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  1. I'm just pissed of those hosts leaving in the middle of a match but otherwise I love that game.
  2. I know it's been said a hundred times but please do something about host migration. I beg you. I been kicked outta 4 games in a row. I been trying to play for more than a hour and I still couldn't finish ONE game. I'm sick of it ! Please do some quickly.
  3. I can't stand it anymore neither. Something gotta be done quick!
  4. 1) I just came back as Tommy and all the concelors were around the car with Jason. He grabed a concelors, so I wanted to help, I usped the shotgun and with the same bullet I (accidentally) killed the concelor grabed by Jason and another one behind. Jason got mad and ran after me. Who knew the shotgun was that much powerful ? 2) we were four concelors in the four seats car driving away but Jason stopped the car. Another concelor came trying to help us to fight Jason. I can't really explain but we started the cars many times and Jason stopped it every time. Only one concelor got killed. The others, we survived the 20 minutes 3) I was passenger in the two seats car and there was a concelor on the roof of the car who wanted to espace with us. But when escaping with the car he was hit by the invisible wall (like when you're at the exit but there ain't the cops) so he was killed.
  5. Woundnt choose him due to the repair stat but I love the idea.
  6. You can see the car and the other concelors moving on the map. It's already unrealistic. Why not dead bodies too ? I like the idea.
  7. If you spawn next to the phone, just hide in the house. As Jason's sense is not available at the very beginning, he won't spot you. (Done this many time)
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering about team killing. I know it's not allowed to kill other councelors for no reasons but I heard people sayin it was authorized to kill someone to take his place in the car or boat. What do you all think about it ?
  9. Also happend to me. But the bullet killed two concelors. Couldn't beliveve it lol
  10. I can't start the engine because I gotta close the map before but I can't
  11. When I sit in the car (as driver) and look at my map to know where to go, I can't close the map anymore. So I can't do anything, neither starting the car or leaving... Just gotta wait to be killed... Happend to me several times
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