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  1. Ive only seen it once in a XB1 game; it happened when Jason placed a trap in a doorway with the door open, and it started floating.
  2. I do have buttons mapped to the controller, but I have reverted it to default. Still no luck. The first thing I did do once I heard it may be a controller issue was check for a controller update, but its up to date. I havent come across the issue of my "blip" showing my position on the map NOT showing up, but the morph issue is definitely the same issue Im having.
  3. Ive encountered this a few times. Unless its dropped by a Counselor (I mean they willingly drop it), no one can grab it.
  4. As stated in the title, I am unable to morph as Jason or talk in-game as both Jason and Counselor. (Description of both bugs): -Jasons Morph: I pull up the map to morph just fine, however there is no "red dot" I can move around. Once I try to morph, it places me in the same spot, regardless if I attempt to "move the red dot" as if it was there. -No ingame voice: I simply cant talk. I can hear other players, but I cant say anything. Note: I also dont see names displayed above heads, idk if this is related, but of all the reports Ive read of people not being able to speak; this is also present. This happens regardless of the map I play on or the Jason/Counselor I use. I have been only playing private matches with friends and havent gotten a chance to play Jason in matchmaking, so I cant confirm if this is only isolated to Private Matches. I have not been able to correct this issue, but after doing a little research, I have noticed a common trend for people with this bug: -It happens to people using XB1 Elite Controllers -The issue occurs if they are using a wireless controller Now I do own and use an Elite Controller, but I dont own a normal controller with a 3.5mm port for my headset (meaning I cant confirm if my in-game voice works) but I can say the normal controller fixes my morph ability. Other things Ive tried to resolve issue but did not work: -Leave game and join new lobby -Hard Reset Console -Factory Reset Console -Opted out of the Dashboard preview program (I had a friend that did this when they couldnt speak, and I guess it worked so I figured I would try) -Using different account. -Unistalling/Reinstalling game. Please fix this issue , or give me some way to work around, I love the game but this REALLY sucks the fun right out of it I am playing on Xbox One and my gamertag is Original Wyatt
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