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  1. I'm OK with this! My suggestion to this would be to expand the player's perk inventory to create enough room for each type of perk in-game. As it stands now, players are currently forced to roster a select few perks in their inventory. With expansion, player's may be more bold to experiment with all of the perks, while not having to worry about selling off some perks they wish to keep.
  2. Grinder- I used it pretty heavily at the beginning because, well, it was the first perk I rolled and didn't have anything else. Psychic - I think this was my second overall perk I rolled. Stopped using it about a month into gameplay. Pyro - Flare gun perk if memory serves me right. Haven't used it in many months. I would love to tinker around with all of the perks, but inventory space is limited, sadly. Perhaps someday...
  3. I personally don't have an issue with the new grab. It does, however, take some getting used to. I'm on the fence about the sound music that plays when you grab though. It does get old rather quickly.
  4. As someone who plays random as both Jason and the counselors(game is so much more enjoyable, when it's played this way), I would like these available in the random pool as well. I would also like to add the bloody variants to be available as well.
  5. Med Perk should be left as is. The idea of having two uses for teammates only is nonsense. Especially so, after the latest update.
  6. Personally, I would like to have this fixed. However, if you feel that the game would be better to leave it in, I propose to allow counselors to swing away all they want at the doors and breakable walls, but the penalty should be that doors/walls also take additional damage(with quite noticeable noise. Pings if Jason is at distance.)from each counselor swing, in addition to the loss of the weapons' durability.
  7. Just putting this out for discussion, plus it could be potentially used canonically(in a supernatural way)... When dealing with the packs of counselors, what if Jason could enact an ability to call down 1-2 bolts of lightning that would strike a counselor or two. This ability can only be used outdoors. In my head, I'm seeing this play out when a bolt hits somebody, it would cripple(not kill). All counselors(Jason would be unable to move until the ability is finished. He wouldn't be stunned, just unable to move.) would stumble within the area of effect. All counselors would suffer temporary blindness(new side effect?) for a few seconds(5-7 seconds?). This could give Jason some breathing room and perhaps force the pack to rethink strategy. I'm thinking that the cooldown would be a minimum of 60-120 seconds and would hit no more than two counselors per usage. The inspiration for this came from the scene where Tommy and his buddy dug up Jason and a bolt of lightning struck. As mentioned above, this is clearly something out of left field, but I feel is worth exploring.
  8. Yep. Been playing Random for the last couple months. Having played every counselor and Jason, variety is the spice of life I say. I've tailored each counselor to serve a specific function. No two counselors have the same perk build. I've found this to be quite enjoyable on the counselor side. As for the Jasons, I've been working to play more loose lately. I have all but a couple badges to max out, so there really isn't any pressure to clear the lobby.
  9. Escape artist perk doesn't seem to be working correctly. Tested it out on Jenny and no difference in performance without it.
  10. After they were killed upstairs in the main house, the body somehow ended up in the rafters.
  11. Great idea! I can already hear Jason squealing with excitement if/when this goes live ?
  12. I may as well get this out of the way and out of my system. Will the servers be stable enough or will there be another episode of meltdown?
  13. Hasn't changed much. I switch up characters, depending on the mood and/or lobby I'm in.
  14. I'm wondering if any backers out there on PS4 have received their copies yet? I'm still waiting on mine and just curious. Also, is there any plans in the works to merge the physical and digital copies for PS4? A friend of mine has a physical copy but cannot play as the bloody versions of Jason on his digital.
  15. I agree that XP is not the be-all/end-all, but there's alot of people that do care about it, for better or worse. I also agree that it may not stop those you mentioned, but it may incentivize others to take a risk or two outside of their normal gameplay. Who knows, situations could transpire which could lead to some very amusing gameplay ?
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