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  1. Quit playing the day of the announcement that there was no more content coming. Gun has repeatedly lied to us, from the original release date of October 2016 to now.
  2. Lol, but they're so fun when you finally catch em and kill them. They don't bother me either way, might make me wanna tunnel them though. They bought the game and probably the emotes, as long as they aren't glitching the game or hiding parts, ect.. it's their game.
  3. Playing as Jason online and not the host but under 80ms ping, the counselors still shake when performing kills. PS4
  4. Not in North America on the east coast. Edit. Oops. He meant the big update. I was thinking about the bug fix update.
  5. And right now,even the disc PS4 version has no bloody skins
  6. I posted this a few days ago as well. It's actually on the list of known bugs
  7. How about the PS4 disc version doesn't have bloody skins at all anymore?
  8. So, the disc version doesn't have the option to toggle the Jason's bloody skins for me. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. Yep. We have lives too. But I work on Saturday. In fact, I work 6 days a week. When you have all this stuff set up for us to wait and wait and wait, while you're all off enjoying the money you made and your weekends, your game is dying. I haven't had the urge to play since you announced you guys wouldn't be doing any updates until the unreal engine switch. Thank goodness I come here to get news because I'd still be waiting for those dedicated servers back when you guys were allllmooossst ready to flip the switch on back in October.
  10. Bought the game twice on PS4. Digital and hard copy. Digital bought day one. Also got it for Xbox one. I'm only level 92. No way in hell will we ever get to 113 to use this feature. I've been holding off playing until the update and I guess now I'll just let it gather dust on the shelf. Thanks
  11. You can get what you need here. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  12. Played one match tonight on PS4. Watched someone run the gas that I shuttled to the car off to never never land while I got morph killed standing by the gas tank with keys in hand. Battery was already in the car. Waited till the end. Turned off PS4. I'm waiting for the update.
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