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  1. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28610-statement-on-content-status-in-friday-the-13th-the-game/
  2. Do you know how this works...AT ALL? Unless the dev team is entirely indie(as in no publisher) the dev teams gets the majority of their funding/promotional material from their publisher in exchange for a percentage of the profits to recoup their investment into the dev team or whatever their contract terms state. The dev team HAS A PUBLISHER and is or was obviously funding them. How else in the hell are they going to get the ORIGINAL ACTOR who played Jason and pay the guy? What? You think they announced "Hey, we're making F13 game here!" and he just went: "Oh hey! I'll help you guys make it and for free too!"? HAHAHAH-No. Gun footed the bill to pay him because unless one of the devs IS RICH AS FUCK, they can not afford that man's wages. Not to mention the motion capture tech's pricetag was clearly footed by Gun as well. So YES, IT IS UP TO GUN whether or not more content comes out since they are paying or were paying the dev team's wages to make this game. In fact if it is as you say, THE ONLY THING Gun hasn't paid for were the usage rights to F13 IP which would explain the lawsuit since one of a few scenarios played out: The devs probably never legally obtained them. They thought the F13 IP became public domain but it didn't. They forgot to pay someone royalties. Their method of obtaining IP usage rights was through a source that didn't legally have the rights to sell them usage rights to begin with and conned them out of a bunch of cash for phony usage rights while they now try to prove this. OR It could be any form of legal red tape the point is, we have NO IDEA what caused development to become halted aside from this lawsuit and what we know about it. Case and point is this: YES, it is up to Gun whether or not more content comes out unless this dev team wants to turn this into a labor of love and risk putting themselves in a shitton of debt to continue to add more content to the game. Secondly, a game is largely considered "dead" when no new content or major updates are added to it for more than a year. And patching bugs or changing small things IS NOT a major update or new content.
  3. It could literally be as simple as Gun won't let them abandon it for PR reasons even though they have given up on adding any new content to the game. Or it could of been handed off to a B team of devs who also work for Gun whose only job is to maintain the game while they attempt to recoup their investment. Or they could be like you said not giving up on the game but at this point, it's more than likely its been abandoned by the devs and one of the two(or a combination of both) scenarios i mentioned are playing out since this game is so old by now that Gun wouldn't bother funding more content on what they most likely view as a "dead game on life support" despite what the community would like to think. Do I still hope they haven't abandoned it? Of course but i'm a realist and in reality, the odds of this game getting new content(assuming Gun wins the lawsuit) is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. 😕
  4. So...its been damn near 2yrs since they got slammed with this lawsuit... is this thing over YET? And if so, why hasn't development began again on the game? I mean I know damned well I'm more or less wishing upon a star for my dead dog to come back to life here but come on! I wanna believe the devs didn't abandon this less than a month after the lawsuit hit!
  5. You never know. Oh put a sock in it already you two, even if you are a backers, you obviously don't play anymore since I have yet to see ANYONE play as Savini other than that one guy I mentioned in my OP so why you bitching?
  6. I was playing in a game with a cheater who hacked in uber Jason so i naturally reported him butthen I loaded in as this chick!: idk if he hacked the server data to load me in as this in order to falsely report me or what but who the hell is she? Is she from the locked content in game that will never be released?
  7. While this game has been improved greatly since I last played (which is REALLY NICE!) I can't help but point out the elephant in the room... The game is getting NO MORE NEW CONTENT... That said, many of us non-backers have wanted to play as Savini Jason SINCE RELEASE. I get that the devs probably have their own integrity to consider for their backers but here's the rub: MOST OF THE BACKERS HAVE STOPPED PLAYING THIS GAME. I have played daily for up to 6hrs at a time since Halloween and I have seen ONE Savini Jason and honestly, I doubt its a legit backer, given the profile is barely a year old. So, I have a suggestion that will benifit players who want Savini and give the devs a bunch of extra cash before they jump ship.(Not saying they would do it on purpose but if the money well dries up completely, how are they going to support their servers or keep paying the remaining devs to patch the game?) So here's the idea/suggestion: Put Savini Jason up as DLC for $20. Yeah, people will call it a "cash grab" but if the game is dead in the water with no new content coming, what have you guys got to lose? I guarantee you people will buy it and it might just keep the servers/devs afloat a little longer.
  8. Yeah...so I noticed, everytime i tried to throw someone threw a window the game glitched and I was stuck grabbing them until they broke free...:/
  9. So I'm coming back to see what's changed and how much this game has been improved! Those of you who remember me and my final thread on this site: It's Been Fun... noted my reasons for leaving were the crapton of bugs in this game. In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to reinstall the game and see what's been changed and one set of patch notes made me squee, the buffs to Jason that actually make him a threat again! His Swings now having an arc and his rage mode making him unstunable by anything other than shotgun and sweater. Honestly, the buff to rage wasn't really needed imo but its not unwanted either!(Because if they aren't skilled enough to escape fast enough then yes, Jason deserves to be able to become OP.) I'm hoping this game is in a FAR BETTER state than what it was when I made that post...
  10. That means you've hacked savini Jason into you game. Smooth one ya script kiddie. XD
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