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  1. Apologies if mentioned/asked, but will the host leaving ending game for everyone be ever sorted?
  2. Same here. I now only stay in a lobby if me or my friend are hosts. That way we can have a full game
  3. Looks like they've maybe made them easier to find with more and more people finding them
  4. I didn't have his mask (never had it) when I found it last night. His mask was still on when I found it.
  5. I found one yesterday, I was Tiffany (I have my counselors set on random). Perks are Marathon and I need to remember the others, one I think is home body and reduced chance of being sensed. I only had crackers in my inventory. Had a map, walkie talkie.
  6. I got my first Pamela tape yesterday, there were four others me in the cabin but luckily I got there first. It was a random cabin, not one of the main ones.
  7. Marathon. I just like to run as much as I can. I used to always have the crackers perk too but most Jason's can easily avoid it
  8. You're taking it too seriously when it comes to number 3. Killing someone for not doing something you've said is ludicrous. If it gets you caught, get over it and try again next time. When it comes to non mic users, you can escape without having to speak to people, its not that big of an issue.
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