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  1. Seriously, I can't believe this hasn't happened yet, but come on. I play random Jason (cause it's fun/spices up shit) and it'd be nice to randomly get Savini (which I own), rather than intentionally picking him, and hearing the "Oh shit if hes picked I'm leaving/random crying" responses.
  2. Player (Is Tommy, last alive) "What the fuck, how dare you slash me to death!" Me: "How many pocket knives did you have?" Player: "Nah brah, I've played with so many people that can kill without slas-" Me: "How many pocket knives?" Player: "...2" Me: "Exactly" He proceeds to rage on mics for the lobby wait and most of next round.
  3. Honestly? Something needs to be done regarding Medic. Whether that means changing the perk from Guaranteed 2 sprays to "% chance of double spray" or something else entirely, It needs to be looked at. Level based perk system I'm all for as well.
  4. To me, all he's done is bring the franchise down after buying the rights back, since he had zero involvement with the ones I LOVE (2-8).
  5. Thing is, as I said, I like playing random. Why Savini is excluded on that baffles me, and shouldn't be that way.
  6. Yeah, but it'd be upon reveal, where I don't have to hear em whine and shit lol Plus it shuts up the kids who say "Oh wow this guy NEEDS Savini to win!"
  7. It's really about time Savini is added to the random pool (if you own him). I love playing random Jason, but there is zero chance I'm ever Savini that way, unless I purposely choose him (then the lobby usually gets in a tizzy). Let me just have the fun "surprise" of Savini showing up with random.
  8. Spam Interact and Attack numerous times and it should clear up. Happens waaaaaaaaaaay too often though. Black Tower, I hope you guys are listening.
  9. The attire in-game is 1:1 with the movie. I'm cool with it.
  10. If you are looking at sound bugs, please look at the counselors death screams, and Vanessa/Deb/Fox not reacting to lights being taken out. Three birds with one stone and all.
  11. Hopefully the "boat engine notification: for Jason gets patched out. Bad, bad decision there. That and the "interaction lock". I've had waaaaaaaay too many people on the Discord complaining about it.
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