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  1. Just noticed a news article that popped up about this issue while earning some free Microsoft Reward points on the Xbox One X. Happy I completed 100% for all achievements before the servers were killed off by attacks or whatever. Fun while it lasted. After spending 3 years I retired the game. The lawsuit, the ridiculous bugs, game crashes, freezing, host p2p lobby quitting, no credit towards achievement as Jason, etc. I know the team inherited a sinking ship. They tried their best to keep it alive as long as possible after Illfonic moved on. Thanks for the effort @mattshotcha and to the team. The Friday The 13th community can be a rough crowd to please.
  2. Yes, have seen counselors have a few tricks up there sleeves for escaping. Slipping by the patch team.
  3. On Xbox there are somes a few lobbies full of Savini Jason. From level 1 all the way to 150. The DLC license can be copied and activated to another account. No game sharing needed. The ebay sellers are only selling the information and providing an account to copy any of the dlc over to a different account. Not the original backer codes. This is why you see so many players that have him on console. He leaked a few times for free on the xbox and psn store too. I would imagine it's more rare to see on PC.
  4. @mattshotcha Encountering the random Jason and random counser bug frequently in quick play lobbys. Have to catch it and change my Jason and counselor before the match begins. Xbox One X. Digital copy. At 99% for the final chapter achievement. Getting close to 100% for all the achievements. Thanks to the team for the current patch. It has been fun playing the last few years. 👍
  5. Part 3. Sometimes with the retro skin on him. Most common one I see.
  6. Get to Lachappa! Oh wait, he's dead? Vanessa wonder woman to the rescue. Guess we are going run around the long table cabin for 20 minutes. Thick skin, medic, and marathon. 4 sprays and a pocket knife. Let's all pray he ain't slashing. 😂 SURVIVED. (Jason has left the lobby)
  7. Yes. I have had bugs with beds. I don't use them for very long. Only to regain stamina. If I stay under for 30 seconds or longer sometimes the counselor pops up from under the bed. Camera will be locked to the bed. To fix it go back under the bed. Then exit the hiding spot. Camera goes back on the counselor. Jason can see you if you glitch out of the bed but are still hiding underneath.
  8. Any youtube video that has a clickbait title with a question mark is a joke. No new content. Not ever. Gun Media has spoken. "BuTT i REaDs oN ThE iNtERNuTZ LaWsUiT iS EnDInG. wE GeTZ nEw DLC Ja(SOON)." 😂.....no. Gun Media has spoken. "CaN I HaZ SaVini JaSOON? i PaYZ aLL tHE MoNIEz.' No... Gun Media has spoken. "JaSOON X Doe. He aLReDAY hALF in Da gAmE. ReLeASE hIM or shElDoN DiEs!'' No.... Gun media has spoken. "I wAnt SeXy TiMe cLoThiNG dLC pAcK. FrEe pLeAsE!'' No....Gun Media has spoken. "GiVe Us UnReLeAsED mApS aNd JaSOON KiLLz'' No...Gun Media has spoken. "INSERT ANY RESPONSE A FEW PARAGRAPHS LONG HERE'' No...Gun Media has spoken.
  9. There won't be another Friday The 13th game. No developer would ever touch it with all the lawsuit problems. Over or not. It's dead. Everything has already been answered. Don't expect it to go past 2020.
  10. Destroying the cars with a throwing knife is still happening. Just had a Jason player on the Jarvis map flip the 2 seater with a knife. Destroyed it. I quit immediately. I hate the Jarvis and Pinehurst map.
  11. I escaped every match for about 9 matches. 10th game was on the Jarvis map. I ran for the police exit. Almost there and instantly dead. Thought it was a bug at first because Jason was no where around. Then I see a Chad by my body. I knew he killed me with a shotgun. I did hear the lobby talking about him and it was obvious that is why players kept leaving. Only reason I stayed so long was an invite from a friend. I play quick play most of the time. Private matches usually have too many ''rules'' and players that only make themselves or their friends Jason every time. No spawn killing, slashing, no killing until shift, etc. Jason wouldn't give 2 shits if he caught you at an inconvenient time and you asked ''can you come back later? rain check on my death? Please!" I have 160 matches as Jason left for 100% completion. I have seen all the kills. Level 150. Have all badges, tapes. At this point I'm trying to get the grind over with efficiently as possible. Morph instantly, trap objectives, quickest grab kills or slashing. Enjoy playing it. Will be great to finally be done with the last achievement. Then retire this game. Understand if the patch team can't wait to move on to another project too lol.
  12. Played in a private lobby tonight. A player kept killing everybody every match. Quit and went back to quick play. Team killing is cancer to this game. Not surprised why I see so many players quitting each game.
  13. Had a game crash on crystal lake small. Started the 2 seater as Vanessa. Deborah got in the passenger seat. Drove forward and the game crashed to the Xbox home screen. Just another ordinary day at camp crystal lake. I noticed I'm getting Jason more often than usual. That is a nice bonus to the environmental kills being fixed. Thanks to the team for the new patch.
  14. On Xbox if I use him suddenly the entire lobby seems to switch over to Savini Jason too. Not as rare on consoles compared to PC. 😄
  15. Have been having issues with installed dlc from digital version showing up locked in game. Xbox One X. At this point the game is a stain on the franchise for Friday The 13th. Lawsuit ends eventually and I wouldn't care to waste any money on anything related to Friday The 13th again. Streaming that shit for free.
  16. Just had a system update. Reinstalled the game. Now all the dlc is working. Thanks for the info. First time I had that happen in 2 years.
  17. Update: DLC is working again. Installed a system update for Xbox One X. Deleted and reinstalled Friday The 13th. Hard reset Just started having the issue today. Digital copy. Can't use any content from the DLC packs that I paid for. It's all locked in game. Tested my other installed games and DLC. Friday The 13th is the only game having issues.
  18. All my paid dlc is locked up in game. Can't use any of it. Xbox One X digital copy. Just happened today.
  19. Not really important. Maybe the only reason I still play it. When your at 99% why the hell not? If it had no achievements would have stopped playing long ago. Noticed only 0.01% of players have the final chapter achievement on Xbox. I'm sure pc players on steam players can hack their achievements and playstation crowd can edit game saves on PS4. Only response I got was from someone in spain. Has 200 days played and all achievements. Didn't speak much english. I'm just going to call this a dead topic and move on. The forum is about dead anyways. Devs are ghosting it until 2020.
  20. 1. Staying in the same lobby does nothing to increase your chances for getting selected as Jason. Most lobbies only let you stay 3 to 4 matches before kicking you into another server for Quick Play. 2. Players can be picked 2 times as Jason back to back over players that have waited longer in the lobby to play as him. 3. Players that join right before a match starts seem to have a higher chance of being selected as Jason. 4. Sometimes you will wait 25 to 30 matches in Quick Play to get selected as Jason 1 time. 30 matches that can go on for 15 to 20 minutes each. That is staying in matches or quitting immediately at the start and finding another lobby. Quitting and lobby hopping is faster. Which is why multiple players immediately quit at the start of each match. 5. Private matches will often have the same players getting selected multiple times on ''random'' selection. Not picked by host. The entire process feels like it is bugged. Boring and tedious. Now add the final chapter achievement into the mix. Nightmare status.
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