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  1. I posted this in an other thread, but my solution to being betrayed would be turning off friendly fire with melee weapons. Friendly fire could still be applied to the shotgun and getting hit by a car, but there are too many people "having fun" with machetes and axes in their hands running around killing other counselors. Then we have the ones who are helping the Jason player by opening cabin doors and hitting you until you are injured so you can't run away from Jason.
  2. This happened to me more than once. People running around with machetes and axes, opening cabin doors then hitting you until you are hurt so you can't run away from Jason. I think a good solution would be if they removed the friendly fire option from melee weapons (at least in public lobbies) and only apply it to the shotgun and when you get hit by a car. Being realistic, I think people who are working with Jason aren't being recorded by someone 9 out of 10 times.
  3. I just made a similar post to yours about the same issue before reading this. It really sucks. Hang in there, good luck finding some people on PS4 who use the game's voice chat, and not just sit in parties.
  4. I apologize in advance, this post is going to be more of a rant. I'm at the point where I'm seriously thinking about not even playing this game anymore. I'm playing on PS4 and it is ridiculous how many times I run into groups of friends who'd just sit in PS4 parties, not even trying to join game chat or communicate with others but their friends. It's even worse when one of them is Jason. I had a game where there was only 4 of us left and we had the 4 seat car repaired. I got in the car and they waited at the exit until Jason could grab me, then they drove away and escaped while he was killing me. The game I played right before writing this post, I put gas and the battery in the 4 seater, then I was waiting at the car to see if someone turns up with the keys. After the person with the keys showed up, I was standing next to the car just so I could get in quickly. Well that didn't happen, because right after he started it, he immediately drove away. I tried to ask him if he could pick me up, but of course he didn't hear me since he was in a PS4 party. He drove away to pick up 2 of his friends, one of them were playing as Tommy, still had the shotgun. (It might be just me, but when I play as Tommy, I try to stick around for as long as possible to help other counselors.) They still had an empty seat, but wouldn't wait for me. I know that not every game goes the same way as these examples but lately, I run into rounds like these a lot more. :/
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