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  1. Well, it wouldn't hurt to increase the text size.
  2. Maybe his "shack" could be an old ambulance parked somewhere in the woods.
  3. Maybe. It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but it still happens sometimes. And I've noticed it can happen with any player, not just ones who leave.
  4. This is a minor thing but it annoys me so much. I hate it when Jason kills someone and their body jumps 10 feet away. It isn't realistic or scary. I hope they fix it so that the body's stay the same way they were killed. I'm not hating, I love this game so much. But I think if they'd tweak the ragdoll system it would make the game a lot better imo.
  5. Hi, so this Isn't something I'm begging for, it's just an idea. What if in different game matches, there were different vehicles? They could hold more people but the parts are harder to find or add more parts. For instance. A truck could hold three people in the front, and hold 4 in the back. Or a van could hold 2 in the front and 6 in the back. The new parts could include tires, sparks plug, or the parts in the game already, just make them harder to find. You could also make it so that the more people in the vehicle, the slower it goes or the harder it is to steer. I like the truck from f13 part 2.
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