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  1. Hey guys, im looking for active people. I realy would love to have some chill games, with chill people. A mic would be handy or at least something to be able to communicate with. Also looking for realy active players. If u play also fortnite then even better. Console: PS4 Gamertag: Sephiroth666z
  2. I have pictures, but couldnt upload them, tho i send them directly to the staff. No, it pissed me of the most because they where doing it in public match, i dont want to rat out anyone, but its not fun and not playable this way.
  3. People are glitching the with the trap to get up the house. Gamers found doing it Ps4 Davidmaister_7 Buulldog Bornextreme12 Xlukex2004
  4. PS4 PSN-Sephiroth666z I play with mic, i love playing public if we are enough people also on private match. However it works out the best. Also guys no friendly kills unless we are having fun. We are playing for fun and for nothing else. No raging, we can easily decide the Jason player if by random or if anyone wants to be him. Love you all
  5. Hey guys, havent played in a while now and doesnt seem like many people are online like they used to be. But i would love to play with some people. My gamertag is Sephiroth666z Just add me and lets play and have fun, i would prioritise people with a mic, but if u dont have one, no problem. But please in English.
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