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  1. Friday the 13th: The Game on TWITTER fucking BLOCKED me. 

    Chuldish pricks can't even tell me why. 

  2. This is already all over damn near every Facebook group and twitter retweet possible. Here's some of the things Facebook people are saying. You guys have a road map that's great, it doesn't really justify dates just when around what seasonal times we could expect something. Most people are giving up on the game at this point because there's no more fun you guys splattered that Chance by claiming SP mid summer and falling behind and having the game break after new patches released. Company claimed its expanding and getting bigger and working with all these companies and people but yet we need to wait till October 2018 to actually play ALL OF THIS GAME to its fullest potential. The community is weakening and I'm seeing it happening so much it's retarded. Not to mention I went from hardly ever playing jason to almost playing jason every game so that right there is telling you more people are preferring counsellors instead of Jason. The communty ain't as hard and fun as it used to be that's for sure, the whole host migration / dedicated server thing put a sour taste in people's mouths. Here's a solution have dedicated servers and have more chances for people to come back like Jarvis other characters will give Counsellors who are dead HOPE that they might come back and therefore they won't leave and rage quit so much. I'm tired of Host leaving and the game ending this shit needs to stop or at least try and be limited. @Gertz @GunMedia_Ben so your basically telling us You guys at @GunMedia wanna make the the whole community wait until October 2018 to get the full maximum gameplay with all its glory in a year and a bit? Your kidding me? So what we gotta wait a year to even see Jason X I'm assuming? I'm done, I'm not playing again till Oct 2018 it's written in stone. Enjoy the bikinis
  3. So basically by October 2018 I should play Friday the 13th the game again. Cool thanks guys can't wait!
  4. Hey Gertz, what about the Crystal Lake Small map evergreen cabin? There's a frame rate issue where it feels like the gameplay is almost in slow motion. Sometime ya might wanna take note of and fix before the next patch release.
  5. Just read that actually I stared following Gertz just now, I've only been in the forums maybe nearly a month if that lol just a huge fan of the game and just wanna know what's been going on because I'm a Facebook and twitter follower and always on their website but the forums are where the in-depth information always is so I've been following more people and being as active as I can
  6. Hey guys, I'm a PS4 player and here's my current issues... i cannot join quick play games and find a game it's as rare as finding a Pamela tape. Another issue is after I'm done not finding a game I'm thrown into my own hosted game where I sit there and sit there and nobody joins AGAIN it's as rare to see someone join any lobby as it is finding a Pamela's tape. With all that being said and not able to play the game in quick without the host and not join part luckily since then I've been lucky enough to have friends to invite to my empty ass lobbies and try and fill up and thankfully that did work for a short while until today and all shit broke loose and yeah It become a mess so basically yeah I have only played ONE game so far today and I've been up the last 6 hours with the game rebooting the game restarting my console doing hard resets doing Fuckin soft resets sticking my dick in the system and NOT A THING seems to work. Not only is this an issue for PS4 players but Xbox 1 players are complaining about framrate issues not as much as Sony or PC and also Jason not being able to Morph and or other stupid annoying broke. Game. Stuff. Enough is enough, you guys go to PAX West all smiles and don't wanna talk about ouuuuuuu all the new upcoming releases too much because you don't wanna give away to much right? BUT that's the LEAST you guys can do now if give us another DEV diary or actually explain in depth what's going on and what's being done and compensated to fix all this. Im sick and tired of supporting a game that doesn't fully support all it's fans and backers. P.S that ONE game I joined earlier on today...psh error connection lost to host wasn't even a full game nearly half. Y'all at PAX west wanna talk about upcoming DLC's and how amazing your pointless patches and hotfixes are. I'm just honestly pissed off you guys can't fix you right game ever fast enough and it Break so much. It's embarrassing and you nailed that at PAX.
  7. This community is hilarious, the stupid comments made me laugh. But the Act makes sense yeah would be awesome to kill screwing counsellors in SP challenges mode
  8. Friday the 13th: The Game Idea for AFK Counsellors. Would it and could it ever be possible to have an In-Game wallet where we could DUMP funds of our country "whatever your currency is" into our accounts either debit cards whatever and have it so that we now have an in-game wallet and we can DONATE 1$ to TAKE CONTROL and PLAY the AFK players if they are away awhile, while they are away and so now, while they are away..they can come back whenever they like and take control all over again so that option would be totally up to the donator if they WANT to they don't HAVE to there's always a choice. However remember they just made a Dollar in there Wallet for being AFK donated and played with. BOOOOM See the concept I'm getting at here? This idea could really start to get people playing more and more lobbies completed faster also giving an option for players to donate a dollar and play as the AFK Counsellor until they take control of the master controls again. If that's even possible then everyone would be making money an helpin everyone one having fun! Lets be real for a second, I'm not being greedy lol we can do this in-game currency or "real life" currency whatever everyone would be making money while playing Friday the 13th: the game if your in a lobby AFK for a while and another player donates to play your AFK Counsellor until boom you touch any button it ejects them and they regain control. If that's possibles this would be an amazing idea to even better our economy. Can't be that bad lol so crazy it might work! We can use the currency to buy in-game add on DLC clothing or buy personalization options if that were possible like being able to pay to change certain counsellors names and such I mean the money is all there and there's no need to have the counsellors tightened with such little personality so I mean, personalization would be amazing! Like a WWE 2k created superstar kinda thing lol and I know some people are thinking "well people are gonna abuse the AFK" not really I mean if someone is dumb enough to keep donating AFK and he's cancelling out then obviously stop donating to that loser and report him to Gun for a ban. There's always security precautions with this just an idea what do you guys think?
  9. It be a great idea actually if the players have a male and female "keep it typical" classic Friday 13th movies I'm pretty confident did not have any GLBT stuff I'm sorry for the community but that's how it is so let's say a guy and a girl character have the option to use a BED that they are beside eyes how this could work....it could be basically a quickie under the sheets for a FULL stamina bar but once it's depleted it goes back to halfway again until you and her find another "clean" bed ? Stamina UPS!
  10. Your a Chad. Face it. And I'm new here so deal with it ??
  11. Facebook Group Join Below and follow the link provided to keep in touch with us. Friday the 13th: The Game Exploiting Exploiters. CLICK HERE WE BASICALLY HAVE VIDEOS,PHOTOS AND ALL KINDS IF EVIDENCE OF PLAYERS ABUSING THE SYSTEM AND WE USE THEM TO PUT YOU ON BLAST SO OTHER PLAYERS ARE AWARE. Thanks for reading and remember to follow for all things F13th and ElmStreetGame REMEMBER Freddy is coming to next Gen's!
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