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  1. I literally just got out of a game where a person had all 4 people in the 4 seater. Just started casually driving around the map, "claiming that they are distracting Jason". They then Run over anyone else they see and then they also run anyone over who gets out of the car. It was pretty dumb. Not only did I repair that car fully, i didnt even get the escape bonus. I come back as Tommy just to get ran over again. People should still be able to get banned for doing that. It isnt right, and it isnt fun.
  2. Occasionally the game has the tendency to hide the morphing cursor. So its impossible to find out where you are morphing, sometimes it also bugs and has you morph to the previous location rather than where you want to go. A way I found to fix the cursor bug is by hitting escape and returning back to the game it shows up again but you have to do it for the rest of the game duration.
  3. If you're Jason and you end up pulling another player out of a car, and another player hits you with a High Stun chance weapon and succeeds in the stun. You will be forced out of the map, and just keep clipping out until the game doesn't even register you alive. The greatest thing is when everyone laughs over their microphones because they completed the bug and lived, even though their survival was futile. It annoys me that I don't see this bug posted because its existed since start, guess people either don't know how the bug is done or they just want an easy way to beat Jason. I'm not entirely sure how it is possible but the game that I played recently it was an Adam and a Chad in the 4 Door. I pulled Chad out of the Driver's seat whilst the other player was running, Chad then yelled on his Microphone "hit him, hit him" in the middle of the pulling animation as soon as I got him out I was hit with a baseball bat, Chad escaped and I flew straight out of the map before I had the ability to morph back into the map.
  4. Why not just upgrade profiles to Display Multiple ingame names for cross platforms?
  5. I agree, but mainly to kick players that refuse to work as a team. Or players that constantly have unsportsmanlike conduct.
  6. The game is amazing dont get me wrong.. but with the 3 maps that are all based on the same setting they feel identical, would be nice to have another map that doesnt fit the whole camp counsler setting. On top of that a steam workshop would be able to fit pretty nice could set up a hide n seek map, function. Could do a battle royal with counslers. Theres tons of options but it feels pretty limited right now.
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