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  1. Hello, I'm a PC user and have been playing since day 1 with 80+ hours of game time. From the beginning I have never had issues placing traps with counselors. But over the past two weeks, or so, all the bear traps now float in the air about chest height as though I set them a table. They can not be set, only picked up again. This happens with all maps. I do know if it happens with all counselors, but at least the three I have played with recently (Jenny, Vanessa and Kenny). I do not have issues playing Jason. His traps work correctly. I have read other big topics reporting this same issue, but I have not seem one yet reported on the PC. If you need more information or screen shots, let me know.
  2. @DamonD7 Playing on the PC. Kickstarter backer since September. Thanks for the info.
  3. Player since day one and I am still hooked. You can find me @Kevin Bacon's Tracheotomy.
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