should be active and if they've already used the shotguns, its not going to end well for them if you can manage to get in a few slashes on Tommy or SG. On the OTHER other hand, a long while back I was in a random lobby and had a situation in which a demasked Jason was blocking the door to the shack and trying to quick-throw knives at Tommy and SG. Suddenly, Tommy quits trying to dodge and just stands there letting Jason hit him. He gets crippled and starts limping away from the shack. Jason sees this and takes off after Tommy. As soon as he's out of the doorway, he gets shot, Tommy heals up, and the Tiffany who shot him runs in and grabs the sweater. Jason then rage quit before he even got back up.
  3. At least you didn't end up like this poor bastard: This guy was picked as Jason three consecutive games in a row, and died in all three of them. It's awe-inspiring that he didn't hide in the lake or rage-quit out of sheer frustration.
  4. This is the exact reason why if I'm Jason twice in a row, everyone gets to escape the second round. Some people wait hours to be Jason, but the guy who just joined (me) not only gets to be Jason first, he gets to be him TWICE. I know that's not my fault or problem, but I do it anyway (I still kill you if you enter the shack though).
  5. Funny how that works, huh? Sometimes it's much easier to kill someone than it is to just troll them a bit.
  6. They have mine. Before everybody and their mother had a Smurf account, my little Jason-killing group would take note of everyone's level before the round began. If that rounds Jason was very low level, the kill wouldn't even be attempted and we'd just escape. On the other side, if I was Jason in a lobby full of lv 1-20's, normally I wouldn't even bother killing any of them unless it became necessary. Now in both cases, I've adopted a "Let's see" approach. If it's a lv 2 counselor running around like a veteran Vanessa, I'm killing him. If the Jason's info says he's an under lv 5 but he's animation cancelling everything, we're killing him.
  7. Tell that bullshit to all the people uploading STN videos on YouTube. If people would stop hitting Jason unless it was life-or-death necessary, the Rage buff could give him total invincibility, the ability to fly, infinite throwing knives, and a porn-star cock and none of it would make the slightest difference because either you'd be dead, HE'D be dead, or you'd have escaped... all long before Rage even activated.
  8. A long while back, I was Jason on Higgens large with a lobby that would group up around the car or phone and begin repairing. When Jason showed up to stop them, they would commence the pinata party until the mask was off, then a couple of them would get killed, come back as Tommy, and kill that rounds Jason. Predictably, I found them working on the 4-seater (it spawned at the Southern location, very close to where most counselors begin swimming to the island). I killed a couple of them, then Tommy showed up and I lost my mask. As soon as I did, I turned around and walked into the lake and headed towards the island. A couple of minutes later, they pulled the old "Get Jason to drown someone and use the time window to get to the island". One problem... the shack wasn't ON the island, it was over on the West side of the map. Tommy and two Tiffany's made it to the island just fine, but then realized they were trapped and had just royally fucked themselves.
  9. The hardest part by far of killing Jason is finding him and getting killed before he off's somebody else. The second hardest part is trying to keep the rest of the counselors from fucking up the kill, I.E. double-tapping Jason, getting the sweater without the slightest idea what they're doing, physically getting in Jason's way when you're trying to bait him into killing you, etc... most of the time it's an innocent mistake by someone who genuinely just wanted to help (it sure as hell better be. Ruin our kill on purpose and I promise you're next). Aside from that, killing Jason is laughably easy to do. A couple of gunshots and a few hits of a machete and your mask is kaput. Once it's off and the sweater's taken, Jason's in deep shit. Feel like calling the cops? Just have Tommy and SG go fix ithe phone and then stand beside it while someone calls. What's Jason going to do about it? Run over and break the box? Yeah... good luck with that. As long as Tommy and SG are close by, counselors can go repair any objective they want and Jason has to pick between allowing them to escape or trying to stop them and dying in the process. Imagine how humiliating and degrading it would feel if you were Jason in that situation. The counselors are right in front of you having a dance party while someone fixes the car. They're easily within Shift range but Tommy and SG are right in the middle of them, swinging weapons at each other and literally daring you to come stop them.
  10. I've come to believe that the Rage buff can seriously down your chances of getting the kill if the counselors decide to go full pinata party. If you beat Jason into Rage three minutes into the round, you're going to have a serious problem if he manages to cripple Tommy or SG. If you're on the way to the shack and either of them are hit with a Stalk-Shift-Slash and begin limping, your Jason-kill is over unless someone has a shotgun (especially if it's a pt 3 or 4). The easiest way to avoid this is by giving a couple of high-strength counselors machetes and then completely ceasing to attack Jason once the mask is off. Do this and he'll be dead before he ever gets to Rage.
