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  1. Tons of pressure to ID the host and try to give them some breathing space to hopefully prevent them from quitting.
  2. After their track record of bug fixing, I never expected salt mines to do anything more than lay a PR foundation for the future cancellation of dedicated servers. And that was before they cancelled the game.
  3. I'm finding it hard to believe anyone on console doesn't feel ripped off. The game was literally cancelled before they even made it possible to play online and not have a, by my estimate, 70-90% chance that if a player was selected as Jason they would have counselor's quit or worse yet, the actual host quit. Even from the counselor perspective, they literally cancelled before they ever rectified the significant chance that waiting 5-10 minutes in a lobby, and playing for 20 minutes, would be all for nothing when a host quit. I'll give you that the game could be a ton of fun when you had a good lobby. But after a week or so, the most intense part of the game was waiting to see if the host would quit. And before that ever was fixed, the game was cancelled for reasons they should have anticipated and disclosed the risk of before it even launched.
  4. Oh the one they told us was coming in summer 2017? Silly dude, how can they possibly release. New character model in only 12 months?
  5. Gotta maintain respect for that authoritiiiiiiiieeee. God forbid people get the wrong idea about this game. Damn lowly commoners might suspect it’s a buggy mess that was cancelled at a very opportunistic time after the devs never lived up to their roadmap.
  6. They didn’t meet expectations or promises with the first. Trust them again? That’s not how business works.
  7. Ralph if someone infringes a copyright they can claim damages I believe. The cease and desist language is to stop future use but you can always sue for illegal prior use. That said I still think they’re using this as an excuse. I haven’t really trusted them since 2017 based on failure to meet or temper expectations in my personal opinion.
  8. I’m not so sure it’s that black and white. Isn’t cease and desist to stop a practice? Demanding that it stop is not releasing the right to claim damages for prior practice as far as I know.
  9. Let’s wait to see if the game is removed from the digital stores by the deadline date. If no, well that’s a bad look to say the least. Either way though, I’m having a tough time to believe this isn’t just an excuse that will be followed by no dedicated servers. Sure seems like if they cared we’d get all content teased released in current state by end of this month when I read the backstory.
  10. I've been playing since the beginning and highly doubt I will ever reach the weapon swap level. Way too high for a game with such little content.
  11. I don't mind tying in the book of the dead or more backstory at all. But if they adopt the Jason as a slug idea I will be abstaining from anything associated with it.
  12. I doubt these guys will be able to do a sequel, and not because of the current state of the existing game or anything the devs / pub have done or not done with the existing game. Rather, I assume the rights holders will trip over their own feet while trying to squeezing every possible penny from whoever does a sequel, and end up with a crap shovel ware game by someone associated with a big publisher who invests little into the game after paying the license fees and hoping for a quick score. Then they will decide the genre is dead. Really hoping I am wrong, but facts are facts. And the facts are that the people holding the rights to Friday the 13th have either botched everything they touched over 20-30 years, or have failed to capitalize on incredible good will because they don't realize the goldmine they are sitting on if they do things right. Just look at their recent history. No sequel to Freddy v. Jason. No sequel to the reboot. No Friday the 13th game on 10/13/17 because the rings sequel sold like shit, and they somehow assumed that a shitty reception for a shitty rings movie meant that no one would watch a new Friday the 13th in a year dominated by horror in the cinema, and where a Friday the 13th indie game was a top seller on psn.
  13. Telling people to be patient at this juncture is the epitome of brown nosing. This game launched just under a YEAR ago and still has no dedicated servers or host migration. Asking for patience after one YEAR is ridiculous. On a different note, your certainty that the next update will launch this month is very optimistic. Granted, the one year anniversary makes sense since any dev would want something out for that. But after expecting this in October, then November, then December, then being told April in February, and then being told at least weeks away in late April, I am not expecting much. The at least weeks out was pure PR and gives cover for multiple more months if that ends up being the case. And uh, they are not launching dedicated servers any time soon and I question if they will at this point. They said they need to finish the next update to just continue working on them. They did not say to launch them. And since then they have gone all in on salt mines. Said salt mines would be the perfect PR excuse for not wanting to pay money to launch and then maintain said dedicated servers so late after launch when they most likely have already generated the majority of reasonably expected revenue.
  14. I have a theory about horror movie film making in the 80s and early 90's. The theory is that all horror writers were banned from watching the previous entries in a series, and forced to live on a strict diet of cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana. That theory has made the timeline and plots in multiple horror franchises seem much more understandable.
  15. I don’t check in much anymore. When I did the other day I saw a post that the April update is now at least weeks away and they will have to fix other issues if they arise. That screams months away to me. Then I saw there is uncertainty with the license over litigation. That makes me wonder even more. Kinda can’t help but guess they now have license uncertainty as an excuse to not reinvest revenue into the game as much as would have been expected, and that they are next going to say a few months from now their new salt engine made dedicated servers unneeded. Sorry, but these updates we were expecting since last August or September and still no eta other than, I guess, that dedicated servers come out months later than new engine. and bulshit they didn’t realize till end of April that April wouldn’t happen for update either.
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