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  1. As a PS4 player, who pays the PSN just for this game (+40$). Everytime I try to have fun with this game, I end up mad as f*ck. Hard to find a lobby, more bugs/glitches than before, waiting for hours to play like Jason, and then, the host leaves the lobby, connection lost, people leaving the match before the execution (No XP). The game is fun, but it has so many problems that it's quite difficult to have a good time. Meanwhile, the devs working on swimsuits and maps, GG.
  2. My first rage quit. (I feel dirty) This is from today. I joined a lobby which the people looked like they know each other or have been playing for a while, they were communicating during the whole game. I started playing as Jason, put two traps on the phone, then teleport to the 4 seat car, and put a trap, two of them were in the house next to the car, I killed one, and the other one escaped. I came back to the main house, killed another one near the phone and I thought '"wow this is going to end fast". I came back to the car and I saw Adam trying to repair the battery. I start chasing him, he jumps out the window and gets in, again and again, until I broke the window. He goes to another house while I hear the cops being called (f*ck the traps). I started to get frustrated chasing Adam while he goes from one house to another, with two medical sprays, so not giving a f*ck about the broken windows. I said f*ck it I'll kill the others first, teleport near the exit and I saw two of them chilling waiting for the cops to come, they just arrived on that exit (lucky me), they dodged me running and screaming things like "Suck my d*ck Jason". I hit him with a knife and both escaped. I left the game pissed as hell lol. I'm level 48, and this has been the first time I've felt stupid playing as Jason, and not killing all, or the majority of the counselors. I felt like Donald Trump on the Mexico border.
  3. It would be perfect for people who uses glitches, teamkillers, or butthurt players.
  4. Yep, one guy sold us to Jason by giving him our location during all game, after I escaped one of the counselors hit me to make me easier to catch. Idk, they should do something like report that user and take them XP.
  5. Hey everyone! I play Friday the 13th on PS4 and I thought it would be a good idea to join this community to find out about news or updates of the game, my username on PS4 is AlbertoViking21!
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