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  1. Jason's Grab and Hold: Jason's grab distance is very long. Nerf the distance of his grab. He's able to grab through walls in come cases. A lot of Jasons don't want to do environmental kills. They insta-kill you when they grab a hold of you. Make it so the XP is GREATLY given to people that use environmental kills. Jason Glitch: There was a glitch where Jason walked into a bear trap continually did his animation of him trying to get out of the trap. We all hit him with bats, machetes, flare guns, and a shotgun. It did not phase him, and he continued doing the animation. Please fix. XP Gain in Private Matches: When the game released for Xbox One, no one could play Quick Play, but that is not the case anymore. Even though Quick Play is a little buggy, it works now. Please remove the XP Gain from Private matches to prevent players from farming XP, and so they can play Quick Play also. Even consider putting a little message in the main menu noting that Quick Play works now. Quick Play Improvements: I push Quick Play, I wait 10 seconds, I find a match. However, I am the host, or I find one person in the game and continue to wait. Quick Play still needs a little improvement. When there are a least 5 players, the countdown starts. That's fine, however, once there are 8 players, the countdown should start right away from 10 seconds to make it so people must stay and start the game. The players are unable to leave the game unless the quit out of F13, but even then should be counted as an abandonment. In-game, the Host will play, but if they do not get Jason, they leave. Same thing goes for some random players that do not get to play as Jason. The Host will sometimes leave as well when they are the first to die. The message that warns them that the game will end if they leave does not work, for the people that leave do not care for other players. Please make it so the Host changes to someone else in-game. Once the game starts, please make it so they are unable to leave the game until the game starts. Then, they have to wait 10 minutes before they can leave. Otherwise, they will receive a punishment. The punishment should be temporary bans. The first leave is a warning. The second is a 5 minute ban. The third is a 10 minute ban. The fourth is a 15 minute ban, and so on. Counselors that play the game often don't go into game chat on Xbox, have a message that reminds them that they need to be in Game Chat for the best experience. Counselors that play the game also don't contribute to playing with the team. They usually run off and hide for the entire game in one area, usually in the corner of a house, or in a camp tent at the very edge of the map. I'm not quite sure if this will help, but you could make it so people get a message that lets them know they will be removed for idling to get them moving so they make a little noise for Jason to find them, especially if they camping in a tent or outhouse the entire game.
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