  11. If you're in a random lobby by yourself and decide you want to try and kill Jason, yes, communication might make things difficult if all you've got to work with are a bunch of retards. When I kill Jason, it's usually with the same group of friends I've played with for the better part of two years. We don't really need to communicate unless it's something dire (teamers, shitheads driving around running people over, etc...) We killed this Jason (who was at least lv 113) with zero communication. No voice chatting, no mic use, not even a private message. Bear in mind that this kill was done with only two people (including myself) and without help from the rest of the counselors. Does any part of that look difficult to you?
  12. There's a difference between Pinata Parties and groups trying to kill Jason. When my group plays together, yes, there is usually a beatdown involved, but that's pretty much a requirement if you're trying to kill Jason. What separates the two lies in the motivation. Are you beating on Jason because you want to remove the mask, or are you doing it without any intention of killing him? If you're not planning on killing him, but you're still grouping up, dancing, and chain-stunning him, you are a TROLL. Ganging up on a lv 3 Jason and taking turns tea-bagging him doesn't make you a badass. That's like if Mike Tyson KO'ed an 8 year old and then bragged about it as though he just defeated God Himself. This is the entire reason Rage was reworked; to stop the 20 minute pinata parties. If you've never seen any, check YouTube for videos of them. When Jason entered OG rage, you could literally get a guaranteed stun every time he broke through a door. All you had to do was stand in front of it with a baseball bat and wait. To summarize, the Rage buff wouldn't have been necessary if there weren't pinata parties, and pinatas parties wouldn't exist if Jason hadn't been nerfed to oblivion.
  13. Thinking about me so much you double-posted huh? It's ok, I understand... The real problem is when stupid little fuckbois hit him immediately before or after Tommy. That's the part I'd really like a solution to. Some teaming little shit-burger follows you around and as soon as the sweater is used, they hit him with a machete and there goes your kill...I know people say "Just hit R2 and spam X" but even that isn't a guarantee.
  14. You're actually not as under my skin as you might think. I just couldn't help but remember it after getting that kill. To be totally honest, I didn't expect to get that one, especially not when the first hit didn't seem to have any effect. With as easy as it is to double-tap Jason and ruin the kill, I was convinced we'd lost this one.
  15. I think I've seen the video of that (or at least of a similar kill).
  16. That is NOT what you said back then, or has your opinion on the matter changed?
  17. All you're doing is trolling. Yeah, if it's a bunch of 150's beating on a baby-Jason, run those fuckers over. Otherwise, quit fucking up the game for other people. This is no different than the assholes who used to shoot other players in the middle of making repairs.
  18. If I had a dollar for every time a potential victim (read: Jason we haven't killed yet but are currently trying to) had his bitches try to stop the kill by running us over, I'd die of old age before i could count my money. That has got to be the absolute trashiest, pussified little bitch move you could ever pull as Jason. It's even worse than hiding in water or rage quitting because you, as the supposed "killer", aren't capable of handling the situation yourself. You're actually ENLISTING COUNSELORS to come protect you. Pamela said "Kill for mother", not "hide in the lake like a bitch until the cars in motion, then have the people you're supposed to be killing come help you kill the OTHER people you're supposed to be killing... for mother".
  19. I know the title may be throwing some people off, but what I'm trying to ask is, what is the most far-fetched "We're never gonna pull this off" Jason-kill you've ever gotten? This is mine, recorded with a couple of friends last night (skip to 9:00 for the good shit) Quick backstory: A long while back, I mentioned a JK I had gotten where the sweater-girl used the sweater with the mask still on, and I hit him once to demask, and then hit him again to drop him to his knees. An individual who posts on here (whose name I'm not going to mention) replied and told me such a thing was "simply not possible", so I posted the video. This same individual replies and says something to the effect of "that was before... etc.... there's no way you could do that now". Sorry Mr. Unnamed Individual, looks like I was right... again
  20. Just my own opinion here but when you start deliberately trying to be a toxic little shit, that's my definition of trolling. As to what constitutes being a toxic little shit, ask yourself this: Does what I'm doing have a legitimate, reasonable basis? If you're trying to kill Jason, constantly attacking him is kinda par for the course, so it's not trolling. If all you're doing is chain-stunning him so you can keep dancing on him, YES... you're being a toxic little shit. If you're driving around to pick up counselors or to draw Jason's attention, that's not trolling, but it BECOMES trolling if you're doing it just to see if you can make him rage-quit. This is when it goes from legitimate and reasonable, to toxic. However, some things are so blatantly toxic there's no room for debate or legitimacy. If you're manipulating the situation into one in which Jason has no feasible way of countering (such as infinite stamina/PKs or using exploits and glitches to get to areas Jason can't reach you (I.E. the old Packanack roof glitch), you are not just a troll, you're a piece of shit.
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