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  1. I have xD. Once again, it's to avoid confusion and I hate how my friends play battle royale.
  2. The reason I call it hunger games is because my friends have their game mode of "battle royale" where you gather weapons and fight etc. So I dI'd not want confusion of saying "lets play battle royale, okay which one". I know in terms of movies hunger games is trash, I enjoy the book more and never read the Battle Royale book if there even is one.
  3. If you ever look at my post talking about each Jason separately in detail you will understand alittle why no one can really use Part 7 that well. He is just the worst Jason of them all, it's one of those characters that if your good at, your good with all Jason's.
  4. Just curious if there is a way you can report the PS4 players on this game. Cause I am currently streaming as I am writing this and I found 3 cheaters in a lobby that I am getting footage of currently. I already have evidence of them purposely helping Jason by guiding him to me XD and I attempt to fight back to take the friends down with me but sadly die.
  5. Hunger Games - Private Match So, first thing I want to state is this is just an area for me to kind of not only save this but link any friends I have wanting to play this with me to this page so they can just read and understand how to actually play. So the goal of this game is pretty simple, be the last survivor alive in the game to gain access to freedom. All weapons and characters are fair game, even perks, because that is what will help you determine your play style for this game. Yes, you can hide to avoid councilor's from attacking you and stall some time for yourself, however if you are in a hiding spot when Jason is around then he is allowed to kill you. Jason is considered an "obstacle" of sorts, he can only use Morph, Sense, and Stalk, but not Shift in this game mode. He is allowed to kill councilor's if he choses to or he can let them fight it out and only kill when he wants to. However if there is one councilor Jason must let them live regardless of the situation. Tommy Jarvis is allowed, he is a wild card for players who want a "Chance" of coming back if they die or a chance to have an enemy/ally come back if they die. Yes, you can indeed team in this. So to run through the rules real quick : 1. This is a free for all, you can team with other people 2. Jason is an obstacle however can only kill with their weapon, not grabbing. Jason can also lay out traps, however he cannot use Shift to teleport and hit people he can only use Morph, Sense, and Stalk. 3. All weapons, Characters, and Perks are allowed, just try to win. 4. You can use hiding spots to avoid fighting other Councilors as they cannot hit you inside these, but Jason can kill you. 5. Fixing Vehicles is allowed, but leaving in them is not, same goes for the Police. 6. Tommy Jarvis is an optional wild card to call. 7. No attempting glitches or ways to break the game. More rules may be added in the future depending on the state of the game mode and how people play in said game mode. Anyone can use this to play with their friends as I highly suggest playing this in Private Match, but this is something I just wanted to write down just to kind of keep notes on.
  6. The reason I ask is because a lot of friends I have all want to do stuff related to team killing in a private match. Like "Hunger Games" or "Fight Clubs" and I just wish to know if it is bannable to do these in Private Match.
  7. I am just curious to ask a question with the team killing. Now I understand in the rules and such for getting banned from the game or in trouble team killing is against the rules and is reportable as you are directly helping Jason achieve victory. One thing I am curious about though is if this is the case for private matches as well where you are messing around with friends? Or even in the standing of an accidental killing, example someone shooting Jason who is holding someone with the shotgun, or shooting through Jason to hit someone on accident. I am just curious on what I am technically allowed to do and if it is possible or allowed to play a private match with some people and just have fun with killing allowed? Or if people have some grudge with each other in the actual game if they can kill one another for their own intentions and not really helping Jason?
