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  1. Did anyone suggest Clothing? It would be cool if you could "find" ultra rare hats, shirts and pants in the drawers that were automatically added to your clothing inventory for later use. Personally, I'd like to find Tommy's masks that could be worn.
  2. ALICE SWEET ALICE (1976) I don't know why I waited so long to see this film, but I love it. HELL NIGHT (1981) Vincent Van Patten is the true hero of this flick! CURTAINS (1983) I remember the ads on TV. They were actually scarier than the movie. APRIL FOOL'S DAY (1986) It's been a long time since I've watched this. Just kidding, saw it three days ago. Just kidding... POPCORN (1991) Horrible! But it's also Great! YOU'RE NEXT (2011) Really liked this murderous romp. LOST AFTER DARK (2015) Some rebellIous teens; some good kills. This 80's homage slasher flick follows the rules, except when it doesn't.
  3. For me, I've been watching them all in order, then watching it's part of the documentary, "Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th." (which everyone should own) I will be watching JASON X this friday. I haven't seen it in a long time, so I'm pretty excited.
  4. Only two: Listening to the parents tell their kids to sit down and/or shut up while they play. I once heard a child scream, "Run Daddy run! It's Jason!" No offline game for counselor players. I understand that it's hard to program, but I don't get the same enjoyment playing as Jason, and it's what I was hoping for when I backed the kickstarter.
  5. @Alkavian I just stumbled on your thread, and I love it. My favorite of your suggestions: · Eliminate combat stance for Jason - I feel if combined with an old-school strafe button, adding a single button press to block as Jason would be fantastic. · Meatshield - I just wanna see this. Combine this with toss, and Jason could have a good advantage in a mob; if he throws his meatshield into a mob, does it knock down/stun other counselors? · Bash - I really like the idea of Jason stunning counselors. In mob scenes, it really seems like it would be helpful for Jason to stun counselors, and then if he can gain control of the situation, come back to them for the kills. Maybe other counselors can find one-time use Smelling Salts to bring back stunned victims quickly; get a little Nursing experience points. · Mementos - I like this as a way to create havoc while trying to decide what you should be carrying. Some of those would be pretty hard to pass up, and depending on the type of game you are playing, you may not want to grab them. I think that brings a sense of frantic urgency to the game. · What to do with bodies lying around - What if the counselor’s fear stat regulated how close the counselor could get to a dead body? Some counselors might actually be physically blocked from getting close to a body, unless maybe they had a beer memento, and possibly shoes. If Jason can carry the bodies, then place them where he wants, he could hinder certain counselors from accomplishing tasks. If he killed A.J. while she was heading to the boat, placed her body at the entrance to the docks, there is no way Chad would be able to get to the boat; he would be too terrified. Jenny would then hop over AJ, pull the motor’s cord, and wave to Chad as she made her way to the watery exit. The corpse blocking feature works really well in the board game LAST FRIDAY; it allows the maniac more control of the board, limited escape routes for the counselors, and can create a tunnel effect which works in the maniacs favor. You really do have a lot of well thought out ideas. It would be great to see some implemented into the game sometime in the future.
  6. Ahh man, that would be sweet. I was finally able to jump into the 3D world this last Christmas, and have been contemplating a PS4 just for 3D games (and a bunch of others that are PS exclusive). However, an old school red/green version (or red/blue like the Ft13: 3D blu-ray release) could be released. Promotional glasses could be given out or purchased... cheap. I doubt there would be that much interest outside of us. It's too bad North America has given up on 3D. I love it.
  7. That's just people not wanting to play right, and yeah, that's gonna happen. During one of my last public games I was killed fairly early, so I watched the rest of the survivors make the best of it... except for two that were sharing machete blows to each other in one of the small cabins. Since they couldn't kill each other, they just kept doing it over, and over, and over again. Obviously, they didn't feel the need to play the game properly. Jason finally showed up and removed them both from the game. If the player playing Ralph doesn't press his key to shout and stun any counselors, he's not going to get any points. Maybe Ralph can't pickup weapons or items, and he can not open drawers, just like Jason. Maybe he can't fight. Maybe Ralph doesn't have mic access, but can see where the counselors are on the map. Maybe he can only run and shout at the counselors, which shows up as a special blip to tell Jason where he is. Maybe he can ride his bike to get around the map quicker. Maybe counselors must be in Ralph's vicinity for the option of shouting to appear, so that he can't just go to the cemetery away from the counselor's hiding spots and yell for Jason. So many possibilities.
  8. I did kind of lose my mind when I finally found my first... and only Pamela tape. I almost didn't pick it up. Maybe there should be more cassettes with the game's music, or remixes by underground artists, available. You could select to hear them in the solo game or virtual cabin.
  9. Ahh, now I understand what Ocici was saying. I didn't make the gif, either, just re-cropped one I found on google. The NES game is still one of my favorite games, and I finally beat it for the first time like two years ago (There was a lot of time in-between attempts). But it's cool, I'll change it up to the one I actually made. It's kinda dumb, but it makes me laugh.
  10. Introduce Ralph into the game. Although he thinks he's helping all the counselors by shouting "Your DOOMED!" He is actually helping Jason by making noise near the counselors, and by distracting them (think fireworks for Jason) and getting in their way when he gets closer. Ralph could be played by a real person, allowing one player to help Jason (which some players would love). Ralph could be a random player who died or escaped just like Tommy, but comes into the game if Jason hasn't killed anyone by a certain time period.
  11. Doesn't matter. The characters are just serving as tools to win, and the game only needs to have the 'essence' of the films they are based on. I mean, Fox shouldn't be a counselor; Tommy wasn't alive in 1979. All the film characters could have their own reasons for showing up after hearing pleas for help over the ham radio: Dr. Crews knows Tina is obsessed with Jason so he figures she'll be near by, and Sheriff Garris shows up looking for his daughter (and also cause he is a sheriff). Maybe Fox stays a counselor, and Ali comes looking for revenge after Jason kills her.
  12. I wish all the counselors that were based on characters from the films entered the game like Tommy; basically, they only came into the game as 2nd chance playable characters that, with the right conditions, could defeat Jason. There should be up to seven released, and counselors only get to re-spawn as the film characters once during the game. The first player to die (or escape) comes back as Tommy. The second person to die (or escape) comes back as Fox. The third comes back as Sheriff Garris. The fourth comes back as Dr. Crews. The Fifth comes back as Ali... and so on with other characters. Everybody would get the chance to defeat Jason (or escape a second time), just as long as somebody had gotten to the ham radio.
  13. Damn. All this talk of ALIEN: ISOLATION makes me want to play it again. It was the game I bought my Xbox One for, and it was an amazing game. It truly was frightening, as well as exhilarating. Which is why I'm disappointed. Personally, I don't like the solo Jason game. I'm the worst at playing Jason against humans, but never have a problem killing all counselors on the hard level of the solo game. Instead of a teaching tool, it really is just a way to upgrade quickly. The real shame is that the Friday the 13th game doesn't have an AI Jason solo version of the game, because I enjoy being a counselor, and love the challenge of escaping. I would even like to play multiplayer games with an AI Jason. I know it's been said that it would really be hard to do, but it's obviously not impossible. I'm not saying devs could hash it out over a weekend, I know it would take time. It's just my wish that it would be as good as ALIEN:ISOLATION.
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