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  1. Is this glitching for anyone else? I am sitting at 85% and pulled off 2 environmental kills I was missing and it went up to 87%. A few days later, I noticed it's back to 85%, so I play some more and get a few more kills I was missing and it goes back to 87%. Few hours later, I check and it's back to 85%. WTF!? Technically I should be at 89% between the 2 playthroughs but I am not getting credit after I shut the game and system off.
  2. Not only was the grab nerfed and everyone seems to have pocket knives, but to me it always seems to take forever for the ability to perform the kills to highlight so I can perform them. Use to be that you could grab and get the kills highlighted right away.
  3. I had the car " blow up" on me a long time ago, like maybe 2 or 3 updates ago. It was my first time driving it and I crashed into pretty much everything. After a few of the crashes, the car disappeared and it said Car Destroyed on the map screen.
  4. I'd say his stats should be: Composure: 10 Luck: 7 Strength: 9 Repair: 7 Stealth: 10 Stamina: 9 Speed: 8 So basically he's below Tommy but above average compared to other counselors.
  5. There really needs to be an endgame to the perks. Like you can roll an Epic Marathon with 12% and then roll another with 14%. There really is no "end" to rolling perks and I really think there should be. Kind of gives you something to shoot for. I know it might end up making players more powerful but I just feel like it will be a never ending cycle of rolling and re-rolling perks and wasting CP with crap rolls.
  6. Just watching JGTH (I know I will get crap for that but nothing else is on and it is a Jason movie) and I have a whole new appreciation for Creighton Duke. He was pretty bad ass and looked like he had being researching Jason or at least planning on killing him before the Swat team beat him to it. I think he should be included as a hero character like Tommy. Maybe even have a JGTH map released with him. Gun could even make him and Tommy randomly swap out as the hero or maybe even put in an option to pick which one you want to spawn as if you are chosen and just change the radio to Called For Help instead of Called Tommy Jarvis.
  7. It's a good way to escape a Jason that might be nearby or is chasing you. I mean you have 3 floors and numerous rooms. It puts alot of obstacles between you and Jason if played right. I'm sure Gun will look at it and possibly change it up a little. I mean there was a time where cars rarely spawned at Packanack Lodge and always spawned at Higgins Haven big house and now it's the opposite. And like it was stated by someone else, there is usually gas or good weapons in the basement of Jarvis House.
  8. Thank God Gun released the update earlier in the week. It helped alot of people at least get a chance to try out the new map, Jason, and Mitch. I had no problems this morning and afternoon. I played from like 9 am until a little after 1 pm. Must have been when people were still in school and at work. Sucks though since I missed the last Double XP weekend and was looking forward to getting my level up quicker this weekend. Hopefully it gets figured out before it ends.
  9. That might be from the buff that Stalk got from this update. Once it's used you really can't hear him walk or bust down a door
  10. No problem. And I'm pretty sure it's for PC players as well.
  11. I had some guy in the party house on the Jarvis map talking shit about the guy playing Jason (using Part 9), about how he sucks and all because he hadn't killed anyone for like 10 minutes. A few minutes later the guy, who at this point is standing behind me and another player, is right next to the basement door and he lets out this huge shriek. I turn around to see Jason had come up the basement stairs and grabbed the guy and we never heard him come in over the rain and thunder. Great job Gun Media!
  12. If we are putting in girls from the movies based of their rack, then Tina from Part 5 trumps all of them. Best knockers in the series if you ask me. And bonus points because the actress' last name is Voorhees
  13. This makes it look like Jenny was hiding in the rafters or on top of a closet.
  14. Hey just trying to confirm it because there was alot of talk before the pack came out if it would include his dance or not.
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