  8. So, before I completely get into this know that these are the ways that I personally play the Jason's. I previously made a forum page talking about how I feel about Jason, so this is just something to kind of help people understand how to play Jason. Know you can play Jason however you choose to, but this is mainly for new people who want help learning the game. Part 2 Jason : Now, when I play as this Jason, the first thing I think of is his traps. There are a couple way's you can place them, but no matter what there are three spots you need to put these traps. 1 Spot is at the phone box fuse, this will ensure anyone who attempting to call the cop's is now dead as you will know they are trying to call them. Then one at both vehicles, if car's put it at the battery, if at a boat I would personally recommend not putting traps at boats as they are easily avoidable and a waste. Other places you can put these traps however since you have 7, I would recommend putting them at "Generators" if you destroy the power boxes. I especially recommend putting one bye the generator that the players can call Tommy Jarvis at since it requires power while the phone box does not. Once your traps are setup and your game plan is done, it's time to hunt them down. You have a very high morph so if someone steps in a trap, teleport, kill them, replace trap if you have any, then continue about your day. If you have spare traps make sure you use them when you can, if you kill someone carrying a valuable item, trap it. If someone steps in a trap, re-trap the spot (Unless they fixed the trapped location). One of the biggest things to pay attention to is if there is a boat, watch it, you are slow in water so it's your biggest threat, you only get one chance to stop it. Next, avoid putting your traps at the drive side car door, it can be avoided if you place it wrong and sometimes it is hard to know if you placed it incorrectly. Part 3 Jason : Like I said with the other Jason, make sure you put your traps down, you have a few so make sure they are down before you start killing players. Know however with this Jason, your main goal is to not return to these traps right away. You do not have a high morph, so if your about to kill someone its best to kill them before teleporting away even at risking the vehicle being repaired. If they are being slippery, start swinging, abuse this. You have higher damage then most Jason's so even though some people will be mad at you for only swinging, just do it if you need to. If someone is climbing through a window, swing once then grab as the swing will cancel the animation if you hit them where as the grab will miss them. You are a killer, this is a starting class designed to help even the newest of players be able to kill anyone. Part 6 Jason : Know that this Jason is extremely hard to play when you are against more experienced players for the simple reason that it is not that hard to dodge a knife if you are purposely trying to. With that said it is not hard to miss a knife if you learn how to time it right. This character, loves knives. You want to try and use these up fast just so you can get back to normal killing as these will help you pick off players a lot sooner then most people think. Throw 3 knives, person is now injured, boom they are now dead cause you can catch up to them, or just throw another knife and kill them making it so you don't have to waste time chasing or shifting towards them. You start off with 6 of these, so use them while you can without wasting time grabbing others around the map. Remember as well, you have a faster shift, so if they fix the car it is alright. You can just press shift, move right in front of the car (Since your shift speed is faster then it) then boom, they crash and its back to the chase. Part 7 Jason : Now, this Jason I cannot really say much about cause as I said in my past forum post this to me is the worst Jason to play as, therefore I only play this Jason mainly to challenge myself. Try to only trap 1 car and trap the phone box with this Jason, cause you never know when that last trap of yours will help you. Not to mention most of the time players try to focus down one car so it's just all around better to save the trap. Next, if there is a boat, focus on it carefully as you have great water speed to stop it. You will be able to catch up to it in no time at all, so try and wait till they reach far out to the exit then catch them so people cannot get the boat right away. This will cause the boat to be far in the water requiring players to make lots of noise to alert you to their attempt at escape. Finally, just play Jason like normal, hunt players down and kill them. Focus mainly on your grabbing as your weapon does not have increased damage and you want to use that grip strength perk the best you can. Part 8 Jason : This Jason, is a monster. This to me is probably the easiest and most straight forward Jason to play hence it to me is the best. First setup your traps like all Jason's. Then if you want to be a bigger douchebag then destroy all the generators. This will cause the players to be "Feared" and therefore they cannot gain their stamina as fast. Next, start chasing and destroying doors, you take them out in 3 hits locked, 2 hits unlocked. If the player is running they cant run forever as they are feared and cannot go into lighted areas to remove it because you cut out the power. This will make it so eventually they will get caught as you give them 0 time to recharge and it recharges slowly. Another fun tip to know when playing this Jason is even if there is no player around where you teleported, when setting your traps up destroy doors in the area. You take them down in 2 hits if they are unlocked which in turn will give the players who run to that area less time to take a break as there is no door to protect them. You can do this with other Jason's as it takes them 3 hits to destroy unlocked doors while 6 hits to destroy locked ones which is very helpful, but this Jason is designed to just make the players have 0 chances of taking a break. Part 9 Jason : This Jason is designed to just be a hunter. Similar to Part 7 Jason you just focus down players and place your traps wisely. The only difference is with this one you actually have a little speed because of your shifting ability. So try and play this Jason the exact same way you would play Part 7 Jason. It's pretty simple to understand and usually by the time you are a high enough level to even use this character you will have already played every other play style, making this character fairly simple for you to play as he is just a killer, he does not focus on map control or anything. - There you have it, those are my tips on Jason and how to play them or at the very least how I play them. Remember, you can play Jason however you want as the game is about having fun, it is not a competitive game. Try to enjoy yourself as Jason, me personally I have been doing challenges lately when I play as Jason. Examples are "Destroy all generators before killing players", "Each player you grab you must release 1 time", "You cannot kill players until a vehicle is fixed or the police are called", and more. It's about having fun and not a lot of people like it when you just instant kill them and move on trying to get it done as fast as possible like it's a speed run. Have fun and feel free to discuss your own thoughts or how you play a Jason.
