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  1. Good to know. Feels like more of a lift to me than the early levels but could just be my perception!
  2. Is there a guide already or can anyone point me in the direction of XP requirements by level? I'm up to 28 and clearly more and more XP is required per tier. Not hyper critical... just trying to gauge how many matches to get to Level 31 from here.
  3. Still on this wild goose chase. Read a number of posts tonight with people who had actually found the tapes doing so in private matches. Rates were still super low so could just be a random sample. But everyone chiming in on that thread seemed to echo it being in a private match. I never play them whatsoever so simply trying to discern if there is any merit to this versus a normal quick match. So... if you have actually found one, I'd be curious if it was a quick match or private match. Thanks!
  4. By chance, do you remember if it was on a Friday that you found it or another day of the week? Trying to prove or disprove that theory for myself.
  5. Anyone by chance find or see something online of anyone finding a tape on a day that isn't Friday? I know there are some videos floating of people finding them on Fridays but curious if anything exists showing them on any other day.
  6. Anyone have any luck today? Trying to justify my Friday amount of time invested already that it could actually be a legit rumor.
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