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  1. Friday the 13th: The game part two of course! Only when the lawsuit is over though...
  2. Playing Killing floor 2 and looking into get back into the original killing floor mod. Looking forward to last year in hopes that it will be a good asymmetrical horror replacement or something... There arent any good ones out there besides f13, and without that so far all I have is just a huge empty hole. I wish there was a good horror vs game like with an aliens or silent hill theme or something that was newer and relevant... I wish I had the dev skills to make one like that. Oh also some scream game is in development and a chucky game maybe. looking forward to those WAY down the road.
  3. Nope It was a friend I was playing with in qp. They didn't even get DC'd.
  4. Happened to me, was sneaking up on the last person alive and right as I came out to grab them the game ended for seemingly no reason at all, It was really lame and irritating. Maybe not as bad as those who left in the car, got depressed and ended themselves according to the scoreboard.
  5. Stay away from me dang objectives is whut. No really if I see someone near phone at start I will chase them far away from the area that the fuse will spawn in. Killing them is better, no witnesses of the phone location.
  6. I think it is an unintentional and not an often thought of side effect, very clever I have to say though. I dunno... I think Jason should still be able to place traps on the phone if the other trap is there since realistically he would just move it somewhere else to place his. I voted neutral since I don't really care either way it goes since It probably wont be addressed until the current crisis is over and the wildfires are burnt over.
  7. Tommy preference selection too? Some people like to just watch the rest of the game or do other things after they escape or die. Like press a button as spectator to say I would like to be Jarvis or not to be. Maybe It wont become a trend to just press the button? Maybe im onto something... maybe level based? idk...
  8. This was present pre-patch, it helps with timing events in the order you choose. All part of the SP challenge puzzles, everything is working fine on that part.
  9. I would love all this, but knowing what each person is good at and hunting them based on that is pretty important as jason.
  10. Also noticed that. Jarvis sometimes spawns with two pocket knives sometimes I think.
  11. Found a person who named themselves Creighton Duke and played vanessa. I changed to pt9 jason who also had the big hug kill on... I knew what had to be done when I got chosen, except when she got out of the car and disappeared out of my grasp and floated away when I grabbed at her. I was looking forward to that issue being fixed too...
  12. If you wish not to read all of this just read the last two sections. It is a fair rework and I put a lot of thought into this and have several hundreds of hours in game on both sides. You pretty much screw yourself when you swing at a counselor since spamming the swing button at them provides them with a counter window 100% of the time. It's like they are just so used to getting beat by a large angry killer that they can KO any hitting them as soon as they are attacked. It DOES look goofy. What happened to that head punch scene from the movies? Jason got beat up and he didn't care... Did he stiffen up and fall on his back laughably on the first or second punch? NO HE DID NOT. The combat against Jason Is laughable if you are going for movie accuracy. Maybe that's why people troll so hard? Also with the new patch making it "not possible" to hit jason as sweater girl actually made killing him easier, since it makes the person with the sweater give the axe in his shack to tommy instead of making him find a machete. Resources needed to kill him have pretty much been halved. On a flip side I also like it because it makes tommy out to be more of a hero rather than a come here and press the use button bitch. Plus the machete is OP for a strong counselor, low stun chance/max damage and 7 strength foxes everywhere? That jason better go into hiding if he values his life. I agree with CS being broken now in all aspects plus the stupid slow attack speed with some weapons that allow for a counter. One needs to be punished for getting hit not be given a free swing at him, they should be able to run out of the second swing but to not counter it. Plus you need to watch out as jason since your ability modifier button gets stuck sometimes preventing you from swinging or grabbing or doing anything for that matter. Other than the patched bugs for counselor I feel as though they have a pretty straightforward game that can be a challenging gamble a lot of times. Do I fear Jason Vorhees in this game? No I do not. I know I can just find a machete and beat up on him/kill him if he blocks objectives. I think jason needs stun chances to be based on strength but overall massively reduced unless he gets hit a bunch within a fair amount of time. If he gets beat up on some he gets stunned while standing, then with even more beatings he falls down and takes longer to get up. That gives the full effect of really beating the crap out of him and makes his falldown animation appropriate. He should be on the ground longer too depending on +-stun resistance. It also gives trolls the ticket of trolling since it seems appropriate that they would T-bag his face on the ground for allowing himself to get beaten. Killing him should be a hit/miss GROUP effort not just one person with jarvis so often. He should also have invulnerability and a very short grab debuff after every time he gets hit so it makes him swing back instead of just grabbing the person and killing them outright. This fixes chain stunning since the invulnerability keeps him from taking damage or being stunned at all and is indicated with the red screen like when you get knifed or hit. Jason can still be interrupted in a grab or swing at the phone box. Invulnerability shortens the more times he gets hit within a fair amount of time, then it increases with a speed based on +-stun resistance or +-defense. Hitting Jason should be used to save people, regen stam, to prevent him from hitting the phone box and to prevent yourself/others from being grabbed or pulled out of the car. If Jason blocks it gives him shortened invulnerable time, he gets no grab debuff and makes him take reduced damage from the blow. The people fighting him are no superheros after all. 5 strength=normal stun chance, less=reduced or severely reduced, 6+ high or really high stun chance. The slutty chick shouldn't be able to lay out a guy much taller and stronger then her with a pot slap to the arm. This makes bodyguard characters like bugsy more relevant and enhances a combat play style mostly for those who pick those characters. I want to see oh shit! Its Jason Vorhees! Not "hey, do you just wanna beat up on this guy?" or "Do you just wanna kill him?"
