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  1. Hi guys...yesterday night (this morning) me and my team-friends (8 players) tried to play..and in 4 hours we did only 1 match and half then everything stop working....we are in Italy...the message on the screen said that was impossible to create an host room due to internet connection sometimes we found an empty room , but nobody else could reach it...no public or private room ....this is a really sad situation...because now the game too many times don't works..i don't know what are the problems...but the problems with the ps4 connections are really bad now..

    somebody have the same problem in other countries?

    thank u :-(

  2. 14 hours ago, Gertz said:

    We have a fix internally, prepping for a hotfix build now

    The question in that survey is leading the respondents, by stating "Should this be reverted" and only allowing yes or no it makes it biased to one result.

    It reminds me of...

    "If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse" - Henry Ford

    It doesn't allow for an alternate resolution or innovation.

    Here is whats happening,

    The change was for two reasons; fix the sometimes it doesn't break bug and to make it consistent with the door and wall break. The wall and door break both have prompts which made the window inconsistent. However it felt a bit clumsy.

    When reading through the context of people complaints its mainly it being slow and the no damage bug.

    Changes we made internally:

    • Made the animation much quicker
    • If we detect a swing close to a window we added some logic to pivot Jason to the context point
    • Fixed the bug that wasnt allowing Jason to damage counselors jumping through the window

    It feels much better now

    You are welcome

    For us I don't think there is much we can do about it. A large portion of people are at PAX this week so @GunMedia_Ben will need to circle back once he is available.

    No you wont.

    No I wont.


    We found a number of issues with the Stun mechanic that we have fixes in for...we also noticed that weapon durability was not being decremented when hitting Jason when he cant take damage. This allowed counselors to wail on Jason and cause stuns without a chance of the weapon breaking.

    Thanks again for your continued feedback, we are working on a hotfix now which we are going to try and expedite through...please stick around to check it out once its live and come back so we can discuss more.

    I mentioned this above in the window comment, its a bug, its fixed now internally.


    See my post above, we have been talking about a window grab kill but there are some tech things we have to solve with making sure the animations synch up over the network.

    Someone tagged me in the consolidated perk thread. I bumped the bugs up and I am having someone prioritize those fixes now. It wont be part of the hotfix but probably in the next larger patch.

    Honestly there are some weird interactions with collision in doors and windows that don't make certain actions consistent.

    First thing should be fixed in the hot fix...the second one...if you give us a screenshot of the spot it happened maybe we can space out some things a bit better. I know its happened to me where I want to open a drawer and do something else.

    Stuns are wonky right now...fix incoming.

    Take a look at my comment above for window changes.


    I think we fixed the fuse box issue...will need to check when I am back at the office. It may not be in the hotfix though.


    I really dont consider them complaints. People are passionate about Friday the 13th and the story as we all are. Its one of the reasons I wanted to come work on it.

    See my post above about the window issues. I think we cover all this now but keep the consistency with other breakable objects.

    I think we fixed some door stuff, need to check if its in the hot fix or if we are waiting for more testing and the larger patch.

    I think we fixed some door stuff, need to check if its in the hot fix or if we are waiting for more testing and the larger patch.

    The counselor being invincible was not intended and now fixed internally...hot fix soon

    You need more likes

    Hi again Gertz "the great" (you remind me William Wallace in Braveheart ;-))) ...two more things happened to me after the patch and may be useful for your work:

    1 yesterday in Packanack Lodge mini map we found the fuse for the telephone...and with my friends start searching for the cabin with the telephone to call the police...we found it after hard searching, it was in a cabin in the north east of the map, but THIS HOUSE/CABIN WASN'T SHOW IN THE MAPS 

    2 people report that counselor can stun jason continiusly til the end of the match...ME AND MY FRIENDS IN FEW MATCHES HAD THE OPPOSITE ISSUE..,WE HIT JASON WITH MELEE ATTACKS AND WE HEAR ONLY THE SOUND EFFECT OF THE HIT...BUT NOTHING HAPPENED TO JASON..NO STOP...NO HURT..and so he killed the counselor immediatly.


    thx again for your work and....may the force be with you (you need it i think ;-))

  3. 23 hours ago, JPops said:

    On PS4 if you shut down the console it will go into an stand by mode. A hard reset on a PS4 can be done by completely powering it down with the power option citing to use it if you are going to unplug your PS4.

    It happens a counselor with high stats who avoided Jason most of the game and sense avoidance perks will be tough to find. While it can sometimes be annoying it is not a glitch. They will eventually pop up especially with rage as sense covers a larger part of the map making your chances to pick it up from further away. 