  9. Alright, so I will be posting the characters in order of who I think is the best all the way down to the worst. I did this with the Jason's on a previous forum post so feel free to go ahead and read that if you have the time and are bored. Know I am only writing this stuff as tips and advice for players who play the game and my friends. If you want to share anything or just tell me your own opinion on the characters feel free to do so in the comments. --------- Deborah Kim ---- Stats : Composure - 5/10 Luck - 3/10 Repair - 10/10 Speed - 4/10 Stamina - 3/10 Stealth - 9/10 Strength - 1/10 Personal Ranking : 1/10 So when playing the game I find Deborah to just be all around one of the more overpowered councilors to actually survive with. She has high stealth, below average speed, and really high repair. Which those 4 stats being the things I think a player just kind of need's if their play is to repair and escape. Which is a large portion of what people try to do. So in my own personal ranking I would say she is the best character in the game just because for what a lot of people aim to do, she can cover all those things and not get spotted. -------------- A.J Mason ---- Stats : Composure - 7/10 Luck - 1/10 Repair - 7/10 Speed - 4/10 Stamina - 4/10 Stealth - 10/10 Strength - 2/10 Personal Ranking : 2/10 Now A.J is probably my favorite stealth character to play as. She has a similar feeling to how Deborah plays, just with a little better stealth for the lack of repair (Which is like only 1 or 2 more buttons to press). Not to mention she has higher composure so if you are playing against a Jason who likes to linger around and stalk this can come in handy. A.J had a good chance at being number 1 in my own opinion, but Deborah just covers the field players play the game to do much more. ---------------- Tiffany Cox ---- Stats : Composure - 3/10 Luck - 4/10 Repair - 1/10 Speed - 6/10 Stamina - 9/10 Stealth - 10/10 Strength - 2/10 Personal Ranking : 3/10 Tiffany is a character that a lot of people under-rate because of her booty shorts and sex appeal. However how her stats actually work is the perfect run and stealth type play style. If you are aiming to survive, then she is very good for this. She can get away fast and if you have the time to distract Jason with a pocket knife or fire cracks, you can hide really fast just so he can lose you and go to someone else. However, what she does lack is that need to get out fast. She is not the smartest character, so she can't really repair anything without Jason noticing without some practice and even then it takes so long that if the Jason forgets to check on the area he kind of deserves the lose. --------------------- Kenny Riedell ---- Stats : Composure - 5/10 Luck - 5/10 Repair - 5/10 Speed - 5/10 Stamina - 5/10 Stealth - 5/10 Strength - 5/10 Personal Ranking : 4/10 Kenny, this was another character I was thinking of ranking higher because of the fact if you have perks you can build him however. Sadly, that is why I had to make him lower is because to fit your play style, you need to give him perks. He is a really good character for people who are just trying to do everything they can to stay alive, escaping, killing, or running. However because of all this, he had to be put down lower since his overall chances of survival are actually pretty low when you are playing without perks on him. ------------------------ Adam Palomino ---- Stats : Composure - 7/10 Luck - 2/10 Repair - 6/10 Speed - 5/10 Stamina - 4/10 Stealth - 3/10 Strength - 8/10 Personal Ranking : 5/10 Adam I was going to put higher on the list similar to Kenny, but I did not because in terms of survivability it is just not there for him. He has average stamina and speed, with a low stealth. In terms of attempting to both repair stuff and kill Jason, he is most likely your best choice. However saying that, in terms of actually surviving and making it out are very low because of how easy it actually would be to spot Adam and chase him down as Jason. -------------------------- Eric Lachappa ---- Stats : Composure - 4/10 Luck - 5/10 Repair - 10/10 Speed - 3/10 Stamina - 2/10 Stealth - 8/10 Strength - 3/10 Personal Ranking : 6/10 Now, a lot of people would probably ask why Eric is so low when Deborah is ranked at number 1. Which I did stop and think about this one for a moment and said, "These two are pretty much the same". The