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  1. Luckily Savini isn't that good- I'd take part 2 overtop of it anyday. 6 and 9 are still the best right now though.
  2. exactly... That's why I rated his birthday 0/10. edit: 0/13 edit again: you made me spit out my water laughing when I saw your profile picture
  3. It's funnier when Jason's do impressions. I've got a guy on my friends list because of how good he was at it- Was running around doing a PERFECT ELMO IMPRESSION, and only doing the 'hug' kill, "ELMO HUG YOU! HEHAUHAE, ME LOVE YOU!" everytime he killed someone, damn hilarious. He was also able to do like gangster voices, so many accents, dude's a fucking phenomenon, should go into comedy.
  4. Composure 10/10 - Reduces the rate that fear increases and makes it easier to break free from Jason's grab. Luck 8/10 - Increases weapon durability and gives minor increases to many other stats Repair 2/10 - Increases repair effectiveness. Speed 3/10 - Increases overall top speed. Stamina 5/10 - Increases overall stamina pool and reduces the stamina cost of actions. Stealth 6/10 - Reduces the amount of noise generated and Jason's ability to sense. Strength 1/10 - Increases attack damage with weapons and reduces the stamina cost of combat actions. Strength 1, + 6 stealth, + stamina 5, + speed 3, +repair 2, + 18 from luck/composure. 7, 12, 15, 17, 35.
  5. I thought the base was 35 Yeah, just checked, it's 35. He needs buffed apparently.
  6. That's not a guarantee- People don't mess up like that. Windows deal next to no damage with thick skinned and a single med spray insta-heals you. You won't get caught either since Jason can't move. Edit: I question whether or not you read everything still.
  7. The best Jason I've ever seen, a guy named Banzo, was playing with me and a bunch of newbies on F13, and I made my way to the barn. If you can get enough bear-traps in one place, he HAS to walk through them in order to get you, and you can infinitley stun him and he can't do anything about it, juking out the barn, waiting for shift and jumping out the window- etc etc, but he was literally unable to do anything, especially since I had 3 med sprays and the double useage perk on. I got hit by like 12 knives just sitting in the barn resetting traps, nothing- they're a bit problematic at this point.
  8. I like the six shooter idea, but the stats I think should be less than average. Make it the stereotypical doughnut and coffee guzzling police officer you see in cartoons. Now I'm reminiscing on the days that cartoons were actual content, like Johnny Bravo or Courage- That's not important though. Low speed, below average stamina, decent composure, etc, things the aforementioned would have.
  9. which is why you don't make it blatantly obvious when you're firing the flaregun and don't just place the firecrackers while you're running, wait for him to get to you. You can even stop grabs with firecrackers/flareguns since they're projectiles, it's timable.
  10. wot. Place them in doorways when he comes in, learn to aim the flare gun, and go in long hallways/corridoors/places Jason has to touch the firecrackers to get you in.
  11. Please don't just say 'git gud,' and be done with it. It's not really contributing to the thread or helping anyone here with the discussion. Edit: If it were a problem of lacking skill or being bad then your comment might have been understandable.
  12. I don't know, I was trying to think of ethnicity, and it was originally going to be a tall nerdy guy, and Americans and Canadians look different- Canadian seemed a lot more fitting in my head.
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