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  1. You are doing well your job! Go ahead and kill them with also more satisfaction :-))
  2. Hi i think that would be nice close to the nick of the players insert the level of the player in the game thank you
  3. Hi guys, in the controls setting for the counselor, i see the ABILITY BUTTON , the triangle for ps4...but it seems have no effect in the game, i already completed 100 more matches but i never seen nothing about ability...somebody knows something about it? Thank u :-)
  4. Hi again...i think that u can add a ending scene...added to the closing Pam fmv, that can reward the poor escaped counselors in some way....because it's not so easy to do it specially against a good jason player ... thank u :-)
  5. Hi guys, i want to suggest that the objecs lost in the water due to a jason kill, will respawn somewere randomly on the beach....so the stuff will no lost forever in the deep (there aren't too many objects in the map :-)) ....it will also be credible due to streams of water for example... thank you again for this fantastic game....:-)
  6. Hi...i think that only one propeller or map it's not enough at last 2 of it should be good, because is non easy to found and to spot, and often it's lost when somebody that got it dies... thank u for this fantastic gama again :-)
  7. Hi Gun guys...i' a player from Italy...i want to thank u for giving us this fantastic game...for the ♡ u put in and the knowledge u have put in. we are a group oh f13 now, every game is different fun , competitive and fantastic...you get the meaning of this iconic saga and translated it in this game , you did really a fantastic job.. i didn't knew about the kickstarter campaign , if i knew it i for sure cooperate with you not only for the beautiful Savini Jason :-( but to you give u support. u show to the vg system that is possible create fantasic games like this with love and knowledge if u belive in it, and every company...persons that works in this fantastic sector (i play videogames since 35 years :-() have only to learn a lot from all of you! Ps i' m sorry for my not perfect english, but i hope u catch the meaning of this post. thank u again! alessandro mori , Florence , Italy
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