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  1. Its always fun having Jason chase you instead of going after another counselor like he should. Part 7 I'm ehh with. He's fun to use sometimes but I think its the fact that i hated the movie. It was like wanna be Carrie vs. Jason. I use Part 2 for the fact he can run and part w and 4 are my favorite. Part 4 isn't in the game but that's cuz part 3 is exactly the same as part 4 Jason. I just like his run mostly to mess with counselors and make them think im coming after them then switch targets. I do that and dont even attack till I get my stalk. I just follow and scare everyone and see what everyones planning then when i get my stalk it makes it even better that I always randomly switch targets cuz no one has no idea where I am. They think I switchdd targets again but really I'm just waiting for them to turn the corner. Or ill use part 8 Jason amd spawn to the car and phones and what not and break down all the doors that way I can just run right in when they dive through a window. And I love how part 8 looks
  2. Console= Xbox One GT= SuperTyrantKhan. I'm the guy who usually sacrifices himself for the greater good
  3. My first wipe was 8/8 though I didnt get the achievement. And I was using part 2 Jason.
  4. If you're trying to aim for his head to kill him. You have to be Tommy, a female counselor has to have Pamelas sweater which she must use to stun him and when he lowers his weapon she must use a weapon and hit him to his knees and as Tommy just walk up to him and use whatever button you have to interact with an object wether its A, X, etc.
  5. Cuz its a theme song to one of the friday the 13th movies the song is called "The Man Behind The Mask"
  6. New Blood Jason is one of the worst Jason's. The directors even said so and would make fun of Jason that they made.
  7. "I was lagging so its not fair" o literally got reported cuz a guy was lagging all over the place and I killed him. He messaged me talking shit and reported me and he spawned next to me the next game and tried to kill me. All cuz his internet is terrible..... What made it better I knew Jason was near so I let him and three others with him escape in the car cuz I knew Jason was gonna stop it cuz I'm not an idiot and know when Jasons using stalk. So I just walk away repair the boat and leave wit someone else. Then spectators as Jason killed all those bastards
  8. My GT is SuperTyrantKhan and I'm looking for chill non glitchers with mics to play this game with I'm on Xbox One. I am a MAJOR fan of the movies and the game and would love people who just know how to have fun. Not a dick Jason who goes full try hard and will actually stand and fight not just use an OP grab to kill.... Not at least till after youve been knocked out by me a couple times I have a mic and I always help the team. I usually play Adam and I'm always the guy that will distract and keep Jason occupied while others escape so I'm a really good Tommy to have. I don't care If I die just as long as it was for a good cause. If you ever play with me and its me vs. Jason. Just run and survive. I will keep him busy. As for Jason I use Part 2 & 8. I play with people as Jason and chase em down a lil bit to freak an out then taks off.. I constantly shift targets without killing. I just watch, chase, and listen. Find everything the team is doing then attack. Due to my random targetimg it makes stalk alot more useful. If you wanna play with someone who will actually help the team just add me or message me on Xbox One. I pretty much no life this game so I'm always on it. This or Overwatch
  9. Awesome! I had no idea there was actually a thread like that. Thank you for posting it.
  10. Thats one of my favorite scenes in that one. When shes chasing Alice and starts talking to herself as Jason. I would love that in the game like if shes killing someone or chasing someone down if she started talking to herself as Jason. If they do add her into the game I believe Alice would have to come in and kill her. They can leave Jarvis there to but in the movies Jarvis wasent even born yet. So if they did wanna stick to the movies they wouldnt have Tommy I dont think. But then again like you said they dont have to follow the movies exactly. Although I really love that so far they have.
  11. When someone realizes they're wrong so they start being stupid >.> just do your research kid. There's alot more to them then the movies show. Since you didn't know.
  12. All you gotta do is look it up kid. Jason was just a man at that point. Do some research at that point hes still just a man. Yes he "drowned" in the lake but hes still just a man. He doesmt have powers yet. Hence tommy being able to kill him with a Machete. Then the next movie part 6 when its actually him he gets shot with a shotgun multiple times and nothing. Part 6 is when he actually gets his powers.
  13. Jason as a child in the lake grabbing people and Jason as a child in Jason goes to manhattan are the illusions that he caused himself to mess with them. It is said that once he "died" in Jason goes to manhattan he didn't actually die he was just an illusion in her mind of him as a child and that he returned to camp crystal lake. Hence him being there at the beginning of Jason Goes To Hell
  14. How's it not like the movies? I literally explained a scene from the movie itself. Watch it again. You'll see shes right outside the cabin then all the sudden shes far af away driving up in a car. If that's not not that old woman can run fast af. And yes she is extremely strong she throws a woman through the windows and even hangs a man up in a tree. That's pretty fucking strong.
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