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    Medical Marijuana, Roller Blading, Video Gaming design & development, Horror Horror everything, Money, Savegary.

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About Me


Names Danny but you can call me Trigga. I was born in Corner Brook NL. Canada im Irish/Italian/Native and half retarded. 

I love turkey dinners, Jiggs dinners and homemade beef stew with a side of mmmm pie an some ahhhhhh Rye & Coke. I'm not a big drinker I just drink socially. Quit smoking Ciggs after 8 years 6 months ago and never touched another one since and I'm keeping it that way. 

I have a HUGE family and we're all mainly in entertainment from singers and songwriters, musicians to line cooks in Vegas and even some are doing their own Webisodes An being youtube stars it's nice. 

Horror Survival games like F13th the game has not only revolutionized the gaming industry but also the horror movie industry by bringing it to a new light with new heights and we can go even farther with movies and gaming. 


I will throw more in my profile when I get the chance but right now I'm tired and can't think of anything else to write lol.

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