    Thank u you are really kind :-) i tried to hard reset ps4 but it don't works...gu  says that is a problem with the translate of the game...and if we turn the system language in english the badges will reappear.... i will try :-)

  4. Hi Gertz...i want to thank u sincerely for your comunication work with us...i think u are really serious because it's not easy to control the situation ..solve the problems and write everything here ...it's a double work..i really appreciate this.

    yesterday i re-enter as tommy jarvis...and while we escaping in the car...on the main street , we saw ANOTHER TOMMY JARVIS immobilized in the middle of the street :-)

    to solve the problem with the badges we have to change the system language ? Because in the game we didn't see the changing language option...but the problem is also with the trophy calculating system or only with the badges?

    i' m from Italy, and i have to say that the translate in italian is really really bad :-( every italian gamer including all my friends , think that is far better the previous english texts...so i suggest , if this can solve easily  the problem with the badges , to go back to the english language so you can save precious time to solve more diffifult issues...

    thank again for solving the team killing problem...i started to hate Buzzy :-)

    p.s. Yesterday was impossible to find a public room with other players...we can play only in private :-( and sorry for my bad english :-/

    bye YOU ARE GREAT!

  5. Arcane...i post it more times because i'm really upset about this behavior, and i hope that they can do something to discourage this way of cheating, two times in two match in 30 mins it's really too mutch ...what do you think about it?

  6. ...sorry for my english...i m wrinting from Italy and i've tried to make people understand what i mean...and if you did it (and others i see) for me is a success :-)))

  7. ...hi guys...i hate that stupid babies ..they are ruining this fantastic game...yesterday i was playing....in the first match i found onother counselor entering in a cabin that immediatly start to hit me with his machete dor no reason...i had a shotgun and immediately i made another ass hole in the head...but after few minuter ather two conselors start searching me on the map for kill me (friends of the other guy naturally...so i went away , one jason is enough for try to escape i think ) ....in the following match in onother room,  .me and one friend found the propeller and the gas for the boat after hard searching , i was inside the boat starting the engine while my friend was arriving ...he was followed by a another counselor ,when my friend arrived to the boat he came with me, in the boat and the other counselor stand still there, stopped...waiting ...in 1 second jason arrived killing me and my friend...leaving alone the other counselor...then jason went away living the other player ALIVE!! Obiouvsly the counselor take the boat and leave the map...without problem...he was in accord with his friend jason to doing this naturally...jason killed us and the counselor stole our boat....this is AWFUL ...this isn t the first time that something like this happened almost every day i see situations like this... i don t know were is the fun doing this ,but is annoying and horrible for people like me and my friends that follow the rules of the game...may be a lot of people really can't end a session succesfully...but i think is better to learn playing that cheating like this...

    i m afraid that this kind of things will ruine this beautiful game and experience if gun media guys will not found a solution definitively, because you play 15 minutes hard, searching....escaping...following the rules...helping sometimes the other players  and in 1 second you lose everything and remain dead watching this stupids winning the match with your items...awful.

  8. On 10/7/2017 at 1:25 PM, Davidt said:

    Welcome to the forums


    17 hours ago, Rexfellis said:

    For English being your second language, I think you did a great job. Your post is easier to understand than most native English speakers on the internet. And I'm sure that your English is a heck of a lot better than my Italian! :lol: Welcome to the boards friend. I hope you find plenty of information and maybe even a few people to game with. 


  9. On 12/7/2017 at 9:03 AM, Rexfellis said:

    I really wish Crazy Ralph could have somehow been implemented in the game. I mean, who knows, maybe he will play a part in the Single Player experience. That would be cool. I would even be down for him to just be in a different opening cutscene warning all of the counselors of their impending DOOM!!!

    We want mighty Crazy ralph...we NEED CRAZY RALPH he's perfect 4 the game...:-)))

  10. Hi , in the PS4 version there is a very frustrating bug ...often when a counselor die  ,leave his stuff on the ground , sometimes very important items like keys , boat propeller or the fuse for the telephone...but if you go there and try to get the items near the dead bodies YOU CAN'T GET THEM because they are under le level of the ground, specially the smallest (keys ...fuse ...propeller ) you can see it but is impossible to catch them :-( so you can' t accomplish the escape....can you solve it please? 

    Thank u again for giving us this fantastic and unique game :-)))

  11. Hi, when a counselor stand still for 2 minutes and he is the last one in the map i suggest to penalize him...increasing at maximum his fear level and show him in the jason map...then you can give a "desperation blow" in advatage of the counselor (fear normally make people become stronger they say...) that can stun jason for few seconda,  but this only one time for match....so people don t stop entire match in the shadows and the game wil be more funny 

    bye bye :-)

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