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  1. I always was a little disappointed that there never was any alternate ways to kill Jason. The part 6 killing was always badass but I think one of the reasons they never went threw with it was probably because of how predictable it could be. If Jason sees a tommy and another counselor on a boat out in the lake. Then odds are he isnt showing up. Just to be that guy and avoid getting killed. I seen a lot of jasons run away once they know you have the sweater and tommy ready GUN probably felt it was a waste of time and effort for a kill that would rarely ever get used. THOUGH one idea I did appeal to was the ability to to do some environmental attacks to Jason. Push Jason into a live electric wire or fence. or release something that would pin him against a wall. Small little things that would stun him for extended period. Each Map with maybe its own environmental.
  2. I have noticed this issue as well, but never mentioned it because I have ALL DLC installed and yes, the part 7 killpack disappears. BUT when I load the game. The kill pack is still recognized and I can use it just fine.
  3. I think, (well only speculating of course) the root of the problem has to do with how much content GUN used from the 1st film. I mean look at the virtual cabin for god sake. Also Mrs.Voorhees is used quite a bit as well. Now obviously this stuff was all added in way before the lawsuit stirred up. But I think because of all this, if gun where to implement new content. Especially content that would have to be paid for. I believe Victor Miller maybe entitled to that now. I could be wrong but that to me is my feelings about reading in to all this. Why GUN has completely avoided making new content such as JasonX which has nothing to really do with the first movie.
  4. I seen tons of suggestions come through the forums since launch but this has to be some of the best stuff I seen yet. A+++++ GUN needs to see this. I love it!
  5. Do you have any info on when Xbox is getting their weather back? I remember that was pulled out too along same time Savini skins were.
  6. It may not seem like it to most, but the Jarvis House is actually on comparison to Packanack, Higgins, and Crystal Lake large. Smaller. It just seems big because of all the small little ponds and what not through it. Jarvis house is kind of a "medium" sized map. A small version just wouldnt seem very interesting I think.
  7. Not sure how Halloween costumes kills the horror vibe considering theres like a billion horror movies around Halloween. Like...ya know Halloween? The emotes are fine, and very minimal additions to the game that dont harm it as much as people think. There seems to be a serious problem of people feeling that the counselors should constantly be afraid and ill agree with that statement to an extend but this is also a game. and the gamers themselves are most of the time not going to be afraid of anything. No matter how many balances GUN does. Make Jason "scary" People are gonna be silly and gonna find ways to kill the so called "illusion" of this Friday the 13th game. So all I can tell you is prepare for more emotes (most likely) and probably more "non believable" attires. and probably still gonna be more Jason Trolling.
  8. I actually like the idea of either killing someone right in a hiding sport or pulling them out from it then going for a different kill. As for the radio, just learn to communicate more clearly with who you are speaking to. The jason filter will be an okay addition. And the last idea seems a little over kill. Throwing knives are just fine, though I would like to finally see a harpoon gun like from part 3
  9. Jarvis Tapes are gonna be much more rare, considering there is only 13 of them compared to the full 20 Pamela tapes. I have 14 pam tapes and only 1 jarvis tape myself.
  10. Actually Xbox lately at least seems pretty barren on Savini Jasons. But anyway im sure there will be some kind of PAID DLC alongside Part 5 update. They always do. Maybe a new emote pack and a kill pack. Hopefully for part 9
  11. From what I seen of Shelly's reveal trailer, A new emote pack is certainly on the way at some point.
  12. at most i could see it being lvl 50 (if they dont release Part V ) or maybe a lvl 60 unlock or something. Setting it in the high ranks just seems silly. Save the high level ranks for ascetics and skins.
  13. Well I did notice in shelly reveal trailer there was emotes we havent seen yet. So I could see more emotes coming in the future.
  14. This is totally a top tier map idea. And I could perhaps see a clothing pack that could go along with it for the counselors too!
  15. I think it would be neat. If I had the money of course lol. Id probably see myself the older brother figure that shows up toward the end of the film or something cause little sis made a last second call of help out of the camp. I dunno lol
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