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  1. I've killed 3 counselors today and 2 of them were justified and without friendly fire it would of been such a shit situation First counselor I killed Was actually my friend was being grabbed by Jason and I shot them both, Jason and I were laughing like fuck "You're a murder like me now" even the person who died was laughing. Second counselor Me and three others fixed the car, Jason teleports and some 5 person tries to take my spot I tell them go away, Jasons right there so I shoot the 5th person Thrid Three of us fixed the boat and I said "Three of us and two on a boat" then one proceeds to off me with a baseball so I shoot him
  2. Being to communicate with other counselors with emotes could help with Co operation for counselors without voice comms Examples Hand gestures: Follow me Shhhh Go away Point to object (e.g take from this draw I'm full of items) Panic emotes: Praying Begging towards a direction (pls don't kill me please) Taunts: Whistle Shouting Jason to attract his attention Possibly emotes for Jason too, that of course don't break his character such as a dance emote, if I see a Jason dabbing I'd kill myself
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