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  1. Well it was nice while it lasted but now i must say goodbye to this game. Because there is no way i'm playing this game with p2p servers again being at the mercy of a shitty host with all the glitching and cheating i just can't fathom playing this game with those assholes anymore. To all the good players that played the game right thanks for the fun times i had playing this game and farewell.
  2. See this shit all the time glitching in beds, hiding on rocks, all because they can't win any other way. if it was up to me i would ban every one of those cheating pieces of garbage but since i can't ban anyone as i am not a dev on this game. i choose to leave the match even if i'm a counselor because i don't want to waste 20 minutes watching a pos trolling the jason player
  3. Please for the love of god get the dedicated servers back up i for one do not want to go back to "p2p". I know it will come one day but at least not now i hated the bad ping and shitty host's who quit because they die first or hold you hostage the whole game. Also wanted to add going back to p2p would probably drive away most of the remaining players once the host thing starts again.
  4. As a counselor player myself i love the new patches and i find them some what well balanced. Sometimes difficult to escape jason after he gets rage but its also nice that when and if i become jason i don't have to worry about getting tea bagged and danced on when i hit rage and players actually move on to trying to escape. Something that they should have been doing the start of the match not trying to pick a fight with a iconic killer.
  5. @mattshotcha Loving the new patches great work i was wandering if it's possible to add a toggle in private match. That allows you to disable sense would make for great hide an seek matches for counselor and jason
  6. This does need looked into and you have to realize jason players use the water to escape death i see it most games either because they lose there mask 2 minutes in or mask gets knocked of with 2 hits then tommy gets called after all jason's traps have been tanked and he has been chain stunned at the power box. it's kinda a new strategy for the jason players. and if he does go to the water to avoid death then the players should be looking to escape and get the win not stand around waiting on the jason player to come back. most times doing other things will draw him out then you can try again.
  7. This right here i agree with i see it all the time rage mode is OP boo hoo jason is supposed to be op you can blame the rage buff on the pinata party people and the people who complain are the ones that want to stun jason and teabag him over and over now that they can't there all pissed and whine about it.
  8. @mattshotcha this update is good you have set the hook now if the team could allow the player to remove any of jasons abilitys with a toggle you could reel in some of the lost player base. most people i have watched want to be able to disable sense -stalk-and or shift again you get the point.very well done a step in the right direction
  9. If were talking balance for jason 2 things that are better then messing with stamina & strength 1. take off the ability to use medic in all three slots that's 6 heals if you have 3 med sprays in all three slots 2.There has to be something done about counselors surviving 4 swipes with an axe even with thick skin it seems unrealistic even for a game
  10. i was having trouble earlier but now mine seems to be working (ps4)
  11. i have to disagree with this also the game is just now starting to shift power back over to jason's side were it should have been from the go. Adding more perks for counselors would kill what the rage patch was trying to do could you imagine a vanessa running around with medic and thick skin on all slots that would be hell even for a good jason.
  12. So there are others having this problem i'm on ps4 and i cannot get a game for the life of me i been trying all day 7 minute wait rinse and repeat no servers for me @mattshotcha please something is going on.
  13. @mattshotcha so you replied to another user saying that the shift issue is a values thing and not a full system thing does that mean that it could be fixed within hours and sent out as a hot fix?
  14. Actually sense seems broken as it drains faster on jasons with +sense i don't really know but it's annoying lol
  15. i am getting the dreaded lost network connection error again and game closes and reports of a broken shift oh lord. Well i can confirm shift regenerates super fast and sense drains super fast this patch is a bust can we have a roll back? please
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