only real difference I saw was Eric is slower, has less stamina, and is a little louder then her. In exchange he can help kill Jason faster then her, which its not even that helpful. So with that in knowledge, I do not think I would rank someone who has a similar play style to Deborah be higher along with the fact the extra benefit he gets is fighting Jason and trying to survive the hardest way possible. ---------------------------- Vanessa Jones ---- Stats : Composure - 3/10 Luck - 6/10 Repair - 2/10 Speed - 10/10 Stamina - 9/10 Stealth - 1/10 Strength - 4/10 Personal Ranking : 7/10 Vanessa is a very strange pick for the simple reason she is super loud and the only benefit to her is she runs faster then everyone else and gets stamina back fast. This is why she is closer to the bottom, in terms of survivability she is just to be a pest to Jason, to just constantly keep on running and running from him until someone most likely calls the Police. Reason I say that is when she starts running toward the car, Jason is most likely going to be behind her, making people just bail. Vanessa's goal is mainly to just hope someone calls the cop's so she can just run all the way there without a care in the world. ------------------------------- Brandon Wilson ---- Stats : Composure - 4/10 Luck - 2/10 Repair - 1/10 Speed - 8/10 Stamina - 8/10 Stealth - 2/10 Strength - 10/10 Personal Ranking : 8/10 Brandon is in the same situation as Vanessa except for the fact that he has the ability to kill Jason. A big issue with this is, Adam can get the mask of just as easily as Brandon can. Brandon has the same purpose as Vanessa and that is to wait for the Police, but he comes with an extra bonus of what he can try to do and that is kill Jason with his level 10 strength. If you can get some perks to help you fight or stay alive against Jason, I feel he would be an amazing pick and personally is one of the funniest characters to play if you build him that way. However in terms of surviving, he is an 8/10 in my opinion. ---------------------------------- Chad Kensington ---- Stats : Composure - 1/10 Luck - 10/10 Repair - 2/10 Speed - 9/10 Stamina - 4/10 Stealth - 6/10 Strength - 3/10 Personal Ranking : 9/10 Now we are starting to hit the two bottom of the barrel characters in my own personal opinion. Chad has literally no benefits that someone else does not have. He has the highest luck, which increases durability and gives him small stat boosts to everything else, which is not even a lot. Increasing weapon durability is nice for fight Jason, but his strength is so low he will die before getting the mask half way off. Chad is just a character there for the jokes, hence there is so many jokes about him. Such as being a momma's boy, being the type of person to leave everyone, etc. --------------------------------------- Jenny Myers ---- Stats : Composure - 10/10 Luck - 8/10 Repair - 2/10 Speed - 3/10 Stamina - 5/10 Stealth - 6/10 Strength - 1/10 Personal Ranking : 10/10 We finally have reached Jenny Myers. Like Chad, she has high luck which in my own opinion means nothing without strength which she has less then Chad. However her highest skill is Composure, something to get rid of fear and break free from Jason's grasp faster. However fear is pretty simple to get rid of and prevent from happening to you naturally. Then getting outta Jason's grasp before he uses an instant killing execution is very unlikely. Combining all those together, she just does not have anything that benefits the player in their attempts to survive that other characters have. ---------------------------------------- Anyways, that is my opinion on all of the councilor's within the game. Feel free to talk about it below on who you like and why. Also remember that this was posted on 6/28/2017 just incase any updates came out and you want to tell me how wrong I am on this stuff if it changes in the future. Anyways feel free to also leave down below what else you want to see me write about I have plenty of time and I love to research and dig deep into games, I have even found out a few things apparently not a lot of people know. Bye!
  10. Personally I like playing all the Jasons depending on the people I am with. However if I want to secure a win, I play part 2. The amount of map control he has is just too powerful. I can trap all the areas I need to and have 2 or 3 traps to use whenever.