  13. Honestly If you really want max level just go play offline bots on hard. make sure to get all environmental kills, trap someone and turn off power once for max xp each match. Do it each match as fast as possible. Doing this on x2 xp weekends is the best time for this, and its honestly not that hard to do.
  14. Yea im going to vouch for PlayerAgainstTheMachine and also say that the new dance emotes don't loop.
  15. The first time it happened I was running at a person who was using cs before the cops came and was sitting by an exit. It was the last person and as I arrived I brought up block just like I was used to but instead of countering I got straight up bonked with a 2x4. I don't remember if they lived probably because of the unnecessary brain damage. That block makes a difference between do or don't and if one of your most important tools don't work, you will be tool for trolls that will just have their way with you. Now if that doesn't cause toxicity I don't know what will.
  16. Someone told me in game once that you can just restart the game 3 times and your salt mine status will disappear or start and end a bunch of offline games. Can't confirm but if so salt mines are pointless, just don't tell the toxic players please. I want them to suffer a lot longer before they get smart.
  17. Yea... Now that I think of it, I have gotten that as counselor. I fixed it by spamming melee and as soon as I swung it got fixed. I had a dream where this got fixed by holding the melee button, that would cause Jason to keep swinging but as fast as possible. This whole thing sucks and as much as I like playing Jason I don't think I'll be playing much more of this update since I've already beat sp challenges. Its fun and all but all these issues make the game infuriating to play. Try playing dark souls where you have an input filter that works 50% of the time, you can only lock on to the thing you don't want to lock onto in combat and sometimes your inputs do nothing at all, now I love dark souls but holy crap that sounds like fun. No really think about fighting Artorias or manus father of the abyss like that? No? Dodge doesn't work? Cant swing at him in his opening window? Get pummeled instead? I think it translates to the same thing in f13. I mean I got on the forums to see a topic about a troll finding it easier to bully and irritate Jason. coincidence? NO.
  18. The combat as Jason is really bad now. I used to be able to block shots from people and counter swing well as Jason. Now I can't block fast, or sometimes block/swing at all when trying to fight people also combat stance really needs the ability to switch targets. Now when I try to bait someone into hitting me so I can block and counter grab, block will not work. I instead have to CS and then press block a few times for it to work on the spot. Sometimes when i'm in combat with people and try to take a swing at them Jason does nothing for about 3-5 seconds while I spam the button and this effect can chain over and over again. This is really bad when you CS someone in a group and then they run behind you and it makes you face the your back to 4 others. At that point you'll have to take off CS, look at the person, CS again and hope your block and swing still works or that you don't CS the same person, all while being very open to hits. Chain stunning is still rampant and annoying (even though I do it too.)I have gotten laid out so many times where block or swing should have worked. Combat as Jason now is painfully bad and is best avoided completely on this update. It sometimes works and when it does it's really good, fast and brutal. Other than that counselors have a massive upper hand in combat. Kinda sad to see Jason freaking Vorhees have trouble defending himself against a bunch of tiny frail people when he has killed hundreds.
  19. If you use windows 10 and have a xbox one controller you can record your game on the spot simply by pressing the home button on the controller. You can also use shadowplay with Nvidia, alt+F9 I think it was? Also don't forget to make a mediafire or youtube account to upload the video and send a link to jasonkillsbugs. Grab the SteamID by going to steamID.io then copy+paste the page URL of their profile and submit. That will give you the steamID and unchangeable profile URL associated with their account. Sometimes if they are scared they are being recorded they will change their name to throw you off their trail, that means steamID.io cant pick up their steam id. You can fix that by going to recent players on the steam overlay and clicking what their name used to be before it was changed. It shouldn't matter if the profile is set to private or not, it will still work. When making a report make sure you get the steamID, unchangeable profile URL, screenshots and better yet, clear undeniable video evidence of the cheat/tamper. Even if their name was changed and is different from the video submitted you can still check their profile for the old name/alias used as evidence. I think ALL forms of modification/tampering, even cosmetic should be VERY bannable as they are clearly against the rules. I hope this helps and is seen by many, anything to clean up the community by any means I will gladly and undoubtedly do.
  20. So If my friend went into QP and set their preference to only counselor they might still get Jason? I hope not... Also if I set a bloody skin on offline bots and play on a map will it still black screen?
  21. Is it time to go CAMPING?? I think so... can't wait to see the patch notes.
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