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  1. I've been very harsh towards this game in the recent months, but this is the absolute best decision that has been made for this game. Hopefully this keeps trolls from dancing at the exits near the end of the match; or at the very least, hampers their stupid dance parties.
  2. It used to be a game that I loved. I come back every so often to see if the game has been fixed enough to be worth downloading again. I don’t see that as being unreasonable. After seeing that people are back to camping on top of Packanack Lodge, this game is definitely not worth downloading again. Only this game would need a SECOND patch for bug that was present a year and a half ago. But sure; this game is great. 😂
  3. Savini Jason is worthless in a broken, dead game. Those without Savini Jason aren't missing a thing.
  4. Bahahaha!!! I’ve been gone for quite some time, but it’s nice to see that I haven’t missed much. They’re running out of new bugs to add to this game, so they’re just bringing back the classics. Lol.
  5. @wes How about, “Why did you guys choose to waste three months on the engine “upgrade” when you knew complications from the lawsuit were inevitably going to prevent you from getting the new content out the door?” Seeing as the engine “upgrade” could most likely have been done AFTER the complications from the lawsuit took effect, your decision seems quite silly and/or an intentional “fuck you, thanks for the money.”
  6. Unfortunately, all I have is a cheap Ghostface mask and a Trick or Treat Studios Economy Michael Myers mask. However, I will be purchasing a Fear mask from Cemetery Gates Productions very soon! That, and a Warlock from the same place in the very near future as well.
  7. Well, it doesn’t make a difference to me whether or not the game swaps Jason players because I stopped playing a long time ago. It’s just the principle of the devs making yet another false promise. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. In that same post, another reason they give for going with dedicated servers over host migration is the fact that host migration would take too long; around six months versus one or two for dedicated servers. Buuuuut here we are well over a year after that post was made and dedicated servers were just put out. Dedicated servers that aren’t working right in many accounts, mind you. I mean, they’ve been working on dedicated servers for about a year and a half, you’d think they would run flawlessly after that. Not Gun or Illfonic, though! They have a tradition to keep! Sorry, that’s the end of my 133rd rant about this game.
  8. Here ya go, buddy. I'm hoping you have the ability to find it in this big scary-looking block of text. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/9937-dedicated-servers-update-and-why-host-migration-wont-happen/
  9. Well, that’s absolutely stupid. One of the main selling points that Ben made for choosing dedicated servers over host migration was the ability to assign a new player as Jason if the first Jason player left. Another lie for the lie pile.
  10. I actually reinstalled this game a couple of nights ago and played a few single-player challenges. It really takes returning to it after a few months with an unbiased attitude to fully realize how broken this game is. So many glitches for a game that's been "finished" for a year and a half. This is the mark Gun Media and Illfonic want to leave? THIS is the best they could do? Absolutely ridiculous. And before anybody says some bullshit like, "wHerE's uR GAmE??????!1?" My response to that stupid argument will be that I don't get paid to make video games; these people do. See the difference there? In the future, I will be wary of any upcoming game with a developer I've never heard of. I will check to make sure Gun Media or Illfonic didn't change the name of their company and I will avoid the FUCK out of anything associated with them like the GOD-DAMNED PLAGUE. I'm hoping all that are enlightened will spread the word of their incompetence as video game developers. Don't let these con artists steal another dime of people's hard-earned money if you can help it.
  11. Add it to the Mount Everest-looking pile of things that don't work as intended in this game.
  12. There was that one time I finished a game as Jason without the host quitting. That was pretty badass!
  13. Doesn’t change the fact that Gun and Illfonic need to not touch another horror franchise ever again.
  14. I think the three-month long engine upgrade was just an excuse for them to run out the clock before content needed to be stopped. I know a lot of people say that's not it at all (I believed it at first as well), but who in their right mind would delay content for three months while knowing the deadline? That said, dedicated servers aren't coming. In August 2017, Ben made a post explaining WHY they were going with dedicated servers instead of host migration. One of these reasons was, and this is an exact quote from Ben, "Host Migration would take a very long time to implement, something in the neighborhood of six months or so with our team to be able to work without interruption. It, unfortunately, is not a quick fix as some might believe." That was eleven fucking months ago! In the same thread, Ben said regarding dedicated servers, "We don't have a set date at this time. We are aiming for late-September, but it is not out of the question that it might take more time and could go into October before we release." Here we are nine or ten months after they said dedicated servers would be released. I really feel bad for anybody that actually believes dedicated servers are still coming. Why in the absolute fuck would you still believe this after all the lies in the past surrounding this topic? It's really quite funny, actually. Keep believing, guys! When has Gun/Illfonic ever let us down? Here's the link to the thread I quoted above. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/9937-dedicated-servers-update-and-why-host-migration-wont-happen/
  15. No, what Gun and Illfonic need is to stay far away from established horror franchises. Doesn't matter anyway, as there are no existing Freddy Krueger lawsuits that Gun/Illfonic can benefit from.
  16. Okay, how about, "I would've used the millions and millions of dollars I made off the game to hire a competent development team?" Better?
  17. Just another silly choice on the developers' part. Would this really be considered new content, since it's using all the content that's currently in the game? Doesn't matter anyway; that would require the developers to do something.
  18. I would've designed it to work. Also, a choice to play as Jason or a counselor online. DBD did it, why not this game? But yeah; I would've designed it to not crash.
  19. Nope; and as I stated before, I will steer everybody I know away from it. You’re talking about giving more money to a group of people that knew about the deadline, and deliberately chose to stop production on content for three entire months to upgrade the engine; something the lawsuit would’ve had zero hindrance on. No thanks.
  20. Any chance you and your friends, or anybody else here for that matter, can get this invented game-mode on video and share it? It sounds like a really cool idea and would be cool to see it in action!
  21. I honestly don’t think they’ll ever arrive. I mean, what’s the point? And I damn sure will steer anybody I know away from purchasing this special edition. I’m sure that wouldn’t be difficult after explaining the host disconnects, Jason teamers, inability to swap weapons (let’s be real; nobody buying this game at this time will ever make it to level 113), and the myriad of glitches that currently exist in this game that will clearly never be fixed. Any of my friends that may want this game will expect a horror game. Explaining to them the bunny costumes, dancing emotes, and trolls will 150% be enough to kill their interest in this game, and I will be happy to do it. This game is dead and nothing Gun or Illfonic does now will fix it. EDIT: I just watched the trailer for the special edition, and it looks like Gun is even advertising swappable weapons to new players. That is hilarious. Wait until they boot the game up and see that they need to play over a hundred hours to use it. ?
  22. I mean, what else is there to really talk about? This game is pretty much dead and old topics are all this forum has now.
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