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  1. It was confirmed her first name was Pamela in The Final Chapter (aka Part 4), when the teenage group drive pass a tombstone displaying her first name as well as revealing her birth date to be 1930.
  2. I want to ask, how come you didn't bring over the Rage ability suggestion from your previous thread of the 4 Strengths and Weaknesses? Since you brought the Fear ability here, how come not the Rage ability too?
  3. I think Part 6 with the fence post is fine as it is, but I know what you mean. And for Part 9, the double-bit axe is also fine as it is despite him not using it in the film, but if he had the machete instead it'd be more suitable to him since he indeed used a machete throughout the film.
  4. Part 7 Jason should've had the Sling/Kaiser Blade in the first place, and instead the machete given to Part 9 Jason.
  5. Indeed, it feels like 90% it's more of the cars that spawn. What it should be in actuality, however, is the rounds split 50% of the cars spawning and/or the boat spawning on the round. Another thing too, which this is something I'm really surprised they kind of overlooked on, they should have it so that three people can escape in the boat rather than two - not only to make it like a counterpart towards the two and four-seater cars, but also the fact that there's three spots on the boat itself. Possibly another idea too, with the idea of the boat being three-seated said, there could be a possibility of having some rounds with the two-seater and the boat included on the map for two ideas; one being a slightly new change from the usual spawns, and two it could maybe have Part 7 and 8 Jason serve a bit more useful with their Water Speed strengths.
  6. I always did have a similar idea of Jason being able to attack at the car's tires once the player starts the car and moves it around, which could lead to the driver going off-balance and/or likely to crash into something more as Jason catches up. I'd be definitely up for the idea, because not only that can give it a more truer feel to the films via Part 3, but this could also help Jason players out there that sometimes struggle to stop the car by smashing the hood and such.
  7. I will definitely do it soon... but trust me, I'm going to do something even better than just that. You'll see.
  8. I have indeed seen many Canadian horror films, in fact my all-time favorite slasher film is Black Christmas (1974), which is one of the best yet most criminally underrated horror films of all time. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, I have it on my watchlist but I haven't seen it yet. I have heard lots of positive reviews on it though. My Bloody Valentine, I have seen and enjoyed it. One of the more unique, above-average slasher films Santa's Slay, heard of it but not seen it. Prom Night, I wasn't too big on the first honestly, haven't seen the sequels yet.
  9. Heyo everyone! So it turns out apparently I was supposed to do this before posting stuff on here. Thanks you @NoOneK9503 for giving me the notification about this. My name's Werewolf, or Alex. I'm born Canadian in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and I'm proud as hell of it. But enough about that, let's get into the really interesting stuff. Ever since 2010/2011, when I was 10/11 years old, I had officially found my love and interest in the horror genre - particularly the 1970's - 1980's horror movies; you could also say that Goosebumps as a child was the forerunner to me getting introduced into the genre. As years progressed, I've been very knowledgeable of horror films from the popular ones that everyone knows, to the ones that horror fans know mostly, to even some obscure ones that nobody knows about. With this said, it helped spawned a future career of me both being involved in filmmaking and screenwriting, and being a movie reviewer upon the many films I've seen over the years. Also, with that said, I am also a big fan of the Friday the 13th series. However, my most knowledge of the films are from Part 1 to Part 6, which are the ones I have a positive reception with. Out of all of the series, my favorite is the first film which I honestly find to be the most underrated of them all, but The Final Chapter has my favorite portrayal of Jason Voorhees. In terms of the game, I have been following it ever since when the game was backed in Kickstarter. The thing is, I could've backed the game myself when it was still being developed - which means me getting access to Savini Jason and the Counselor clothing pack, but the thing is... I didn't. I wanted to see how the final product turned out in the end if it lived up to it's potential and concept. By the time thought of backing the game, the Kickstarter session had ended. Was this a problem to me? honestly no, but at the same time I kind of wish I did. Well, I'm pretty sure this mostly sums up on how I want to introduce myself. Please, feel free to add me as a friend or ask my any questions if you need anything. But, please just because I'm a friendly person doesn't mean you should take advantage of me, okay? Other than that, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my introduction, and I'll see you guys on the forums! - Alex Contact information Steam: WerewolfNightmare (if you do add me, make sure you post below here in the comments what your username is, so I remember who you are before you add me. Thank you.)
