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  1. Haven't recieved mine either for PD4. Tried to email but got a automated email message. Someone needs to directly ask a dev on Twitter or something
  2. I've always been in favor in improving Part 7 for other players. I've had games where I play Part 7 and totally dominate the game, so personally I don't need a change but I get the frustration. I say if Jason can't run, a improvement in Shift or Morph is needed. I personally think Part 7 should have a buff in Morph. That way he can get around quicker and Part 2 won't be the only one with the buffed Morph. You have good suggestions. I've posted similar topics on Part 7 on the forums before. There seems to be universal agreement that Part 7 needs improvement. However, I don't see the devs making it a priority right now with the implementation of more kills, Fox, and single player on the horizon.
  3. 1. Make sure your spawn preferenceis set to Jason. I know it's obvious but it has to be pointed out. 2. I don't know other people can confirm this, but I always switch lobbies between games. I find it somehow helps me be Jason more often. I've even had games where I'll play as Jason for a game, switch lobbies, and I'm picked as Jason for a 2nd game in a row. I guess it's all about chance and maybe milking the system in place. Hope this helps.
  4. Happy Friday the 13th to all you hockey masked crazed fiends! May your friday be filled with the bloodiest of days and may your machetes be sharpened! A sincere thank you to Gun Media, Illfonic and the entire community for giving life to a game that many of us Friday the 13th fans have yearned for our entire lives. I remember well when this game was announced and I waited for months upon months for the release. The last 5 months have sure been a roller coaster for a lot of people. But nevertheless, what we as fans have been given has truly met many expectations. This has been a true effort on everyone's part to make this game possible. It might not be perfect to some, but it's a damn good game. Finally, extra thank yous to the developers for the tremendous transparency given to all of us. In this day where video games make millions of dollars and developers seem less and less cooperative to the consumer, we've had the fortunate blessings of having some of most passionate people make this game with a drive to be as open and honest as possible and for that, we should be grateful. May you're Friday the 13th be bloody and personally, I can't wait to see what comes next!
  5. This might have been brought up before, but what is the deal with those of us who preordered the physical release of the game 10 months ago? As in, when should we expectto recieve it by mail?
  6. Part 4 is kickass! The destruction is a plus, along with the running! And all 3 of his weapon kills are insane! I love Part 4!
  7. If someone is playing legit on QP, I'll obviously try to be a good sport and help out if I can. However, this doesn't always happen. I won't say that there has been an uptick in do-nothings at least on PS4. There has always been a steady amount of stupid players (a solid 75% of all who play F13 lmao). I don't mind this anymore since I've capped at 101 weeks ago and it's fun watching Jason slaughter the stupid players. So in short, I'll play whoever I want as a counselor. I have low expectations on the other players
  8. Was there a Jason that at maybe one time disliked or didn't use that much but has grown to be used more or maybe has become your favorite? For example, early on, I didn't use Part 3 or Part 9 that much. I didn't use Part 3 that much since I wanted to try all the Jasons as I unlocked them. But since capping 101 a few weeks ago, I find Part 3 to be one of my favorites. I find him to be very well balanced. For Part 9, I didn't like his slower pace and traps that much. However, I have learned to play far more aggressively with him and I find that is the key to success with him. Not to mention, his design is kickass and his weapon kills are very fun. What Jasons have grown on you? Curious to here your thoughts!
  9. I've had games where people inadvertently bring Jason to me. I don't necessarily mind that too much. It's when they specifically point you out while in a hiding spot is when it becomes a problem. When the Jason takes the bait, it is very very bad. When I play as Jason and somebody is doing that, I always kill the tattletale and leave their victim alone for a while. But if I come back to their hiding spot later and they are still there then its fair game. So I try to be a good player if I can help it.
  10. I agree, normally there aren't too many problems with other players on PS4 (across all games) in my opinion. I am definitely one of those good Jason players. It's always a common sight to see people rage quit in my games because I am very aware of the surroundings and the littles nuances within the game. I find it quite hilarious
  11. In the last 2 weeks on this game, I've been recieving a higher intake of message on PS4 with players complaining about how I play. Often, when I play Jason, I will recieve a message from a random player saying "tryhard" or maybe "Really?". Does this happen often to you? I am curious to hear if you recieve similar messages or complaints . And for the record I am a level 101 for a reason, I actually know what I am doing when I play as Jason
  12. I only do the quick kills if necessary. If I'm surrounded by an objective or if I hear one of my traps go off. But if I can pull off an environmental kill, I will. I played a game the other day against some people who had mics. 2 were escaping in the 2 seater while 1 came up to me to fight me. I grabbed them and did the water pump kill on him. He was so elated that I did the kill! So yeah, I try to be an entertaining Jason if I can.
  13. Awesome thread so far! I say to completely rework Part 7 (and maybe all the Jasons), there should be undisclosed strengths and weaknesses. Parts 2, 3 and soon 4 (All 'living' Jasons) should have the ability of "can run" removed as a listed strength but kept undisclosed to free up a strength slot. Maybe have swim speed as an undisclosed weakness (I am not a fan of the slow swim speed but it's necessary to balance it out). Parts 6,7, 8, 9 and Savini (Post death Jason) should have can't run as an undisclosed weakness and free up a weakness. Similarly, swim speed should become an undisclosed strength. It's not a perfect suggestion, but it frees up some more options to work with. As for Part 7, I say give him a better morph to that of Part 2. If he will have a weakness at the shift, then make the morph stronger to compensate this. He needs to be more mobile in some regard.
  14. Needless to say, I think it's been universally acknowledged that Part 7 is somewhat maligned by the community as a whole. Part 7 Jason is OP, but he's certainly one of the weakest in the game (2nd to Part 6 in my opinion). His sense is great and grip strength is always a plus, but he is easily the least mobile of all the Jasons in the game. It's a shame, since Part 7 is usually a fan favorite (from the perspective of the films that is) We have see threads in the past that have brought to light this issue yet there hasn't been any signs of changes being made to Part 7 Jason, especially by the devs in my opinion. What can and should be done about this? I can understand that there are more pressing issues at hand, especially in the coming weeks for the devs. It's just kind of frustrating that nothing has been done to address this.
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