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  1. Two PS4 gamertags for cheaters, they were teaming on me so I ended the game
  2. Hi! So mostly every game I play once someone dies or is not Jason they just quit the match and that's always annoying to everyone in the game. So I thought that if people leave matches over and over again they could receive a penalty that wouldn't allow them to play for a certain amount of time. The time would increase every time they leave a game. Most games have this feature but it could help stop people from leaving when they don't get their way .
  3. Hello! As you may know I am Beastmode259 from PS4 I have a few questions that you may be able to answer * Do you regenerate stamina faster standing or crouching? * On weapons what does the attack stat do? * On Jason Part 9, What does "Less Hit Points" mean? * On Jason Part 6 and Part 2 (Besides Block Chance) what does "Defense" do? * Is Tommy Jarvis selected once the game starts or once he is called in? * Is Tommy Jarvis and Jason chosen more towards level instead of full randomization? * Does Tommy Jarvis actually have a 10 or 9 in every area? * The "Luck" stat says it increases weapon durability and minor increases to other stats. What does it really do to other stats? * Do you plan on nerfing any of the Perks, Counselors, or Jason himself? Thanks for your help appreciate it (Also message Beastmode259 to play)
  4. Hi all! I am BeaStmOde259. I play on PS4 I love this game, currently I am level 40 and I like most characters *cough* Chad and Eric *cough* xD Add me I will for sure play with you
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