  11. Now, before I go into details on the Jason's and my own thoughts about them, know that Savini Jason will not be covered as I do not have him sadly and cannot play as him. If I knew of the game sooner I might have bought and supported everything as I am a big horror fan, but I did not. Also know that these are my own personal opinions on each of the Jason's and my thoughts on them. I do not expect many people to read or care for this, but I just wanted some where I can write this information down to show my friends a little more easily or to just talk to people on streams when I do them about it. (If people join my stream). Anyways, now that it is all out of the way, please enjoy what I have to say about Jason and what you may not know or already know about them. ---------------------------------- Part 2 Jason ---- Perks : "Can Run" : Moves faster when pushing the L3 button in. "More Traps" : Gains 3 extra traps compared to other Jason's. "Morph Speed" : Can teleport around the map much faster. Weaknesses : "Slow Shift" : Shift recharges slower (Also you move slower while in it) "Lower Defense" : Has less HP and a lower block chance. "Slower Water Speed" : Moves a lot slower inside of the water. Personal ranking : 2/6 When playing as the Part 2 Jason, your main focus is just securing every possible way the councilors can escape. By taking advantage of your "Morph" speed increase, you can get to all of the objective area's really fast before they can fully repair anything. Not to mention with your increased amount of traps you can easily trap all of these locations as well to prevent them from leaving without you knowing. His weaknesses are not even that bad either. Besides the fact "Shift" has a longer cool down and you move slower in it compared to other Jason's, the other two perks are not that bad. Very rarely will people get into the boat because of how risky it is to be instant killed, not to mention its very easy to cut off. Then the lowered defense does not really matter if the people have 0 clue how to kill you or you can kill the person who gets the sweater or tommy. The main focus is when you are playing this Jason is to secure the area, before you attempt to kill. You are not fast, even if you have the ability to run your low "Shift" up time will mess you up when catching people. Do not focus on the players first, cause this is what will get you killed or them to escape. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 3 Jason ---- Perks : "Can Run" : Moves faster when pushing the L3 button in. "Weapon Strength" : Killing players takes 1 less hit. (From 4 hits to 3). "Grip Strength" : Breaking out of Jason's grip is much harder. Weaknesses : "Not Resistant" : Can be stunned a lot easier and longer by melee weapons. "Short Sense" : Sensing where councilors are has a longer cool down, shorter duration, and shorter range. "Weak Stalker" : Stalking has longer cool down and duration. Personal Ranking : 5/6 This Jason is basically designed around for people who are new to the game. The Jason's main play style for the whole game is to just focus down on killing those they spot in an instance. This can be backed up by the fact he has 2 methods of easy killing, both swinging is stronger, and grabbing is hard to break out of. Then he has the ability to run for people who are low on stamina. His weaknesses are pretty bad, but they are understandable. This Jason was designed to just kill people he personally spots or can hear, hence his "Sense" weakness and "Stalk" weakness. Losing his "Stalk" is not even that bad since a majority of people know Jason is around already. However the Stun resistance is a major hassle to deal with as Jason can be knocked on the ground fast by more experienced players. All around, with this Jason you want to just hurry up, kill the player, then move onto the next one before someone stuns you and gets out of the range of your sense making it hard to find them. It is a good Jason for new players, but overall he is just not that great. ----------------------------------------------------- Part 6 Jason ---- Perks : "Throwing Knives" : Jason has 4 extra throwing knives when he spawns. "Sense" : Sense cool down is reduced along with increased in duration and range. "Shift" : Shift cool down is reduced along with moving faster while in the form. Weaknesses : "Lower Defense" : Has less HP and a lower block chance. "Cant Run" : Has a reduced speed when pressing the L3 button in. "Reduced Morph" : Morph has a longer cool down time. Personal Ranking : 3/6 This Jason along with Part 9 Jason play very similarly so it was hard settling on who was actually better as it is more around play style preference when it comes to how their jobs are done as they both do their job effectively, which is to hunt players and never let them go. With Part 6 Jason's throwing knives he can easily dish out some early damage, as with the knives in his shack he has a total of 6, meaning he can slow 2 Councilors or kill 1 with just knives. Then you have his increased Sense and Shift where he can just find you and travel toward you in pretty much an instance. His weaknesses however can be a major downside to you as well. With his reduced defense it can make killing him easy, as his mask comes off much faster. The fact that he cant run will make it take a longer period of time to kill one person and giving them chances to climb through windows and such much easier. Then the fact you cant teleport around the map as often to ensure people are not doing stuff or to prevent vehicles from getting away is a major pain. With this Jason, you just want to kill people. You want to find them and try and kill them quickly as you have the tools to do so. You cant underestimate people or be distracted for to long however, so if someone is taking up your time just injure them and move onto the next group of people. ----------------------------------------------------- Part 7 Jason ---- Perks : "Sense" : Sense cool down is reduced along with increased in duration and range. "Water Speed" : Moves much faster in the water. "Grip Strength" : Breaking out of