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  1. I don’t know what it means but I just called the crystal lake police department and the operator has a pretty different response than before...
  2. Pretty interesting ideas. I'd just hate to see child Jason go unused.
  3. I’m just wondering, since his character model exists now, will child Jason ever be playable in the future? I noticed his description doesn’t say “coming soon” like Uber Jason’s description. But would they really spend all that time making that model just for that short little boat scene? I really hope he’s gonna be playable. He looks epic.
  4. The boat part was pretty interesting to me, if you know what I'm talking about.
  5. Hopefully in the future we Will have swappable weapons and a pitchfork for all Jason's
  6. Can confirm that bots do betray each other lol P.s, I was afk and it kills me inside that Chad escaped.
  7. Oh, it makes sense now. Thanks so much. I guess that part was just the ending to virtual cabin 1.0?
  8. Guys I'm so confused rn... I got all four badges and put then in the little frame, then I went to the basement and answered the phone. Then it said I've completed the virtual cabin....what? I haven't even been outside yet. Is that part of it?
  9. The reason I like offline bots is because I always get to play as Jason, and you don't have to worry about anyone leaving. Tbh though, it's not very challenging, even on hard. And the bots can sometimes be pretty terrible. A few bots have even ran towards me. I'm not at all saying Offline Bots are perfect, and multiplayer will always be my main mode.
  10. Thank you Illfonic/Gun Media, for restoring my love for this game. I haven't played in so long. I've been looking forward to this update and here it is. It obviously isn't dedicated server's and there's still a lot of work to do, but I have faith in you guys. And I really love the Virtual Cabin 2.0, even though it gives me a headache. You guys are making a lot of great content and now that we get a taste of offline bots, I'm really looking forward to single player. And guys, I know the game isn't perfect yet and I've been complaining a lot too, but you gotta at least appreciate all the time and work they put in this game. Also happy to be back on the forums.
  11. On Offline Bots mode I keep finding Tommy Jarvis opening and closing the same drawer repeatedly
  12. I haven't played in 2 month's, really miss playing this game, however I don't miss the trolls, bugs, leaving hosts, etc. We need this update like now.. But what bothers me the most is that Jason is a pussy now...and I never understood how he even got that way in the first place. I mean... when you guys were making this game your whole inspiration was Friday the 13th. You guys knew that Jason was meant to be OP. I just don't understand how someone can love Friday the 13th so much that they make a video game about it yet they can't even get Jason right... And the game is pretty broken but everyone already knows that. I do understand that you guys have a small team, I understand that game development is difficult. All I ask is that you fix things and keep them that way. I'm sorry if there's already topics like this but you can close this if you want.
  13. This New theme looks awesome.... the colours really scream "Friday the 13th".
  14. It honestly looks a lot like a spaceship to me.
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