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  1. For all essential items like the fuse, as soon as I find them I drop them usually in a bush or hidden slightly right by the matching escape option and warn other players what's near what when the area is clear of Jason.
  2. I'm not particularily great at the game but I'm a team player and I'm friendly so add me up!
  3. One way to avoid a miserable game full of exploits and unruly players: Make a private match lobby of clean genuine players! Post your gamer tag and platform, players will add you to play private matches. Pros: Make new friends, actually enjoy the game, and have a variety of people to play with whenever you are online. Cons: so maybe you'll have a hoard of names on your friends list but is that so bad? In the event that a player is a team killer or glitcher in the private lobby, that player can easily be removed from your friends list and no longer be invited to your lobby. Maybe I'm a little too Canadian and enjoy budding friendships a little too much but hey, it could be fun! Add me on PS4: BLACKCROWN_26
  4. What I do sometimes if I notice I'm being followed by a player with a weapon is ill run into a hiding spot like a bed or closet until they move on. When Jason comes I hope he kills them first so I can attempt an escape.
  5. Alright well best bet just post your occurrences on this thread so others are warned of which players are exploiting and maybe we can come up with some player teams for each station to counter these issues until patches are released.
  6. Worst case scenario if you and a group are willing to create a team to severely injure any known exploiters (not killing them unless you're willing to risk XP) so they have a harder time entering the glitch before Jason finds them that is a good way to ruin a glitch happy campers day. Also certain glitches Jason can bypass with throwing knives. Such as the hover over the bed glitch and standing on water glitch if they are closer to the shoreline. The roof however I am unsure of. Another thing you can do is attempt to make a deal with Jason that you and a couple players will block glitch accesses with your characters until the known glitcher is caught so long as you get a head start to escape once they die. Just an idea
  7. that does pose a problem. What do they accept as proof?
  8. Very true. I really appreciate your input! If you play the PS4 version my gamer tag is the same as my forum account name, I play a clean game so you're welcome to add me!
  9. I'm not asking people to do anything they shouldn't do, it's the exact same thing people are doing already but making it easier. I will change the name though, I don't often create posts so I wasn't aware of the logistics.
  10. Post a screenshot of the glitch and glitcher with the gamer tag of the glitcher visible and what you are playing on so others can block/report these exploiters or if they encounter them in a game simply ruin it for them. Also if you are being team killed for no reason by a party or find players working with Jason for their own gain you can link the video for the same purposes. Let's get em boys and gals. Photo below is from a PS4 quickplay session. Taken today
  11. Honestly when I see a glitcher i wait till the next game and find them before they enter a glitch then I kill them (or squire a team to hunt and kill them) and sacrifice the XP so they either quit or have to wait for the match to end. there was one game where some brat was using the roof glitch and I waited until the next game which I turned out to be Jason and I killed him before he could glitch again, the brat turned out to be the host and rage quit. He was probably like 13yoa too. The only time I think it's okay to team kill is if it's against someone cheating or team killing for fun. Also here's a pic of another glitch, this one I only got one side of it but the glitch was the player was in two places at once. This is one place he was at. The other was in the middle of a road but invisible to Jason.
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