Jason's grip is much harder. Weaknesses : "Can't Run" : The player moves slightly slower when pressing in the L3 button. "Less Trap's" : The player has 1 less trap compared to other Jason's. "Slow Shift" : Shift recharges slower (Also you move slower while in it) Personal Ranking : 6/6 With this Jason, I personally feel that he is the weakest, but obviously has perks when the situation comes to it. His grip strength is still there, making it so grab killing is the obvious focus for this Jason. He also has increased sense so he can actually find out where the players are to kill them a lot easier. Then he has increased water speed making the boat literally the worst option of escape (If the boat is on the map). His weaknesses however, are a major hit compared to all the other Jason's as each one of these will badly effect the player. You cannot run making it so for players with high stamina characters you have to spend more time on. You have very few traps meaning you cant exactly secure the map that well. Then you have a slower and longer shift time, meaning if you want to try and catch those fast players, you get one chance before having to slowly walk toward them like an idiot for the next like 30 seconds. All around this character was made to screw over whoever try's to fix up the boat and to just grab people and instantly deal with them, because if they were able to break free fast, its going to take a while to catch them again. The character is still manageable but compared to the other Jason's there is no real point in playing this one besides the looks. ----------------------------------------------------- Part 8 Jason ---- Perks : "Water Speed" : You move a lot faster in water. "Destruction" : You can destroy doors in half the time (3 hits instead of 6). "Stalk" : Stalk duration is increased and cool down is reduced. Weaknesses : "Sense" : Sensing where councilors are has a longer cool down, shorter duration, and shorter range. "Cant Run" : Has a reduced speed when pressing the L3 button in. "Grip Strength" : It is easier for players to get out of your grip. Personal Ranking : 1/6 The main reason I personally think this Jason is number 1, is for that perk called "Destruction". The only other Jason with it is the Savini Jason (Which I sadly do not have). This perk is a monster of a perk as housing is the only way for players to actually feel safe and he just completely busts through everything early on giving players close to no time to rest. His other two perks are nice, being a threat if a boat is on a map and hiding his presence, but they do not compare to how good and effective "Destruction" is. His weaknesses are bad, but manageable as well. As I said before with "Can't Run" it means you have to spend a lot of time on the players with higher stamina which can be a major pain. Your weaker grip strength can make it so players who have high composure can easily just get out of your grip before you get in the right spot to kill them. Then your short sense will make it so if they do get away its going to be a pain to find them again. All and all however, because you have the Destruction perk, your reduced speed makes sense. You give players 0 time to rest, making it so even without speed you are going to waste their stamina and catch them a lot faster then other Jason's with this weakness. Your reduced grip strength can be easily countered by using stuff like "Choke" which can be used anywhere (Cause its a bitch move). Then not being able to sense players is not that big a deal so long as you have a rough location or you just watch the vehicles. ---------------------------------------------------------- Part 9 Jason ---- Perks : "Shift" : Shift cool down is reduced along with moving faster while in the form. "Stun Resistance" : Stun duration and chance is lowered. "Stalk" : Stalk duration is increased and cool down is reduced. Weaknesses : "Can't Run" : Has a reduced speed when pressing the L3 button in. "Less hit points" : Has less HP so loses mask a lot faster. "Less traps" : The player has 1 less trap compared to other Jason's. Personal Ranking : 4/6 This one was a tough call with comparing it to part 6 Jason, as the two have a very straight forward play style of being able to hunt down players then leaving when ever they want to handle other important situations. With your increased shift perk you can easily catch up to players to remove them and if they try to stun you with flare guns, shotguns, and other weapons, you can shrug it off in pretty much 0 time. Your stalk although there, is not the best thing when it comes to this. Yes, like other Jason's your walk speed will prevent you from catching some targets. Then you have your lack of traps which gives you less map control compared to some other Jason's making you need to be more alert and focused on some of the escape methods. Then less hit points makes it all around easier to just kill you and for people to win that way. In conclusion however, even though you cannot run, you have a faster shift making it so that situation is solved and dealt with. Your less hit points is made up for by not being stunned as easily, so those who try to remove your mask are obviously going to die. The biggest issue is going to be your traps and map control but that can be easily avoided if you just pay attention. -------------------------------------------------- Hope you guys enjoyed the time to actually read this. Remember this is all an opinion so feel free to share your own thoughts below. Jason regardless is an over powered character, its what is needed in order to fight of the councilors. However, there is always still a variation and opinion of how people play and who they like to play as or don't. Know as well, Jason's may change in the future with nerf's or buff's who knows. So the date of me writing this has been 6/28/2017. Also expect to see a few more posts from me on other tip's and trick's with the game that I have discovered while playing. (Others may have discovered them as well... but I found them without videos sooo... yeah).
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