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  1. No way! That's a great feature. Jason is already weak... don't make him weaker.
  2. All I want is for more than 7 counselors. 10 would be a good amount.
  3. Actually like this idea to be honest. It's logical, slower walking makes less noise. And a lot of people such as myself want Jason to be more OP, so this would make a great addition imo.
  4. Thought this was pretty funny, I tried to get a better angle but failed.
  5. I've been wanting better Gore ever since I started playing. They haven't even added any throat gashes. The eyeball pop kill was iconic! Needs to be in the game.
  6. I'd love to have kid Jason be playable and I also wouldn't mind Reggie being added, but I think it would be far more difficult to add a playable Reggie than it would be to make kid Jason playable. Kid Jason would obviously need new grab kills since he's too small to do the ones currently in the game, but Reggie would have to have completely different ways of being killed, by all Jason's. Reggie is small, and all the mo-cap kills were performed to kill an adult. The only way Reggie could be killed is if they give him an adult body (which just wouldn't look right), or recreate every kill in the game to match with a smaller body (which would probably take a lot of time and work)
  7. I updated the video, I tried to delete the other one but I'm not sure how lol.
  8. Right? And to grab a counselor by the leg and drag them out from under the bed.
  9. Exactly. I don't even think the video had f13 music in it.
  10. I just noticed the video says it was removed by Gun Media for copyright claims... really? Does anyone else see that?
  11. I will look for a link but the DLC might not be available in the UK yet. I wish the Devs would give some info.
  12. Mine are as well. But hey, it's better than nothing I guess.
  13. That's all the blood that's on him?.... that really sucks. I wasn't expecting a lot but I wasn't expecting so little either.
  14. Title says it all. I'd love to have the ability to jerk a counselor out of the hiding spot and kill them with a grab kill, rather that the same seek and destroy kills.
  15. I just purchased it on PS4. Like @TimmyJarvis said, Just search "Jason" and you'll see it:)
  16. Supposedly the timestamps at the bottom right corner mean something, I'm not smart enough to figure that out though. Lmao
  17. Updated with a New and working video. Credit: Slash 'N Cast
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