  10. Oh man, I didn't know about that. I'll definitely do it later for sure (I gotta write it up first if anything). EDIT: Done
  11. Aw yeah man, I'll definitely try my best. Quite frankily, since I am on their Discord, maybe if I can message one of them sometime I can brainstorm it to them. Then again also, before the announcement of the IV trailer, I did message the developers on what Part 4's stats should be, as well as I found this, This image I found is a head-bust of Part 4's face, titled "His Unlucky Day", but whoever made it actually got some reference images from Tom Savini as well as whoever did the make-up design on Part 4 Jason's face, and hence this came out. If only he makes more of them, but this is the reference image I sent to the developers just so that hopefully they stay true to his appearance and such. ^^
  12. This has been an idea I have been drafting around for a while, and if you enjoy it very much feel free to add this upon to your post. The Sprint Ability As the title says, this mechanic is an ability that is exclusive only to the human Jasons as a replacement for the Shift, while the Shift is now an exclusive ability to the undead Jasons only. Before I continue, this has been something I really hoped it would've been added in the first place, or if not will be potentially added in the near future if they can re-work this. So how does it work? Well, the Sprint ability is varied on per Jason, under by Speed and Duration. As trying my best to stick true to the movies while hopefully giving it a balance in-game, below are how the stats for each human Jason's sprint works. Part 2 Jason Speed: Slow Duration: Medium Now keep in mind, from what I remembered in Part 2, Jason in a way... was kind of a newcomer to the whole thing. Ironically, not just from his appearance in the film, but the way he acts and how his personality and characteristics are displayed compared to later Jasons. As well all know, he was more vulnerable compared to the others, which would later be replaced in the next future films; he got kicked for quite a bit (including being kicked in his crotch), his forearm slashed with a chainsaw before getting a chair broken and slammed onto his back, etc. With this said, I think I remembered he was also a newcomer with his speed and such, so in other words he wasn't quick - he can sure as hell run though. So, in contrast with his slow speed, to balance it out he will at least have a medium duration. Part 3 Jason Speed: Moderate Duration: Long As well all know, Part 3 is when the continuity has changed dramastically with Jason, not only with his appearance but also with his personality and characteristics. Compared to Part 2, Jason has now became much more stronger, bulkier, and in ways deadlier. That is not to say however, he can still feel and take damage so we know at least he's still a human being... only with the strength that of Michael Myers. From what I can recall in the film, I think he was moderately more faster than Part 2, but not quite the fast sprinter as the next film will have him as. This also counts from when he did get a critical strike in the knee from Chris stabbing down the butcher knife, rendering him to limp. As with this, his moderate speed will be balanced with a long duration so that although he's not fast, he can still get around one way or another hopefully. and lastly, Part 4 Jason Speed: Fast Duration: Short Ah yes, my favorite Jason of them all. The scariest, brutal, and fastest Jason of them all. What I personally like about this one, is that they finally give him the personality of inner rage, something that oddly has been absent from Part 2 and 3 Jason; you think from someone who just saw their mother decapitated and now people - despite warnings from both the townsfolk and Jason himself - going into his territory, you think he'd seem pretty pissed about it rather than in contrast pretty calm and slow about this. Anyhow, there is without a doubt he definitely sprinted (I guess like the Usain Bolt of the 1980's) after his victims presently in the climax... but however, he didn't do this as much. Going by this, he's the fastest out of them all, but his duration is short so it's not too overwhelming. Anyhow, I really agree with your post about this. Honestly had I been one of the developers of this game hypothetically, I would've loved to hire someone like you to the team to help out with the game. By the way, feel free as I said to share you thoughts on my pitch, as well as if they're any improvements you want to me to add on this idea.
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