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  1. Miller’s victory also holds the prospect that he will control rights inside the United States while producers control rights outside the domestic market where termination recapture isn’t applied. Black Tower Studios is located in Tokyo, Japan. Comprised of industry veterans from around the world, developers at Black Tower Studios have worked on a variety of AAA titles across multiple publishers. I think new DLC is coming since the new developper isn’t located in USA... Combine it with the fact that Friday the 13th: The Game is coming to PS+ next month, something big must be going on.
  2. Hi @wes and @ShiftySamurai! I have a question : where I can preorder those editions of the game, except amazon.com, from other distribution retail partners (GameStop)? Where I can preorder those editions in Canada? Is it a US only distribution? Amazon.ca doesn’t show this game from their database. Are they available in Canada?
  3. I have an idea to save this game. Gun media & illfonic could add DLC to this existing game with an original killer, a new original map that has nothing to do with the Friday the 13th license. Just look at Dead by Daylight, they have licensed killers but started with original characters. Friday the 13th should follow the same route. Rename this game : Slasher Camp Vol. 1 featuring Jason. Then add new content but Jason & Conselors won’t be selectable for this new content. It’s a way for Gun to continue to sell DLC while keeping this game alive. Then after the lawsuit is resolved, they could bring back the long promised Friday the 13th DLC and add them to the game if the settlement goes in favor of Cunningham.
  4. Uh-oh! I hope we’re gonna get the next patch really soon... I’m a little worried!
  5. Sorry @ShogunGamerz but you deserve this ban! Kudos to @GunMedia for banning your daughter's account! You made a youtube video prouding of your trolling habits... I watched the video you laughed it hard escaping with the second battery car with no intention of helping the other counselors. Jason killed everyone except you! I think Jason is your daughter... No one here want cheaters or trolls! so you were actually teaching your daughter how to troll in this game? First, it's not a game well suited for kids, but you have the rights to judge by yourself... Second, you actually show her how to troll in this game... Please do me a favor, let her play Splatoon 2 and teach her cheating is bad.
  6. I know. That's a Society problem. And after we're questionning ourselves why kids today have coarse language, do violent things unexpected? But parents today, are tolerants on extreme violence but not on hardcore sex. Where's the limit? That's why the world goes wrong...
  7. The real answer is Puritanism : Extreme Violence it's okay... But porn, is unacceptable... They are the same in my point of view. Americans are always like : "it's okay to expose our kids to extreme violence, but porn is outrageous!". What a bizarre way of thinking! Both shouldn't be exposed to children!
  8. Yeah, but what's the purpose of the ERSB rating, if parents doesn't follow them? it's my right to play an "M" rated game and not expecting kids. It's the same reasoning as a kid interacting with adults in a porn chat. Will you agree with that? The problem is that the society has more tolerance with violence than sex,,, Adult things are adult things : whenever it's extreme violence or sex...
  9. I have no problem with a kid playing an "M" rated game offline. it's their own business... But online, that's the problem. When I buy an "M" rated game, it's not fun to interact with kids when it's not supposed to... I have a problem playing an "M" rated game online with kids, when a game that's isn't suited for them. With Splatoon 2 or Minecraft, it's a different story...
  10. That's the problem... If I'm an adult, I don't want to play an "M" rated game with kids, why servers are such infested with immature kids? Answer is simple : irresponsible parents.
  11. Yeah, like those same parents, let their kids playing Grand Theft Auto... The problem is kids shouldn't be allowed to play with adults in an online "M" rated game... I'm tired off salty kids online, that they are teabagging for nothing, crying, shouting, etc.
  12. I simply don't like the fact, that this game has children on servers playing in public matches with people using strong language. They are kids, not adults, not teenagers... 11 years old, there's a limit...
  13. This game is rated "M" for mature, your daughter is 11 years old... This game isn't designed for children at all... Only for people aged 17 years old and older should play the game. http://www.esrb.org/ratings/search.aspx?from=home&titleOrPublisher=Friday the 13th Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Suggestive Themes (SEX?), Strong Language. Is it a children account? Maybe, it's the reason she got banned. I simply don't understand why parents let them play titles like Grand Theft Auto, Friday the 13th: The Game, Saint's Row ; those games aren't suited for them! As a matter of fact, I agree with the ban. Why isn't she playing Splatoon 2 instead?
  14. Retro Jason Skin DLC news Discuss. We celebrated our one month anniversary with a free DLC Skin of Retro Jason. We have some future plans for this Jason, as we will be adding new music that both the counselor AND Jason hear during gameplay. All free of course. Ki-Ki-Ma-Ma-Bleep-Bloop
  15. It will be late on Xbox One, trust me... Dead by Daylight submitted patches for the Lullaby for the Dark & Michael Myers Chapter, both have been approved on PS4 by certification team. On Xbox One, one week later; the answer is still pending...
  16. I'm really disappointed by the toxicity of a lot of members towards Gun Media & Illfonic. Everything they seem to do (content, patches, balance fixes & updates), are always incorrect and subject to criticism from members & backers... Please, give them a break! This game is only 3 months old... I would like to thanks Gun Media & Illfonic for bringing back the Friday the 13th license the way I always dreamt for! I'm really ashamed by how disrespectful the communities are while playing the game. I know host migration is an essential thing on consoles. It's not Illfonic's fault, if players are disconnecting during kill grabs or leaving the game early because they aren't Jason Voorhees. The result : game is screwed for everyone with no xp awarded. They are jerks around here who want to troll the game deliberately. If this game is a mess, it's because of indecent players who help Jason, team killing, etc. Conclusion: Gun & Illfonic can't be blamed for everything...
  17. Es-tu Québécois ou Français? Quelle plateforme? Xbox One, PS4 ou PC?
  18. One thing I really enjoyed from Dead by Daylight is their perks system for the killers. Each Jason could have a deep perks system such as conselors. For an example of possible perks: Jason could install bear traps more quicklier. Reduce weapons damage, resistance to flare guns, temporary immunity to firecrackers. More stun resistance from Pamela's sweater, etc.
  19. Hello there! I think to add more deep to the game, weapons should be randomized on the map for Jason. For an example, Jason could pick an axe, just like as he does with throwing knifes, and do the weapon's kills tied to it. Then, during the same game, he could pick a machete and kill another counselor with. Weapons kills shouldn't be associated with a specific Jason but from a wandering item on the map instead. Who agrees with this?
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